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I have Hiner 2006 but not the 2009; should I get the 2009

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Hi Everyone,

Need advice. I have the Hiner 2006 book and the IBC 2006.

I will be taking the Seismic April 2012 exam.

Do you think I should update and get the Hiner 2009 book and the IBC 2009 and study off the new stuff or

should I be able to pass with the old stuff since there aren't much changes between

the 2006 and the 2009?

Does anyone know?

Have anyone passed with the 2006 stuff even though the board requires 2009 stuff?


Much appreciated.

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I suspect you could still pass with the outdated resources but it isn't worth finding out. Like young said, get yourself the latest editions.

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I passed with the 2006 Hiner, but I wouldn't recommend it. I would have gladly bought the 2009 Hiner if I had the money, as I'm sure its contents are much more in line with what's actually tested nowadays since ASCE 7-05 had just been published in 2006.

I used the 2010 CBC. Also not recommended, since the CBC is deficient in wood requirements compared to the IBC. I honestly don't know how I passed, other than a lot of lucky guessing.

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