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I have following books for sale,

PLEASE E MAIL : transpo18@gmail.com for any info.

FOR CIVIL 8 Hour Exam

Transportation Depth References & Material

8) Six mins Solution for ALL Transportation,Water/Env, Structures, Geo-technical 20$ (Each) ( Buy all for 70$)

9) Green book -2004 941 pages : 80$

10) HCM-2000 edition 1189 pages : 80$

11) Roadside Design Guide 2002 edition , 382 pages : 50$

12) MUTCD (ch-6) 2003, 100 pages : 20$

13 California sign Chart 2010 : 12 pages : 10$

14) A 60 page BOOK of ALL Surveying & some Transportaion Solved problems I can give it for

FREE. (if you buy 4 or more books)

15) A book Equations and Solved Problems for Transportation : 50 pages : 40 $ (Very Important)

16) Civil Engineering All-In-One PE Exam For TRANSPORTATION DEPT & BREDTH by Goswami, 60 $

For California Exam.......

1) Civil Surveying Review Workbook

by Reza Mahallati, MSE, PE

50 $ ,Gr8 (All-most new) (Free shipping)

2) P.E Civil License review Workbook ( Engineering Surveying) ,

8th Edition by C.V Chelapati

70 $, Gr8 (All-most new) (Free shipping)

3) Surveying Principles, by Paul A. Cuomo, PLS (Text Book)

25 $ ,2nd Edition (Free Shipping)

4)Study materials by NCEES " PE Civil Sample Questions and Solutions Book"( very close to what the 8 hour exam looks like)

Price only : $35 ©2008

Immediate delivery Containing detailed exam specifications, the book provides a total of 120 questions:

* 20 questions in the breadth portion

* 20 questions in each of the five depth modules: Construction, Geotechnical, Structural, Transportation, and Water Resources and Environmental.

5) The Seismic Design Review Workbook for Sale ( Band New condition By STEVE HINER )

Seismic Design Review Workbook Latest Edition, April 2010

The 2006 IBC (2007 CBC) version

6) CodeMaster Seismic Design 2006 IBC/2003 NEHRP/ASCE7-05

S.K. Ghosh, 6 pages, Booklet, 8½ x 11

This 6-page laminated reference guide provides an easy-to-follow 11-step procedure for seismic design in accordance with the 2006 IBC, 2003 NEHRP Provisions (FEMA 450) and ASCE 7-05, with emphasis on the seismic design of a typical one-to-three story building. Illustrations are provided for many of the difficult to understand requirements. Subjects addressed include determination of mapped spectral response accelerations; consideration of exceptions to the seismic code requirements; Seismic Design Category determination; consideration of plan and vertical structural irregularities; determination of seismic base shear, redundancy coefficient and seismic load effects; and compliance with drift control requirements.

7) CodeMaster Seismic Design Category 2006 IBC/ASCE 7-05

S.K. Ghosh, 2007, 2 pages, Booklet, 8½ x 11

This two-page laminated, handy reference tool contains everything you need to know about the determination of seismic design categories. It is a great time-saving tool and provides a step-by-step procedure to determine a structure's seismic design category in accordance with the 2006 IBC and ASCE 7-05. Shortcuts and illustrations are provided to help quickly assess applicability of exceptions and find the needed information.

PLEASE E MAIL : transpo18@gmail.com for any info.

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