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considering civil engineering as a career

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I am currently in 10th grade and i have been considering going into engineering at university. i am very interested in this field and i love the idea of creating structures. I need to know basically wat to expect in a career of civil engineering. I enjoy and understand at maths and science very well.

but is engineering really all maths and science??????

Are engineering, physics and Maths C a good choice of highschool subjects to go into civil


Do you have to be great at maths and physics for civil engineering?

Is engineering a very hands-on subject

Will i find engineering difficult if i dont study?

Is engineering difficult in uni?

Is there alot of work in civil engineering at uni?

Is civil engineering a hard field to get into? (OP wise)

Do civil engineers use physics to construct structures.

Do civil engineers get paid a lot?

Is civil engineering at Uni hard?(explain)

Question for people in Australia, Queensland which is the best of all of these universities; Griffith Uni on Gold Coast, UQ or QUT

please answer all of these im desperate for these Q's to be answered

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Crosspost much?




Your questions are good. Your cross-posting and grammar are not so much.

Some of Civil Engineering is hands-on, some not as much. Engineering is a very flexible degree. With it, you can do many things. For example, most medical and law schools want students with engineering degrees, regardless of GPA, since they know that it is hard. Some engineers are the type that you see on the Discovery Channel wearing hard hats at a construction site. Some never leave their office. Some teach. Some become management. They work for the government, private firms, sole proprietorships or schools. Some get jobs that require a security clearance and design spy gadgets, like "Q" on James Bond. Some wear pocket protectors, ties and white shirts and may look at CAD all day. Your fate is what you make of it.

In general, Engineering School is hard, very hard, VERY HARD, and it takes a LOT of time, probably 45-80 hours per week in class and studying. It may take you 5 years or more to finish.

You will need to take many math courses, starting with calculus. You will most likely take multiple courses in the science foundations of chemistry and physics (which require calculus). You will also take essential language (English?), social studies and business classes. Most schools start all Engineering students with nearly the same classes for a year or two. This serves two purposes. It teaches the basic science and math foundations, and it makes a lot of students change out of engineering.

Any professional degree is hard. Medical, law, engineering are not easy by design, but the end result is worth it.

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