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  1. PraaviV


    SE exam transfer from one state to Illinois: I currently live in Illinois and I am planning to give the 16hr SE exam in April 2021. I will only be two weeks short of deadline to give the test in Illinois before the NCEES registration deadline. Illinois board doesn't approve the exam application until the work experience criteria is met but they are OK if the exam is given in another state and I can apply Illinois SE license once I meet the required criteria. So, I am planning to give the test in another state say Wisconsin (close by). But I heard Illinois board is relatively strict. I would like to know if anyone faced any issues of using the SE exam result from another state in Illinois to obtain their license. I initially assumed the process should be fairly simple as the exam should be the same in either state but just wanted to be sure as I do not want my exam result to go waste.
  2. Hello, I took the PE-Civil-Structures test in October 2018 and April 2019. For October test I could hardly study for 20 days and was sick on the exam day. Ended with a score of 48. For April test , I prepared really well. Spent lot of time in going through resources I had and again ended with the same identical score of 48. I have attached two diagnostics. Kindly review and let me know how should I prepare this time. These are the prepration material I hadused Breadth : CERM, All-In-One PE Exam Guide: Breadth and Depth,Indranil Goswami, Breadth Practice Tests: civilpepractice, NCEES practice test. Depth : SERM,Six-Minute Solutions for Civil PE Exam Structural Problems (glanced through it as most opined that it was way harder than test) Depth Practice test: NCEES ,Civil and Structural Practice Problems ALI AKBARI, KOUROSH, Kindly tell me what should I do different this time. This time I am thinking to just go through EET notes and solving Practice problems from Lindberg.
  3. Anyone else taking the exam April 2019? I was hoping we could compare study materials and get some dialogue going about what to bring/expect. I'll start... What did I study? Cerm (latest), Structural Depth Reference Manual by Williams, School of PE notes (ancient), A book of practice questions by Gruttadauria. What am I planning to bring? Cerm, IBC, ASCE, AISC, ACI, steel textbook, concrete textbook, notes & practice questions, and that's it. + Calculator & watch and that's it for extras. I would estimate I have done about 70 morning practice problems and 150 afternoon problems. What are you guys doing and what do you think of what I've done? - Matt
  4. Wynndalco Enterprises is seeking an experienced structural engineer to join our growing team. With active projects in multiple states, we are looking for a self-motivated, leadership-proven professional to take charge of existing assignments and help develop business relationships for new contracts. In this role, you will coordinate with clients, lead design tasks, develop and track budgets and schedules, and have the opportunity to build new relationships to drive future business. Our current backlog ranges from structural evaluations to a mega infrastructure project valued at over $1 Billion. Join our team and take the next step in your career. TO APPLY SEE POSTING ON INDEED.COM: Structural Engineer Opening - Transportation - Chicago, IL BASIC QUALIFICATIONS: · Bachelor’s degree in the civil/structural engineering field with 5 years + of experience. · S.E. license (required) · P.E. License (required) · Design experience with IDOT, Tollway and CTA preferred. · Experience in MicroStation and AutoCAD (3D modeling experience preferred). · Familiarity with AASHTO LRFD, AREMA, IDOT and Illinois Tollway procedures, policies, standards and publications. · Proficient using bridge design software such as STAAD, RC PIER, MIDAS · Proficient in MS Office, MathCAD · Proven experience in working on multiple projects concurrently · Must possess excellent client skills and be able to enhance and develop solid client relationships. GENERAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: · Project management and project execution · Development of structural calculations and design plans · Preparation of technical specifications · Attend business development events and trade shows · Lead and mentor junior engineers · May be required to present on projects and other technical topics · Some travel may be required (up to 10%) ABOUT WYNNDALCO ENTERPRISES…. Wynndalco Enterprises, LLC. is a multi-discipline engineering consulting firm providing Structural & Civil Engineering and Construction Management services to clients in both public and private sectors. Our versatility allows us to provide clients with a well-rounded field of expertise. Our Engineering Division was established in 2014 and has since grown to provide trusted leadership to educational institutions, state and local governments and private clients alike. Wynndalco is committed to maintaining integrity, accountability and distinction in all aspects of our professional services and conduct. We are relentless in our pursuit of sustainable solutions.
