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Found 3 results

  1. I am trying to connect ESP32 with Zigbee module using TX RX and get esp32 module connected via bluetooth with raspberry pi and share the data on raspberry command prompt but this kind of idea is unique and to receive the data form preipheral i need to know the sample code or any theoratical example to perform accordingly. Any suggestion to make it possible will be very helpful.
  2. Help in making Tank type Robot as a University project which could launch rocket at targets. We want to control it from a separate room using wifi module + camera and to monitor live on laptop screen and target locations from mouse. we must have to use an Arduino for this project. Any help regarding what should we need to use like Modules and languages. Any little help will be appreciated. Idea is similar to DRONE but it works on ground.
  3. About a week ago, the WIFI in our house became intermittent at best. I'm not very tech savvy when it comes to wireless and so I'm not sure if I need to purchase a new wireless router or complain some more to our cable internet provider so I am recruiting your expertise. Here's the story... We have a WNDR3400 NETGEAR router that we purchased about 4 years ago. Over the course of that time we have had to replace the cable company's modem and update cables throughout our house in order to improve signal. At the time that we required a new modem we chose a Motorola. It's a few years old now. I don't remember the model but it has blue lights, green lights, and an orange signal light that apparently means that it is "communicating". We have had technicians from the cable company out to our house twice since the new modem install because of poor signal. ~1.5 years ago the cable company ran a heavier cable to the house in order to improve signal. The new heavier cable seemed to have worked except for every couple of months we have the signal fail and have to reset our devices. All in all, not a big deal since we are out in the middle of podunk county. By the way, the router is currently located less than 12 ft from any of the devices that use its signal. In that last couple of days I have worked through tech support with the cable company to confirm that the signal is good and the modem is functioning properly. (lights are blinking and they can see the modem from their side) They kicked me over to NETGEAR tech support after they were convinced that it was not their problem. The NETGEAR "Technical Engineer" named "Sue" read a script to me and confirmed that the lights on the router were blinking at the correct speed and with the right color and then said that for an unknown amount of money I can continue my support session with someone else for help with the software. At this point In time, I took the opportunity to write down my feelings about NETGEAR's tech support process and their term "Technical Engineer" on the online survey that was immediately sent to my email after I hung up the phone. Feeling more confident about my own abilities, I proceeded to update the firmware for the wireless router. This seemed to help immediately but the last two nights the intermittent signal has returned, specifically for Netflix on our Wii. I believe I have ruled out any issues with the Wii and Netflix because I activated the hot spot on my phone and resumed watching "Fringe" with my wife after the kids were in bed and the baby was sleeping. Is it truly the router or am I no closer to determining the problem than I was when I started problem solving a week ago/ four years ago? Is there a wireless router that is highly recommended or at least not a pain in the a$$? What would you do?
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