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Found 7 results

  1. Has any one here taken Dr. Tom's Classroom as prep for the PE? I enrolled in the fast track course and have currently completed weeks 1-4. I appreciate having the extra guidance and structure but I can't help but feel that the course is giving me a false sense of security. The assessment quiz questions and challenge problems don't seem to be all that difficult to me... is this because I'm well prepared or is the material too easy in comparison to the actual exam? He also assigns problems out of Six Minute Problems TF and the 2016 NCEES exam and I've been able to work through these without any major difficulties (I can answer around 70% correctly without looking at answers the first time through). He doesn't use the PPI Practice Problems book at all, but I had bought this prior to signing up. These questions tend to be a lot more challenging for me and seem to generally require making more assumptions and use more obscure equations. I'm already feeling the pressure of time for the April test and I don't know if I should stick solely to the DTC syllabus or if I should try to work all of the PPI Practice Problems along with it. So in summary: Were you prepared for the PE after taking DTC? (i.e. did you pass?) If so, did you only use the materials referenced in DTC or did you use other resources? (i.e. practice problems from other sources?) Anyone else currently in DTC and feel the same way? Thanks for any advice!
  2. Hello All, Does anyone know where I can download or buy past NCEES practice exams for the Thermal Fluids exam? I currently have the 2016 version by NCEES and I saw 2011 and 2008 version mentioned on this forum before. Thank you! and congrats to anyone that passed their exam and good luck to anyone that is going to be taking it in October.
  3. Condensed Problem statement: 40ft of 4in sch. 40 steel pipe containing five long radius 90deg. elbows + one gate valve + one sharp edge. V=16ft/s, f=0.019 Book Solution: K_entrance = 0.5 and all others included in the equivalent length as 40ft + 5(6.4ft) + 2.5ft = 65.5 and total head loss calculated as K*v^2/(2g) + f*(65.5)*v2/(2Dg) and answer = 16.7ft My method: K_entrance + K_all others = 0.5+5(0.6)+0.19 = 3.69 and total head loss = v^2/(2g)*(3.69+f*(40)/D) = 23ft I always thought the same answer is achieved whether we take K as a loss or included as an equivalent length, what am I missing here? Thank you
  4. Hello TFS test takers. Have some fun with this one. Difficulty level; I'd guess 2 on the scale from 1 to 5. SPOILER ALERT: Try to solve it first; then scroll down to see the replies.
  5. Happy Monday! Take a stab at this one. Show your work SPOILER ALERT: Try to solve it first; then scroll down to see the replies.
  6. Hi, I am looking for a study partner or group around Houston Texas. I will be taking Mechanical PE exam Thermal Fluids. Thanks, Adeel
  7. I'm running through the latest NCEES Mechanical Thermal Fluids Sample Problems and #507 has got me stumped on where they got the solution for Nusselt Equation... Maybe I'm problem'ed out or something, but I tried to duplicate the answer with my own notes, MERM, NCEES Ref...but the equation they used for solution does not match any of the givens for turbulent flow in a cylindrical pipe... Again I may just be overlooking something, but any help would be appreciated!
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