  5. I have taken the PE Civil - Structural twice and the following is how I did: April 2017 in Texas with a score of 26/40 AM & 22/40 PM October 2018 in California with a score of 22/40 AM & 21/40 PM. The first round I studied more and used only School of PE. I had three co-workers that used their material and passed the first time so I thought I had a shot, but boy was I wrong. I studied an average of 3-4 hours per night after work and 8 hours per day on weekends. For the second time, I didn't have time at all to prepare. I recently relocated to AZ and my company wanted me to get the CA license since 90% of our bridge projects are actually based there so I decided to take it in CA - San Diego so that I can make a "vacation" out of the weekend and check out our California Office. I moved end of August and didn't really study until mid September when I was settled so I had about only a solid month to prepare. Due to the moving expense and buying everything again (moved out of Texas with only my clothes and some kitchen stuff), I didn't have money to register in a prep course so I decided to enroll in the company's free PE course and re-use the school of PE notes. I had way too much material at hand and it got overwhelming but for the most part I felt like I may still have a chance to pass it the second time and I was sorely disappointed yesterday morning. With that being said, can someone help guide this lost soul on how to properly prepare? what material I need? what practice books are a good purchase? what is the best study schedule? I am fortunate that I don't have to buy reference manuals since my company's library lets me borrow them all (so if you have more references you recommend, let me know so I can see if the library has it!)
  6. I actually have a YouTube channel where I give tips on the F.E. exam, I also go over some F.E. civil problems. If you want to check the channel, here is the link: Don't forget to subscribe, and if you have any problem that you would like me to go over, leave it in the comments below the videos. Thank you for watching 😊
  7. example 116.4 seismic load. Why using n=43.5/h^(1/9) to obtain the first period (1/n), not using T=Ch^x? The results from the two equations are quite a bit, one is 0.85 and the other is 0.5x. The former equation is mentioned in wind load, which has some more limitations, such as the height of building and wind direction.
  8. Unfortunately, I failed the PE structural depth exam again. I will be attempting it for the 3rd time this coming April 2018. I am very frustrated and worried I will not be able to pass. I did not graduate with civil engineering and do not practice structural engineering in my profession. However, I did take a number of structural analysis courses and have a higher interest in learning structural than the other Civil depths. But, the structural depth is kicking my ass right now. I am in the utility design industry so many have suggested doing construction depth. I feel that I am already deep into structural and spent a lot of money on it already that I am going to just keep going. My first attempt, I got 42/80. My second attempt, I got 41/80. It's an embarrassing score. I took a PPI course both times. The course was good for breadth and okay for depth. I just signed up for EET's Structural Depth on-demand course. Looking at my diagnostics, I have issues in similar areas throughout the two times I've taken the exam. Do any of you have other suggestions or pointers I should take in order to pass this third time? I am really feeling like I cannot pass. Who goes from a 41/42 score to a passing score? I feel really defeated right now. A passing score means a promotion and much higher pay for me, so I am trying to keep my eye on the prize, but it is so hard to do after two fails. I will admit, my second time, I did not study as much. I had so much going on, I think I studied around 100 hours only. I did not feel confident before or after the exam. Please help with any suggestions or words of wisdom. Thanks EB.
  9. Villa

    T-2 days...

    How’s everyone set? At this point just looking forward to getting this over with after 3 months stuck in the books every weekend. And I hear Friday is going to be 80 degrees here in NY. Typical exam weather!
  10. Congrats to everyone who passed. However I was unsuccessful with a score of 48/80. What's your failing score?
  11. I'm currently designing a residential apartment building. It is set up with 2 "block" types. One is a 2 story version; the other is a 3 story. CLT Floor system, so I'll be analyzing it as a rigid diaphragm. The architect has multiple combinations of these "blocks" to form a couple variations of the building. I'm hoping to be efficient with my design and calculations and be able to analyze the "blocks" separately as laterally and vertically independent systems that just happen to be adjacent to each other, but I'm wondering how others interpret the code re: seismic joints required in between the two buildings. I have done a group of (3) townhomes and the related permit comment was to verify that the three units are independent of each other, so that's what I was hoping I could do here, but my PM raised a great point that I want to further investigate about the seismic joint requirement. also, does anyone have any useful CLT lateral resources? the fabricator has "goal" design values but no testing done yet - they will get there but are on an accelerated design path. They are hoping for 2-way panels with minimum post locations. I've located a few, but none give a full picture of system values/capacities compared with span tables, for example.
