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  1. I passed my P.E exam October 2019 but it was a beast! I'm selling all of the study material that I used. All are in great shape, just gently used during my study time. They include: NCEES Power PE Practice Questions AND Complex Imaginary Tests 1-4 AND Engineering PRO Test. So 6 Practice Tests all worked in detail, and sorted by subject matter. This was a lifesaver on the test. I was able to turn quickly to a topic to refresh my memory if there was a similar sample question. This was amazingly helpful since I was able to complete some questions in under 1 minute instead of 6 which left a lot of time for the more difficult or unusual problems. Will sell together only since they are already sorted and will provide the most help in this format. Each test was about $40 - $45 but I will sell all six for $135. NEC Handbook 2017 with tabs - This is a must for the exam! Bought it new for $174. Will sell for $120. Complex Imaginary electrical Code Drill book - Very handy for practice in locating code. Helps with your speed and accuracy. There were a TON of questions from the NEC, a lot more than the official breakdown has listed. But wait! That's not all! If you buy the NEC Handbook I will sell this one for $12 plus a set of ginzu knives. Separate it will cost $25. NESC - Safety Code (spiral bound) - This is also a must. There were probably 5 questions on the test where you HAD to have this one. NESC on sale for $110 NESC 2012 Handbook - a companion to the above. I will throw this one in free if you buy the NESC above. Engineering Economicly Analysis: A very helpful book to have even though there are at max 2 questions on this topic. But when every point counts it can come in handy. Plus this one is cheap. Sells for $15 Power Generation, Operations and Control by Wood & Wollenburg. Can in handy for a question on AGC and Economic dispatch. Sells for $15. Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Systems by Theodore Wildi (Soft cover). Simply the best resource on Machines. You need this one too. Awesome reference and extremely useful. Sells for 25.00 Power System Analysis by Glover and Sarma. Super Reference and great for re-learning the stuff you forgot from Power I and II. Very good for practice problems (the more you work the better off you are on the test!). I used it on the exam to save my bacon on at least 2 questions. Sells for 35. I am located in the Birmingham, AL area and local meeting is possible or I can FedEx (or UPS or USPS) the books to you (but you must pay postage.) Please feel free to text me...... Two-oh-five-602 - six nine seven five. ALSO, I will accept Venmo only. I wish you luck in your studies. Using these resources helped me pass on the first try. Dan
  2. I have several materials for sale related to the Power PE exam. I used all of these resources in varying degrees as part of my exam prep and received my PASS. Many were brought in to the exam room with me. I also have some leftover FE Electrical materials as well. Shoot me a PM if you are interested in any of them. PayPal for payment. Free Shipping. Will consider offers. Electrical Machines, Drives, and Power Systems by Theodore Wildi $25 NCEES Practice Exam $10 (Problems have my worked solutions) Power Reference Manual for the Electrical and Computer PE Exam 2nd. Edition by John A. Camara $40 Power Reference Manual for the Electrical and Computer PE Exam 1st. Edition by John A. Camara $35 FE Materials Study Guide for Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Electrical & Computer CBT Exam by Wasim Asghar (answers are circled) $25 Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Electrical and Computer Practice Exam #1 by Wasim Asghar (answers are circled) $15 Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Electrical and Computer Practice Exam #2 by Wasim Asghar (answers are circled) $15 OR $40 for all 3 FE Electrical and Computer CBT Review Manual by Michael R. Lindeburg $35 Sold Cram for the Professional Engineer Electrical and Computer Power Exam by James Flanagan (some writing and circled answers) $15 Cram for the Professional Engineer Electrical and Computer Power Exam Sample Test Volume I by James Flanagan (some writing and circled answers) $15 Cram for the Professional Engineer Electrical and Computer Power Exam Sample Test Volume II by James Flanagan (some writing and circled answers) $15 NFPA 497 $25 NFPA 499 $25 NFPA 30B $25 NFPA 70 Handbook 2017 Hardcover Tabbed with Tom Henry KEY WORD INDEX $65 Tom Henry's KEY WORD INDEX Based on the 2017 