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considering civil engineering as a career

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I am currently in 10th grade and i have been considering going into engineering at university. i am very interested in this field and i love the idea of creating structures. I need to know basically wat to expect in a career of civil engineering. I enjoy and understand at maths and science very well.

but is engineering really all maths and science??????

Are engineering, physics and Maths C a good choice of highschool subjects to go into civil


Do you have to be great at maths and physics for civil engineering?

Is engineering a very hands-on subject

Will i find engineering difficult if i dont study?

Is engineering difficult in uni?

Is there alot of work in civil engineering at uni?

Is civil engineering a hard field to get into? (OP wise)

Do civil engineers use physics to construct structures.

Do civil engineers get paid a lot?

Is civil engineering at Uni hard?(explain)

Question for people in Australia, Queensland which is the best of all of these universities; Griffith Uni on Gold Coast, UQ or QUT

please answer all of these im desperate for these Q's to be answered

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