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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all! I'll start by introducing myself. I'm Kris from San Diego, CA currently in the coast guard stationed in Wi. I did about 2.5-3 years community college in So Cal focused on transferring to a california university to study engineering. I basically got all of my math, physics, chemistry and general requirements out of the way. I was getting kinda wore out and depressed feeling like I wasnt getting anywhere in my life sitting in classes all day every day and wanted to get out and explore so I began the enlistment process for the USCG and dropped out. About the same time I had finally sworn in to the military I had gotten my Acceptance letter from UCSD to study Mechanical Engineering at their university (DOH!). So I'm about 2 years into my first contract right now, getting ready to leave for 6 months of additional military schooling where I will be required to re-up another 2-4 years. After that I will be located within the US at a base, hopefully in california again (no deployments, no bs) perusing my coast guard career in aviation maintenance. When this time comes I would like to get back to school to finish out what I had started. I know it will take quite some time balancing a (more than) full time job and getting an engineering degree (Have not decided between Civil and Mechanical) but this is what I truly want in life and I cant wait to get started. While I wait I am currently trying to review/relearn all the math and sciences which I had picked up along the way. Its amazing how much you can forget in such a little amount of time lol. This brings me to my question... What kind of schools can I attend (names, locations, etc) that will A. Accept my previous college credits, B. Be flexible with military (lock into degree programs, etc) *OPTIONAL-C. Offer distance, and/or online courses. D. What should I be looking for as far as accreditation, what is more universally accepted by employers, etc. - I had read that ABET is probably the most acceptable accreditation. E. What kind of hurdles can I expect trying to peruse this degree given my circumstance? Also, any other ex-military folks here have any advice on how to get there and what I need to do?
  2. Hello everybody, I am currently studying Structural Engineering at University of California, San Diego. I do not know much about this field and I have a lot of questions and concerns. I hope experienced people likes yourselves can perhaps give a fledgling some guidance. 1. Is a Master's degree a must to find a job? I know some of my friends in the major are planning to go to graduate school, but I think that I cannot survive 1-2 more years in school. I just want to get out into the real world as soon as possible! And also, I do not know if I can even afford those extra years of school. 2. GRE scores and GPA for graduate school? If it does come to the point where I HAVE to get a Master's to get any sort of job, any idea what kind of score and GPA I should be getting for the top-mid tier graduate schools. I have a 3.2 right now and I am truly worried. 3. How is the job market out there? I have read on a lot of the websites. Some say that the job growth expectation is about 20% and some say that there are no jobs out there. This is only making my anxiety even worse. I was studying electrical engineering for a year and because I thought it was too difficult and because structural/civil engineering fit my interests more, I switched. 4. How much do Civil/Structural engineers get paid straight out of college? I have done my research online and the sites always tell me that it is around 50-55k. That is below my expectations. Maybe it is because I do not know any better but I thought most engineers make around 65k out of college. 5. Any tips on how to find jobs and network? 6. Does GPA and extracurricular (structural engineering clubs) matter to employers/grad school? I am literally at the point where I am so worried about my future that I might consider just switching to a higher paying/higher demand major. maybe even back to Electrical Engineering since I do not need a license and extra schooling. I like buildings, bridges, and everything structural/civil does, but I am willing to give up all that to get a decent paying job and search till world's end for a low paying civil engineering job. Thank you for all those who took the time the provide me with some answers and assistance. I am very grateful for your guidance and your time. Thank you! Some not as important questions for those that have time: 1. Is the program at UCSD well known to those outside of California? 2. If you have the chance to do go through undergrad all over again, what would you do? 3. Electrical Engineering vs. Civil/Structural Engineering? 4. Will you critique my resume?
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