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Found 11 results

  1. Get focused review on only the topics you need. Mechanical PE Academy offers video review courses where you pick the topics you need to study. Why pay for all FE exam or PE exam topics when you don't need them? Learn what YOU need to know. Learn more here
  2. Courses available for all disciplines. FE Review Courses: Start Date FE Civil 1/16/2018 FE Mechanical 1/16/2018 FE Electrical 1/15/2018 FE Other Disciplines 1/16/2018 FE Chemical 2/10/2018 FE Environmental 2/10/2018 PE Review courses: Start Date Civil PE Breadth 1/16/2018 Civil PE Breadth 1/13/2018 Civil PE Breadth 1/16/2018 Civil PE Breadth 1/15/2018 Civil PE Construction Depth 3/12/2018 Civil PE Construction Depth 3/13/2018 Civil PE Geotechnical Depth 3/13/2018 Civil PE Structural Depth 3/13/2018 Civil PE Structural Depth 3/10/2018 Civil PE Transportation Depth 3/7/2018 Civil PE Transportation Depth 3/13/2018 Civil PE Water Resources & Environmental Depth 3/8/2018 Civil PE Water Resources & Environmental Depth 3/12/2018 Chemical PE 1/30/2018 Chemical PE 1/23/2018 Electrical PE Power 1/18/2018 Electrical PE Power 1/22/2018 Electrical PE Electrical & Electronics 1/16/2018 Environmental PE 1/16/2018 Mechanical PE HVAC & Refrigeration 1/17/2018 Mechanical PE HVAC & Refrigeration 1/18/2018 Mechanical PE Machine Design & Materials 1/18/2018 Mechanical PE Machine Design & Materials 1/17/2018 Mechanical PE Thermal & Fluids Systems 1/17/2018 Mechanical PE Thermal & Fluids Systems 1/18/2018 SE review course: Start Date Structural Vertical + Lateral 1/7/2018
  3. The exams are fast approaching and we want to help you prepare so you can become a Professional Engineer as soon as possible! We office Study Materials, Live Reviews, On-Demand Reviews, and FREE Office Hours. Dr. Mansour, PE is a dedicated instructor who wants to see you succeed! 635-147-867 to join in the Free Office Hours, where you can ask questions and get real time help. Dates for Office Hours 1- Civil AM: Monday’s from 6:30-9:30 PM-PT): 9/18, and 10/2/2017. 2- Transportation PM: Monday’s from 6:30-9:30 PM-PT: 9/25 & 10/9/2017. 3- Construction PM: Wednesday’s from 6:30-9:30 PM-PT: 9/20, & 10/4/2017. 4- Seismic : Wednesday’s from 6:30-7:30 PM-PT: 9/27/2017. 5- Surveying: Wednesday’s from 7:35-8:35 PM-PT: 27/2017. 6- Seismic & Surveying: 6:00-7:30 (Sei.), 7:35-9:00 (Surv.) PM-PT:10/14, 21, 28, 11/4/17. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- After taking Dr. Mansour's online coursework for the PE exam, I was able to pass all of the exams on my first attempt. If I had to estimate, I was able to do about 80%-90% of the problems on the transportation portion of the exam using Dr. Mansour's study materials exclusively. I highly recommend all of Dr. Mansour's study materials, and if you can afford to spend a little more for his online courses, it is definitely worth the investment. Taking the courses with Dr. Mansour was an incredible experience. I can tell that he cares about each and every person in his class. I am forever thankful to my friend for recommending Dr. Mansour's courses to me. -Amazon Review 2015 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have purchased this Transportation book, it is one of the best out there that is related directly to the PE Exam. I have attended Dr. Shahin Mansour Seminars and purchased all his books. Passed my PE without buying all other required references by the Board. This book is comprehensive and worth spending the money, I feel that the books are very in-expensive for what I learned from them, I use them as references now in my daily routine work. Additionally, he has made me a better Engineer in performing my daily job duties as well. This transportation book is one of the best I have seen. Thank you Dr. Mansour for being patient, helpful, honest, sincere, great Author and an outstanding instructor. Sir, You Care! -Amazon Review 2015 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- I appeared for the California P.E. Surveying exam in Spring 2017, and I passed! Yaaaaay!!! I couldn't have done it without Dr. Mansour’s guidance. He is one of the best instructor I have come across. Highly knowledgeable and 100% committed to his students. I am stay at home mom with two little kids. (currently taken a break from full time work) I work from home part time and don’t get to interact with my coworkers. I didn’t know anybody else who was taking this exam and was not motivated to study from home with two little demanding kids. Besides, Surveying was not my cup of tea! I did not study in this country. I bought Dr. Mansour book, practice exams etc. I started to study and learned lot of concepts about surveying. I also started to like this subject. His reference book is easy to follow and very well organized. Dr. Mansour also offers office hours. You could join him live on computer and he solves any questions you may have on the subject. He really goes out of his way to help. He