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  1. I have the following books if someone wants to buy them from me at a great discount. HCM 2010 Highway safety manual, first edition 2010 Pavement Design Guide, July 2008 AASHTO guide for design of pavement structures, Part 1 and 2 Guide for the planning, design, and operation of pedestrian facilities, July 2004 Roadside Design Guide, 4th Edition 2011 Hydraulic Design of Highway Culverts, 3rd edition, 2012 MUTCD 2009 Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures, 16th edition *Does not include Green Book, the edition I have is old anyway. I spent about $1400 on them over a year ago, I'll sell all together for $500
  2. Bought all of these from Amazon last year. They were good practice reference for the AM, I didn't mark on them so they are in pretty mint condition. I am not intending to recoup my money just help out someone and get them off my bookcase. * $10 - Civil Engineering Practice Examination #1 Paperback – June 11, 2012 ( * $30 - Civil Engineering PE Practice Exams: 2 Full Breadth Exams Paperback – January 25, 2018 by Civil PE Practice ( * $10 - Civil PE Sample Examination (Most Realistic Practice for Civil Pe Exam) 4th Edition by Michael R. Lindeburg PE ( * $10 - **THIS ONE IS MARKED UP, PERSON BEFORE ME DID THE PROBLEMS IN PEN. STILL USABLE** Practice Exams for the Civil PE Examination: Two practice exams (and solutions) geared towards the breadth portion of the Civil PE Exam by Dr. Indranil Goswami P.E. ( * $15 - Civil PE Exam Breadth and Transportation Depth: Reference Manual, 80 Morning Civil PE, and 40 Transportation Depth Practice Problems 1st Edition by David Gruttadauria ( ** $15 - Transportation Depth Reference Manual for the Civil PE Exam, 2nd Ed (Paperback) by Norman R. Voigt PE PLS ( if you want all of them, $75 for the whole set and $5 for shipping it (which would be a 35/65 cost of a priority box) Shipping $3 for individual book
  3. Haven't seen this yet and I am still waiting for my result in Minnesota. April 2019 Cut Score - PE CIVIL TRANSPORTATION Current cut score estimate: 50-52 User Total(80) AM(40) PM(40) TXcurvescore(100) @Shak1366 49 ? ? x @tb93310 48 ? ? x @Shinken 47 28 19 x @Lcengingeer 41 ? ? x @fishbone TXpass x x 97 @agengine65 TXpass x x 95 @MiMeowToby TXpass x x 91 @victoria TXpass x x 91 @Nationale TXpass x x 88 @Dr_J TXpass x x 70 @AlexandroAldama TXpass x x ? @Ranger1316 pass x x x @3va87 pass x x x @sgdewitte pass x x x @goldpanner pass x x x @HomeHereNow pass x x x @mrwnoodles pass x x x @MspSdf pass x x x
  4. I passed the exam this spring on my first attempt. Highly recommended these books as all of them including the practice exams were helpful for me during the exam. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Civil Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam, 15th Ed, Lindeburg PE,Michael R. $195 2. A Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets 2011, AASHTO (Green Book) $270 3. Highway Capacity Manual: HCM 2010 (3 Volume Set), TRB Publications $195 4. PE Civil: Transportation Practice Exam $30 5. OSHA Construction Standards and Regulations (29 CFR 1926) $30 6. Practice Exam for the Civil PE Exam: BREADTH + TRANSPORTATION DEPTH (Sample Exams for the Civil PE Exam) (Volume 4), Goswami P.E., Dr. Indranil $15 7. Breadth Exam 2016, Goswami P.E., Dr. Indranil $15 8. Civil PE Practice Exam: Breadth Exam Version A, B, C PE Prepared LLC $45 ($15 each) 9. Transportation Depth Practice Exams for the Civil PE Exam, Gerbetz PE, Dale R $95 10. Practice Problems for the Civil Engineering PE Exam: A Companion to the Civil Engineering Reference Manual, 15th Ed, Lindeburg PE, Michael R. $45 11. Transportation Depth Six-Minute Problems for the PE Civil Exam, Voigt PE PLS, Norman R. $30 Has Markings Message me if you are interested. $890 for everything. Shipping is flexible based on location. I prefer Paypal or Venmo.
