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Review of Villanova's FE Review Course

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I paid for the Villanova FE review course and wanted to write a review about my experience. The course consists of recorded lectures from 2007-2008.


  1. The coordinator is very responsive. If there is a technical problem viewing the videos he takes care of it promptly.
  2. They provide videos for some afternoon specific disciplines as well, though I am not able to write about the quality since I took the general afternoon exam and had no need to view them.
  3. You have access to the videos for a year so even if you end up retaking the exam you will be able to access them.


  1. The costs $650
  2. Some of the professors did their entire lecture using power point. This does not work for engineering problems. There is a difference between displaying the solution to a problem and see it worked.
  3. The professors did not follow the FE reference manual or the Lindeburg book closely even though it was part of the course materials. I felt that they jumped all over the place with the coverage of material for instance they covered Diff Eq before they covered calculus.
  4. Some of the professors were difficult to understand.


I ended up using the Texas A&M videos much more than I did the Villanova videos . Even though the Texas A&M videos were 10-15 years old they followed the FE reference manual and Lindeburg book closely and the explanation of the material was clearer and more concise. I would rate the the Villanova FE Course a 2 out of 5 and recommend you stick with the free Texas A&M videos.

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