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Geopak Drainage

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My company is having me learn how to use Geopak Drainage so that we can step away from solely using hand calculations to work on storm sewer design. However, I have found that the program will not correctly calculate the full flow velocity in the pipes. I also noticed that the same error is shown on the tutorial videos that the program uses. I tried having Bentley Support look into this issue, but they said that after looking at all the data I sent them they were going to submit a defect report to development so that they "can have the developer explain the calculation that he is using versus what you and I expect." That was a month ago and I am not hearing back from them since. Their on-line support forum also does not have information that can help on this topic.

Has anyone found a way to make Geopak Drainage correctly calculate the full flow velocity? Since the pipe sizes and slopes that the program created differ from the original hand calculations for my example project, I not sure whether to trust the program's design since the full flow velocity is being calculated incorrectly. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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