Code Handbook Edition Softcover book $15 NFPA 70E 2018 $25 Spin-Up For the Electrical and Computer Engineering PE Exam (Power) Five Sample Exams 2nd Edition by Cory Lanza (Some writing and circled answers throughout) $15 NESC 2012 Spiralbound (worked perfect for me during October 2019 exam!) $15 The Electrical Engineer's Guide to Passing the Power PE Exam by Alexander S. Graffeo (Writing throughout and blank sheets at the end are completely filled with formulas and notes) $30 Complex Imaginary Electrical Code Drill Book 2nd. Edition (Writing on first 6 pages) $10 Power Sample Exams for the Electrical and Computer PE Exam by John A. Camara $15 Power Practice Problems for the Electrical and Computer PE Exam by John A. Camara $15 Study Guide for PE Electrical and Computer Power Exam by Wasim Asghar (answers to practice problems are circled) $20 The Ultimate Electrical Engineering Training Manual for the Power PE Exam by Tony Watson (answers are circled) $20 Power System Analysis & Design by J. Duncan Glover $25 ShoreBrook PE Power Power Practice $10 (Some writing and circled answers) KAPLAN PE Power Electrical Engineering License Review Study Guide by Howard A. Smolleck (very minor highlighting) $10 KAPLAN Electrical Engineering 360 Problems & Solutions for the PE Exam 2nd Edition by Edward Karalis (pencil writing throughout) $10 KAPLAN PE Power Electrical Engineering Sample Exam by Thyagarajan Srinivasan $10 Electrical Engineering Sample Examinations for the Power, Electrical and Electronics, and Computer PE Exams by John A. Camara $15 Electrical Engineering Quick Reference for the Power, Electrical and Electronics, and Computer PE Exams by John A. Camara $15
  3. Topic says it all... what references/articles do you have in your binder? Paralleling Transformers: MVA Method: NEMA Enclosure Types: Grounding: Resistance Grounding:|Resistance-Gro|generic Insulation Testing: Lightning Arresters:|Arresters|generic From Wikipedia, I only have the article on variable frequency drives so far. I also have IEEE C37.2 for the list of device/function numbers.
  4. Good morning all. I received the green "Pass" for my Power PE exam this morning, so I'm ready to release the write-up of my experience. I will reply to this with an attached PDF for those who want a simple 2-page print-out (the site isn't letting me attach it here). Hoping this is a help to you future test-takers! As a side note, I took (for the first time) and passed the FE exam earlier this year. I have a write-up for that in the FE forum. My Therapist Said I Should Do This for Closure (Joking) I did a lot of research before prepping for the Power PE exam, and many of my resource choices came from input of others in this forum. Thanks everyone! For you future Power PE exam takers prepping, here is an overview of my resources, study plans, and experience (don’t worry – no prohibited exam info in here): Resources Custom 4” binder (had this out and used for ~70% of questions on the exam) Printouts from all sections in Electrical PE Review premium course. Handwritten and typed additional notes and formulas Random articles I expected to be useful (including FE Handbook sections) GRAFFEO’s book (out a few times during the exam) 2014 NEC (whichever version applies to your exam is a must-have) PRM (Camara) (used a few times on the exam) 2017 NESC (no brainer, even though it makes up a small percentage of the exam) Electrical Machines and Drives (Wildi) (fantastic book – out a few times during the exam) Power System Analysis and Design (Glover) (may not be the best book, but I used it in school and it has some helpful sequence network, 3-phase analysis, and transmission model information) (out a few times during the exam) Power System Analysis (Grainger) (usually my go-to for power flow and sometimes transmission) NCEES Practice Exam (was helpful for exam prep) CI volumes 2-4 (was helpful for improving exam-style question speed – does not cover all topics) Spin-Up (was somewhat helpful for exam prep – very simplified questions) I took some extra references with me to the exam, but did not include them on the list since I didn’t use them or see them as worthwhile. Study Plans 6 Months Out: Started researching resources and other engineers’ experiences with study prep. I mostly did this on forums and with engineers at work. 4 Months Out Avoided any practice exams. Purchased and went through Graffeo’s book (except exam). Started typing out custom notes/formulas pages broken down by the NCEES “Power Exam Specifications.” I used Graffeo and PRM as my primary sources for this. Hit rotating machinery and realized a class might be a good idea. Previewed some rotating machinery notes from Electrical PE Review (EPR)…decided to go with that as my class. Signed up for the premium class at the end of the month. 