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I currently live in Georgia and took the PE exam in the state of Virginia and passed. I took the exam in Virginia because I met the experience requirements and wanted to go ahead and get the exam out of the way. I'm now in the process of submitting my comity application to Georgia. I'm still not sure if I met the experience requirements for Georgia. Georgia requires 7 years with my degree.

My experience before graduation:

5 months Co-op (full time)

2 years Co-op (35 hours/week)

My experience after graduation:

5 years 4 months (full time)

All my work has been engineering related. My question is will the state of Georiga count my experience before I graduated? If so I will met the 7 year requirement. If not, I will have to wait a couple more years. Any input is greatly appreciated.

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George Washington Engineering Online Master's Programs

Based on the examination requirements for Georgia you can only use up to 6 months of experience from your co-op time. I assume that stipulation would be the same for comity applications.


you could call and ask to be sure.

(478) 207-2440

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