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Did anyone postpone their exam? Or at least successfully contacted the Board?

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Hi everyone, I'm about to mail my registration packet for the April 2012 exam tomorrow. However, I'm also a military reservist and as of now, there is a possible (but no idea of likeliness) that I will be ordered to Active Duty at the time of the exam next year. The CA PE website says something to the effect of "Postponement of exams is no longer allowed", but I'm hoping an exception would be made for military orders.

Did anyone go through with successfully postponing their October 2011 exam? Or has anyone even successfully contacted the Board? I emailed them this question with no response and my coworkers have equally received no email or phone response for their own PE questions.

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If after your application is approved, you receive orders to deploy, the Board will grant a postponement for that reason. You will just need to send in the postponement request form (found on the Board's web site) along with a copy of your deployment papers.

Ric Moore

Executive Officer

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