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Latest standards vs exam standards

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So the 2012 exams ask for IBC 2009, AISC 13th and PCI 6th

As most of you know, newer standards are now available (IBC 2012, AISC 14th and PCI 7th)

I'm starting to study for the exam and currently don't have any of those and wondering which I should get.

The latest codesor the ones required on the exam? I know I may be running a risk of referencing the wrong code, but how much different can it realistically be? Will it be the difference between passing and failing all other factors aside?

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I would ensure you have the codes as required by the study guides and NCEES. They *SHOULD* put out a notice far enough in advance so that you can get the proper references to study from.

If your employer has the reference materials, then borrow them from the office if possible. I know it is extremely expensive to purchase these reference items.

IBC 2012 has yet to be adopted by many states (if any have done so yet), which therefor references AISC 14th, ASCE 7-10, etc... and is not yet enforceable for a person to know in time for the exam. There are significant changes between ASCE 7-05 and 7-10 in wind design alone.

Good luck on your studies.

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