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Passing score?

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I walked out of the E.I.T knowing I nailed it. I was sure I had at least 75% of the questions right.

So, having studied so hard and well, what is the passing score for the P.E. exam?. I've read about people failing with 51/80 and 52/80.

A senior colleague told me he walked out of the April exam knowing he had at least 30/40 in the AM and 25/40 in the PM. He passed. I am shooting for 56/80 at the minimum.

Any idea what it is? Guesses?

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More than likely 56/80 70%. If you pass in most states you will never know.

I would shoot for 35 or better in the morning and afternoon. That will take care any errors you trying to hurry.

Remember read all the questions before answering them, and the ones you choose to work first make sure you read them thoroughly.

I tended to try to answer them in order, do the easy ones first.

Good Luck

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