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Can this be molded?

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1) Can this thing ( http://blokle.com/design ) be molded using methods and materials that are used to mold conventional plastic

1.1) bottles?

1.2) jars?

2) How much more expensive will it be (percentage and/or absolutely ) compared to 1.1/1.2?

3) In a case that it is impossible or much more expensive than conventional bottles/jars - do you have ideas for alternative design to achieve the same functionality?


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From what I see, it looks like manufacturing cost would be prohibitive if it is even possible to make it. Most bottles are blow-molded. Your part has recesses with threads on 6 sides. That could not be blow-molded. It's possible to make injection molded parts with "slides" to make that kind of recess, but WOW! Your part is over the top. It's extremely complicated. IF it could even be engineered, the tooling would be very expensive and the part process would be long, so the part would be expensive.

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