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Hello all

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Structural engineer from Houston flying out to take PE exam in California. I am going to sit for all three exams. I heard it can be done even though most workbooks I read say that the passing rate for those who take all three "is not high". I try not to let that discourage me. This board has been helpful with encouragement and reality checks.

I'm starting early looking to go through all the popular workbooks and more than likely take the Hiner webinar. The seismic will reference the 2010 CBC or 2009 IBC, so I'm hoping that webinar will still help me out in that area. I'll be using the Caltrans videos for surveying along with the popular workbooks mentioned on this board.

Has anyone used the PE review videos available online from the Civil Department at Texas A&M, just seems like another useful supplement to go through.

I don't know what to think of this, some say study and you will pass, I've also heard people with high GPAs not passing, I've also seen someone completely underestimate the California exams. I haven't been out of school for a long time and I'm not underestimating the preparation at all, but something about those 2-1/2 hour exams has me concerned. To me, all three exams pack an equal, powerful punch to the gut.

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