is always reachable, and always replies and solves any question you may have. His teaching style and methods are awesome! I highly recommend his review material, courses. -Amazon Review 2017 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am very pleased to share a good news with you that I passed my Surveying exam and now I am a Registered PE in state of California. As you know, I was stuck in Surveying exam and after joining your review course I was able to pass it this time. Definitely, your review course material, example problems and review sessions plus the exam materials you shared time to time helped me to pass my Surveying exam. Once again, I am very thankful to you for keen interest and passion in offering review courses for PE exam. Umer - Fall 2016 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Just wanted to let you know I passed, and to thank you for the great reference manuals you created. They were a HUGE help during both tests. I also want to thank you for the free DVD’s you sent my way, all of which I watched and all of which helped immensely! Finally, thank you for responding to my questions – up until an hour before my seismic exam. You reminded me to just take a guess and move on if a question was too difficult – not to get stuck on just one question for too long – and it worked! Thank you again. Sincerely, David - Fall 2016 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- You will be glad to hear that I passed the PE exam in October. I self-studied your books and I just wanted to thank you again for your help. Omor - Fall 2016 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- I just got my results. I passed the surveying exam. Thank you so much for your help with this subject, I wouldn't have cleared it without your guidance. Hiral - Fall 2016 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank You so much Dr. Shahin! I received a passing for the NCEES 8 hours exam, thank you for the material and lecture from your Construction PM class! resources was helpful in helping me pass the 8 hour PE Civil Construction. Dr. Mansour works hard in providing as much resources to his students as possible. This was my first time taking the exam and I was able to pass by working on all the practice problems and exams that Dr. Mansour provides. Thank You again Dr. Mansour David - Fall 2016 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dr. Mansour, Thanks so much for the class (Transportation PM) and the material. I pass the PE exam! Todd - Fall 2016
  4. Civil PE Breadth - July 22nd Civil PE Breadth - July 25th SOLD OUT Civil PE Breadth - August 5th Civil PE Breadth - August 7th FE Mechanical - July 29th FE Electrical - August 3rd FE Other Disciplines - August 3rd FE Civil - August 5th Electrical PE Electrical & Electronics - August 5th Mechanical PE Machine Design - August 8th Electrical PE Power - August 9th Environmental PE - August 9th Mechanical PE HVAC - August 9th Mechanical PE Thermal & Fluids Systems - August 14th FE Chemical - August 15th
  5. We are here to help you. Visit to view our products and courses. Don't forget the Huge 20th anniversary sale currently going on!
  6. Our Seismic and Surveying Review courses start this weekend! Register for either On-Demand or the Live classes and get the other at no extra charge! Let us help you become a professional engineer as soon as possible (click the images to get more information)
  7. Seismic and Surveying review courses start this weekend. Civil AM + Workshop, Construction Module & Transportation Module have begun. Late registration is accepted and with our on-demand system we'll get you caught up! Visit for more information on our courses and promotions! Don't forget promo codes at check out for multiple class enrollment.
  8. Classes start this weekend! Late registration accepted, with our On-Demand program you can catch up! Multiple course discounts! Kind caring professor who wants to help you pass the PE and become a professional engineer as soon as possible. Visit for more information and to register.
  9. Classes starting soon! Major discounts for out 20th year anniversary! Discounts in the hundreds of dollars for our review courses! for more information. On-Demand access with every course to start studying sooner.
  10. Five Reasons Why You Should Take a PPI Prep Course: 1. View Free OnDemand Lectures While You Wait for Your Course to Start 2. Gain Access to the Syllabus Immediately After Signing Up 3. Risk-Free Enrollment and a Passing Guarantee. Retake a Course for Free if You Don't Pass Your Exam 4. Increase Your Chances of Passing Significantly 5. Master Your Calculator With Free Calculator Lessons
  11. Hi. Planning to take my first PE exam for Mechanical in April. How do I know which review course is the best? Are there any in-person courses in Tacoma or Olympia, WA? What course did you like or should I stay away from? What do you think of this one: ?
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