  12. As the quantity and weight of reference books kept adding up in the weeks leading to the exam, I started to get a little worried about how I would get all of it into the exam with me. I also didn't want to waste any time during the test stacking and unstacking books. My solution was to build a book carrier between study breaks. Building it was actually a good stress relief. The picture below is what the rough draft looks like. During the exam, I laid it down on the ground next to me and had easy access to my books. I didn't have to work to keep them organized or fight to get them out (something to do with gravity and friction). I also turned all the books so that the spine was on the inside and I wrote the title on the outer pages(fore edge). If they are all facing the right direction, your tabs at the top of the page will fit nicely as well. I didn't take a picture of the end result, but I added a 2x2 across the top, and screwed a 2x4x6" to a 2x6x8" to use as a wedge between the 2x2 and the books. The 2x4 dimensions allow you use the block for 6 different lengths and keep your books standing. I ordered the following cart from Amazon. A similar version can be found at home depot. I strapped it all up to the cart, and I was good to go. In Austin, most people had to carry their material down a set of stairs. It was like carrying a baby elephant, but I was glad that mine was all compact and only one piece.
  13. I signed up for the EET on demand course (structural depth) and starting it today. Is there a class schedule that I can follow? I feel like I’m missing something. I was given the instructions on how to reach the videos and then the big binder and that’s it. I don’t even know where to start. The recording contents are in no particular order and I’m finding myself trying to search for the appropriate video title for the first section of the binder. I take it we just dive right in and start from beginning to end with what’s in the binder? Please help if any of you have taken the on demand course or are taking it now.
  14. Hi All, I'm not a huge fan of taking classes to study for things, especially standardized exams. I feel like the most effective solution is to do as many sample problems as possible that are as similar to the exam as possible, that cover all subject areas. Some questions: 1.) Does anyone know of any good resources for sample exam problems? 2.) NCEES appears to have a single sample exam for the civil breadth + structural depth, do you know where we can find more? Are there different versions? 3.) My boss has a sample exam from NCEES, copyrighted in 2014 (I think this is the same as the current sample exam), does anyone have any older/alternate NCEES practice exams? 4.) Does anyone know of any good study resources in addition to sample exams? Thanks! Regards, Spencer
  15. New thread to post to see which states have posted results for 2017 Fall SE Exam. Best of luck to all!
  16. I failed my first attempt at the Civil PE - Structural Exam this past April. A bit of background about me: I did not graduate with a degree in Civil Engineering or Structural. I am a Biological Engineer with a focus in structural systems. I've been working four years as an engineer in a field of its own, utility design. Therefore, I don't have much exposure to anything civil or biological. The reason I chose the structural exam was because I enjoyed learning and taking structural courses in college. I figured the other disciplines will bore me. I took steel, wood, and multiple analysis courses. Additionally, there are so many more resources to help pass the civil exam than the biological exam. My first attempt, I completely bombed. However, I think it wasn't too bad given that I do not work in the field and only studied 2.5 months prior to the exam. It was really tough studying because I wasn't familiar with the majority of breadth topics, but knew the depth was going to be hard so I focused most of my studies on the depth. Below is my diagnostics. I would love to get any help possible. I'll be taking the PPI course again soon. I took it the first time, but I was so focused on studying for the depth, that I did not pay attention. I am hoping the second time around will be a pass. Any tips for someone who is not in the field to pass the Civil Structural? Changing disciplines is not an option. My work already paid for the thousands of dollars in course and reference materials.
