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Found 35 results

  1. FINAL VERSION Since the question always comes up please consider including the times of release (in eastern) along with the state for future tracking purposes. Please only post the State and time of release in this thread. It makes things easier to track and to update the map. Thanks in advance!
  2. AZ Results Out Passed Electrical-Electronics, Controls, and Communications
  3. Since the question always comes up please consider including the times of release (in eastern) along with the state for future tracking purposes. I'm going to wait a week to see if we get any reports from Mississippi. If none arrive I'll put the finishing touches on the map just after Memorial Day. Day 1 tally: 26 (+2 partial) Day 2 tally: 20 (+1 partial) Day 3 tally: 2 Day 4 tally: 1 Day 5 tally: 2 Total: 51/55 jurisdictions
  4. I reviewed the pass rates for April 2019 and it's unfortunately as predictable as previous years. I'm trying to stay focused on Construction since this is where most of my experience lies, but it's becoming more tempting to jump ship into Structural depth. Did you pass or fail? How did you prepare?
  5. ... are being mailed according to @8-10 Weeks Later. I haven't failed yet.
  6. FINAL Since the question always comes up please consider including the times of release (in eastern) along with the state for future tracking purposes. PM me if you have any information on Alaska or North Dakota's release date.
  7. Post your RI results here.
  8. StructuralVFL


    I emailed Wanda at the Department of Commerce and Insurance and she stated that the results should be posted today or tomorrow. So us Tennesseeans have a timeframe now.
  9. Had to be done, new thread as results are coming out.
  10. Does anyone have an official date for South Dakota?
  11. PASS October 2015
  12. Thought I would share, since I'm surprisingly more up to date than normal on random emails today for some reason and was happy to see this. Thanks! COME ON, MARYLAND!!!
  13. New thread to post to see which states have posted results for 2017 Fall SE Exam. Best of luck to all!
  14. I got an update from CTS this morning...buckle up for a long week
  15. October 2017 PE results have been released in some states. Also, Sunday marked the completion of this cycle's SE Scoring Workshop. Looks like we can expect SE results as soon as this Friday, December 8. Best of luck everyone!
  16. Good luck everyone. Passed - 2nd attempt.
  17. *** I make no guarantees this is accurate. ***
  18. Gentleman, April 2017 PE results are out. How much longer would we say for SE results to be released? Does anyone have any historical data to make a determination based on trend? I understand a lot of you are banking on mid-June. Also, I have seen that results are usually released around a week or so after the SE scoring workshop, but I have not seen the June Licensure Exchange published yet (see below for link) so that date is unknown at this point.
  19. According to my coworker who passed the IL PE in April '16, the email was sent around 3:19 PM. Another who took the same exam in October '15 got it at 11:15 AM. However as we are 34 days just as in April '16 hopefully we'll see some results in the next 1-2 hours!
  20. Nerd_Alert


    Has anybody heard anything about Montana?
  21. Did you pass? If not, what was your score on the diagnostic? Will help those who did not pass gauge where they were at with the Civil PE Transportation
  22. As the results start to roll in, I'd like to conduct a "curiosity poll" to see whether there's correlation between how you felt right after the exam, compared to whether you passed or not. I just thought it would be interesting. Since I am in California, the results are still pending and I'm very anxious to find out if I passed the 8 hour. I felt like I only had a 50/50 chance of passing so I have no idea whether I passed or not. In the meantime, feel free to participate in the poll (votes are anonymous) and see what everyone else thought about the test!
  23. Moj

    Texas Results_Score

    Hello, I passed the test and score shown on TBPE is 81. How do I know how many questions I had correct? Is it 81*80/100 = 65 ?
  24. I was informed that NCEES exam registration period for the APR 2017 exam is December 12, 2016 - Feb 23, 2017. Could this mean results will be released this week?
  25. They told me they should be released to respective state boards by noon. I am going to keep refreshing Nope don't click that link. ITS SOON!!
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