  5. I find the reviews about this PE Civil Practice Problems 16 ed on amazon are very low. I wonder if it is necessary to buy this book. Thanks
  6. I took and passed the CIVIL PE TRANSPORTATION EXAM this past fall. I have a bunch of books and materials that I am looking to sell. We all know the books and prep materials can get expensive! This is a great way to save a lot of money!!!! 🤑 Books include: CERM, 16th edition CERM COMPANION for the 16th edition Highway Capacity Manual Transportation Depth Reference Manual Transportation Depth 6 min questions Civil Practice problems (companion to CERM) I also have other manuals I had binded as well.
  7. Hi guys, I am trying to sell my PE Exam materials after passing the Civil PE (Transportation) exam recently. These books are still in great condition, if not like new, with very minimal to no notes or highlights on them. I did my research on prices, so these should be the best prices you can find from eBay or Amazon. Good luck! Here is the list and a link to my eBay listings: ***FREE SHIPPING IN THE US FOR ALL BOOKS*** 2011 AASHTO GREEN BOOK: A Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets - $219 Highway Capacity Manual 2010 (HCM 2010) - $139 Civil Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam by Michael R. Lindeburg 2015 - $40 SOLD Transportation Depth Reference Manual for the Civil PE Exam by Norman R. Voigt - $40 SOLD Transportation Depth Practice Exams for the Civil PE Exam by Dale R. Gerbetz - $39 SOLD Civil Engineering PE : Breadth and Depth by Indranil Goswami (2015, Hardcover) - $59 Civil Engineering PE : Practice Exams - Breadth and Depth by Indranil Goswami - $32 SOLD
  8. I have Study Materials and Practice problems for the P.E exam by Dr. Shahin Al Mansour. It Includes materials for the Civil Breadth (AM) + Transportation Depth (PM) . They are in excellent Condition since I have not used them. See Below for listed Price. 1) Civil Breadth Reference Manual ( Per 2015 NCEES Exam Specification) $ 80 [ ] 2) Transportation Module Breadth (AM) + Depth (PM) for Civil P.E License + Transportation Depth Supplement ( Per 2017 NCEES Exam Specifications) $ 200 [ ] 3) Civil Breadth Practice Problems & Solutions ( Per 2017 NCEES Exam Specifications) $ 70 [ ] Message me If Interested.
  9. I actually have a YouTube channel where I give tips on the F.E. exam, I also go over some F.E. civil problems. If you want to check the channel, here is the link: Don't forget to subscribe, and if you have any problem that you would like me to go over, leave it in the comments below the videos. Thank you for watching 😊
  10. I am selling my copy of the RDG and Green Book. Both are very good condition. Shipping is free and I accept Paypal. AAHSTO A Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets 2011, AASHTO (Green Book) $220 AAHSTO Roadside Design Guide 4th ed. 2011 $160
  11. Visit Enrollment for Review Courses is now OPEN! We offer in depth comprehensive reviews to help you pass your exam and become a Professional Engineer! Have questions or concerns? Give u a call or email us by visiting PE Civil AM Review for October 2018 Exam 4 Books and 100 hours of live instruction + access to On Demand PE Civil - Construction PM Review for October 2018 Exams 4 Books and 100 hours of instruction + access to On Demand PE Civil - Transportation PM Review for October 2018 Exams 5 Books and 85.5 hours of instruction + access to On Demand Seismic Review for CA Exams Continuous Enrollment with access to On Demand for 150 days and Live Weekly meetings Surveying Review for CA Exams Continuous Enrollment with access to On Demand for 150 days and Live Weekly meetings
  12. Hi all, I took the PE transportation exam for the second time, just would like to discuss about the April 2018 exam compared to October 2017 exam. I think I did my best this time. October exam, I felt the morning was difficult and evening was okay, there were more conceptual questions which we need to look up in manuals in both exams. April exam, the morning was better than October exam for me. Share your thoughts here.