  17. Anyone knows if the classes offered by EET are good? The price looks fair, it has 45 hs of instruction (with 4 hs of exam simulation). Thanks
  18. I'm working on designing a two story building (same as the attached sketch) & here are the conditions:- The building is 72 ft x 32 ft;- The lower level should be all concrete & waterproof, the top level is CMU with an A-frame roof;- The building is in a flood zone & the first floor will be completely submersed in water when it floods;- This is an industrial structure in a water plant.I have not designed a structure like this before & I have concerns about the lower level; What are the main things to look out for or be concerned about in my design? Do I need drainage? Or a retaining wall (or other methods of stabilizing the soil) so the soil on the bottom of the building wouldn't be washed off over time? Is it a concern for the passive pressure of the soil behind the building causing overturning or sliding down the slope?What would you recommend for the foundation? A slab? Piles?...I'd appreciate your advise and help!
  19. maybe this is best for the repeat testers: Anyone looking to go halfsies on a course? now that the specs are changing again, we could sure use all the help we can get. including sharing the required codes :-)
  20. At work I've been tasked with running a variety of calculations on a pre-existing sand-cast aluminum pole, but I cannot for the life of me find the material properties for the alloy the manufacturer is using. It's an 356.0-F Aluminum pole, and the only information I can dig up is Yield and Tensile strength, which is certainly a start, but I need Compressive strength, shear strength, and bearing strength to complete the calculations I'm supposed to do. Does anyone have any idea where to find this information? My colleagues and I are hesitant to purchase ASTM B26, since we are not sure if it actually has the information we need. If anyone has any suggestions, or can confirm that the specification would have the relevant information, I'd greatly appreciate it!
  21. I wanted to see if someone can take a look at my Diagnostic report from April 2017 for the Civil/Structural PE and recommend some study material for me in order to help me raise my score the next time around. In the attached Diagnostic report I put what I believe was the national passing score average next to my results. The items I show in green are the ones that I did better or equal to the national average. The items in Blue are the ones where I did slightly less than the national average but I have the material to better prepare myself for the next exam. The items in Red are ones where I did not do well and where I am a little lost on where to find sample exams problems for them so that I can better my score. Basically I scored a 45/80 and I believe that if I raise this score to a 56/80 I will pass the next time. I realize that this is going to be a difficult task because it is an approximately 20% increase. However, I just want to be able to see an improvement each time I take the test so that I do not get discouraged. I believe I was below the national average on Breadth by 3 problems and I believe I was below the national average on the Structural Depth by 8 problems. To give you a little history on my background, I am an Electrical PE and I spent the last 5 months before the Structural PE Exam in April studying about 45hrs/week. I went through the following material: 1) CERM, 2) PPI Practice Problems for the Civil PE, 3) Goswmi two breadth exams, 3) Civil Engineering Academy breadth & structural Depth exams & Youtube videos, 4) Mike's Civil PE Exam Guide. I am looking for practice problems in the following topics: 9) Analysis of Structures: Loads & load applications, 11) Design & Details of Structures: Material properties, 12) Design & Details of Structures: Component design & detailing. I learn by doing practice problems. Thank you in advance for your support.
  22. So how long do you think we'll have to wait for the results? It looks like the for the last two April exams the results came out 8 weeks after the exam date. If that holds we will get the results June 16th.
  23. Hello Friends, I am new to this forum. I am a structural engineer with 10+ years of experience. Currently working in GE Power (India). I did my graduation in civil engineering from India. I am planning to have a PE certification. Can I apply for this? First of all my education credentials. How to validate it? Second is about FF exam. I think, I have to give FE exam. Last is about state. Which state shall I choose? Looking for your kind support. How should I proceed? Please guide me. Thanks. SBarwal
  24. Complete Coverage of Both Breadth and Depth, Updated to Current Exams →Start Immediately—Live Online Courses Include OnDemand Lectures for Free →Lectures Present Brand New, Exam-Like Problems You Can't Find Anywhere Else →Specialist Instructors Guide Your Review, Including Test-Taking Strategies and Time Management Tips Breadth and your choice of depth (Construction, Geotechnical, Structural, Transportation or Water Resources & Environmental) offered together for the first time.
  25. Concrete Manual: Based on the 2015 IBC and ACI 318-14 Has anyone used the book above? I am very comfortable with ACI and the other codes/standards relevant to Residential Structural Engineering. I am wondering if this book actually helps with application and detailing or if it is a summary/outline of the manuals titled. Thank you, EB!
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