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PE in virginia

Question about Electrical and Electronics PE code

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Hi All,

I would like to take the PE exam in the coming April. Is there any code or standards requirement for Electrical and Electronics part like NEC or NESC?

I appreciate it.

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The NEC is rather heavily tested on the Power exam, but a look at the Electrical and Electronics topic list does not show the NEC or any code requirements, so I would highly doubt you'd see it. The NEC and NESC deal almost exclusively with power, safety and building means and methods, so there wouldn't be much to test with regard to electronics.

Here's the topic breakdown for the Electrical and Electronics exam: http://www.ncees.org/Documents/Public/ELE%20EE%20Apr%202009.pdf

Note that in the Power exam, they specifically dedicate 12.5% of the exam to codes.

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