  13. Anyone looking to sell the most recent NCEES Transportation Practice Exam? or any other Transpo resources? Thanks, Beej
  14. Our Live Classes may have started but with our "2 For 1" Promotion you have access to the On-Demand and the Live Review Sessions! You can study at your own pace or catch up to the live sessions! Click the image for more information.
  15. I took and passed the Civil Transportation exam last April, and I have the Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) 2010 set for sale for $190 (including shipping). Direct message me if interested. Thanks
  16. Join Professional Engineering Services and Education Inc for our FREE Office Hours! What are Free Office Hours you might be asking? This is a live streamed internet webinar where you can ask questions and get help! Select dates cover different topics, please see the schedule below. We want to help as many engineers as we can obtain their Professional License. Office hours start this Wednesday covering Seismic and Surveying topics. Have a question you want covered? Email us at or so we can have an answer to discuss with you and all those who join live! ID: 224601819 to register or click the image to the registration page.
  17. I have up for sale a few of my PE books from when I took the exam in April 2017. I recall them all being in like new condition, but will double check the HCM before finalizing the sale as it's been awhile since I looked at these. I do know for a fact that I did not write in the practice exams while taking them. Feel free to ask for some random photos of pages, etc. to verify condition if desired. All prices include shipping to US48! NCEES Practice Exam (2014) - Transportation Depth - $35 (I paid $52.56 after NCEES's massive shipping fees) Goswami - Practice Exam for the Civil PE Exam: Breadth + Transportation Depth (2015) - $23 Goswami - Practice Exams for the Civil PE Exam: Two Breadth Exams (2013) - $22 HCM 2010 (Highway Capacity Manual) - $190 If you want all 4 of these I will drop the total from $270 down to $250. I also have a spiral bound copy of the CERM table of contents (with minor highlights) that I can toss in for free to any order that wants it. Send me a PM if interested and if you want to do any back and forth discussion please include your email address so my inbox here doesn't fill up quick.
  18. Course Registration is open! Classes start this weekend! Worry not, we accept late registration and upload all live recordings to our On-Demand system. Miss a session, watch it at your pace! Also get access to the On-Demand courses with the purchase of the live! Buy the On-demand and get the live session! We want to help you become a PE as soon as possible!
  19. It is a new year and time to get ready to achieve your PE! PE Civil Review - Starts January 6th Click image to be taken to our website PE Civil - Construction PM Module Review - Starts January 6th Click image to be taken to our website PE Civil Transportation PM Module Review - Starts January 7th Click image to be taken to our website Seismic Review For California Professional License - Starts January 13th Click image to be taken to our website Surveying Review For California Professional License - Starts January 14th Click image to be taken to our website _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I cannot thank you enough for giving this back to community and also charging lot lower than any competitors. Your courses are very well precise according to the NCEES requirements. The study material is awesome and practice problems are just to the point. Thanks again for all your help Sincerely, Jaspreet M _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hi Dr. Mansour, You will be glad to hear that I passed the PE exam in October. I self-studied your books and I just wanted to thank you again for your help. Omor S. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank You so much Dr. Shahin! I received a passing for the NCEES 8 hours exam, thank you for the material and lecture from your Construction PM class! David B _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hello Dr. Mansour, Just let you know that I pass in PE exam. Thank you for your help and good material. Harshad P. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Dr. Mansour, I successfully passed the PE Civil Transportation Exam thanks to your amazing Transportation PM depth course. It really helped me to confidently attend the exam and answer most of the depth questions pretty easily although there were lots of looking up in the reference books questions which some of them were also in your fantastic book. I took the test in Virginia and I passed it the first time I took the exam. I wish you the best and success in your business and life. Thank you again. Siavash M., Virginia _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dr. Mansour, Thanks so much for the class (Transportation PM) and the material. I pass the PE exam. Todd H. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ resources was helpful in helping me pass the 8 hour PE Civil Construction. Dr. Mansour works hard in providing as much resources to his students as possible. This was my first time taking the exam and I was able to pass by working on all the practice problems and exams that Dr. Mansour provides. Thank You again Dr. Mansour David B. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I passed the PE Civil Construction exam. I will finally have the license. I thank you for all the help, guidance, inspiration and for sharing your profound knowledge and experience. THANK YOU FROM THE VERY BOTTOM OF MY HEART! Sincerely, Noemi Thank you Dr. Mansour. I passed the CA Seismic Exam. You are really great and your review system really works. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I'm so happy and excited. Noemi _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I just wanted to let you know that I managed to pass both the surveying and seismic principles exams! Just wanted to let you know I passed, and to thank you for the great reference manuals you created. They were a HUGE help during both tests. I also want to thank you for the free DVD’s you sent my way, all of which I watched and all of which helped immensely! Finally, thank you for responding to my questions – up until an hour before my seismic exam. You reminded me to just take a guess and move on if a question was too difficult – not to get stuck on just one question for too long – and it worked! Thank you again. David B. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I am very pleased to share a good news with you that I passed my Surveying exam and now I am a Registered PE in state of California. As you know, I was stuck in Surveying exam and after joining your review course I was able to pass it this time. Definitely, your review course material, example problems and review sessions plus the exam materials you shared time to time helped me to pass my Surveying exam. Once again, I am very thankful to you for keen interest and passion in offering review courses for PE exam. Umer A. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Have questions? Contact us. Click the image to submit a question via our website, Or you can call or email us!
  20. Study as if you cared (minimum 500 hours), do a lot of practice problems, take timed practice exams, and I recommend taking courses from Professional Engineering Services and Education (PESE) of which Dr. Shahin Mansour is the CEO. The courses I took from PESE were: Civil Breadth (AM) Course with Workshop, and Transportation PM Course with workshop. These courses were live-webinars which included text books, practice problems and practice exams, and the ability to ask questions during the class sessions. The user friendly text books were well organized with table of contents, figures, shortcuts and indexes to make information easy to find during the exams. The CEO of PESE, Dr. Shahin Mansour, has (30) years of teaching and (27) years of professional experience which shaped the class sessions and materials so they were very interesting and specific to the exams. This helped me to gain confidence and speed to pass the 8-hour NCEES exam. In July 2016 I received my California Civil PE license.
  21. I have always been curious why road design does not plan further into the future. From what I remember from my college transportation design class, when a new design is first started, the design is based off of the projected population and expected volume 10 years into the future. After the design process, the surveying, land purchasing, and obtaining permits have been completed the construction process begins. Then, the construction process takes a a long time and by the time the road is completed, it has been 11 years since the original design and the road is over capacity. I do not work in this field, but this question has baffled me since I took that transportation engineering class. I am hoping some of the bright minds here at EB can enlighten me as to why the roads aren't designed so that they don't reach capacity until 5-10 years after they are built? Do I even understand the process correctly or am I missing something?
  22. Hi, I do have the following book for sale; I bought it for my October 2017 PE Transportation Exam. The book is used but like new conditions. Transportation Depth Reference Manual for the Civil PE Exam (Paperback) - Printing number 3 of Edition 1 (June 2015) I want only 130$ all inclusive (you don't have to pay for shipping, it 's free shipping to anywhere in Canada or US) You can contact me on my email:
  23. Enrollment is open! All Live Reviews uploaded to the On-Demand system. Miss a session watch at your own pace! 2 for 1 - Buy the Live Review Course and gain access to the On-Demand Review Courses. Schedule posted below. visit our website for more information! Try Before You Buy This weekend join Dr. Mansour for Free Sessions to get an example of what a live webinar is like. Have questions, get answers! Email Dr. Mansour, and he'll prepare answers for the live webinar! Click image to register! Course Schedules PE Civil - PE Civil - Construction PM Module Review Course PE Civil - Transportation PM Module Review Course Seismic Review Course Surveying Review Course Have any questions or concerns please contact us.
  24. Starting tomorrow at noon (pst)! 3ways to join: 1) Click the image 2) Go to this link to register: 3) Use this link and ID to register: ID: 602-189-923 Please spread the word to coworkers, friends or join if you need assistance.
  25. Visit our newly redesigned website! Review Course schedules are up! Study Materials are available! Free Office Hours Schedules and Try Before you buy:
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