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SE versus PE Civil-Structural

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I recently recieved approval from Georgia to take the 16 hour Structural Exam. I registered for the PE Civil-Structural. However, as I found out Georgia does not offer PE Civil Structural, even though most of the surrounding states do offer it. Am I obligated to take the SE or can I take the Civil Structural in another state (i.e. Florida where I received my EIT)? I really don't need an SE and have already purhased all the materials for the Civil Structural exam. Not the mention the 27% pass rate for the SE....yikes!

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GA is one of those states that keeps track of your engineering discipline. (More and more states are starting to do this.)

If you are looking to practice structures in GA, then I would recommend taking the SE you can actually be licensed there.

You might not think this, but phasing out the civil/structural exam might be a good thing got SE's everywhere.


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