3 Months Out Created binder tabs for each section in the EPR course. Pre-printed everything so I could highlight and take notes as I went through the course and videos. This was a good move…by the end of the course, I generally knew right where to go in my custom book for common formulas and question types. I probably made it through the course in ~100 hours (others would be much faster/slower depending on what they intend to get out of it). There are 100’s of pertinent quiz questions and many helpful videos. I feel like I saved weeks of my life by not having to create more formula sheets and not having to run through tons of questions that would not have been pertinent to the exam. 2.5 Months Out Started taking one practice exam per weekend: Complex Imaginary (CI) Graffeo 2 Months Out Took the NCEES Practice Exam…didn’t cry (high 80’s) Fell into a big project at work that consumed most of the rest of the next two weeks Worked Spin-Up problems here-and-there. Tabbed the heck out of my references. 1.5 Months Out Through Test Day Breezed through all the EPR courses again. Started over on the ‘1-practice exam per-weekend’ cycle. Watched and/or participated in the EPR live classes. Printed articles and just tried to patch holes in my knowledge. Test Day Experience Got a hotel room the night before for fear of a flat tire keeping me from making it on time. Packed a lunch the morning of the exam and packed in coffee and a couple of CLIF bars. Got to the exam site 30 minutes before doors opened (I was not the first there). Took the morning section and found it played to my weaknesses. Had most questions done in 3-hours. Spent the remaining time on a few of the harder questions and checking answers. I use the multi-pass testing approach. For me, this means: with exception of NEC questions, do all questions requiring minimal or no look-ups on first time through (~60%); do all NEC questions on second time through (~20%); do hardest questions 3rd/4th time through (~20%). Felt pretty confident on 30/40. I’m guessing I got 75-85% on the morning. Side Note - I recommend not going in dehydrated – plan for one restroom break. It cost me less than 5 minutes. Had lunch in my car and just hung out until the doors opened for the afternoon section. Took the afternoon section and found it played to my strengths. Had most questions done in 3-hours. Spent the remaining time on a couple of harder questions and checking answers. Felt pretty confident on 35/40. I’m guessing I got 80-90% on the afternoon. As I write this, that experience was yesterday…I won’t know if I passed for several weeks. I will say I felt fairly well prepared. For what it is worth, I feel like a better engineer for the study and experience; now I am ready to move on! Hope not to see any of you in six months…then this really is closure! Good luck in the future, everyone.
  5. The State of North Dakota is looking for a Water Resource Engineer 1 and 3 located in the Bismarck office. I will be working with the new hires and would like the best applicants available as it makes my work life more enjoyable. Consider this a public service announcement, and feel free to message me with any comments or questions. Job would be at the State Water Commission located in Bismarck, North Dakota. Link to the Posting: or I actually found this forum this spring as i was taking my PE test for the first time and i am happy to announce that i have passed the water resource exam on the first attempt.
  6. When I took the PE exam, I wasted a lot of money buying references and books that I didn't really need or that weren't much use to me so I have a good idea of what you are thinking: I sympathize with a lot of you because of what I went through, and since I've been seeing this question come up a lot recently I decided to spend a great deal of time and effort writing a detailed review of what I think are some of the very best references worth spending money on and more importantly: why. You can read the high-level summary of the article by skimming the detailed list below, or you can jump to the very end of the post where I linked to the article if you want to read the details of why I ranked these the way I did so that you can decide for yourself if they are a good match for your study style and worth the time and additional pocket money. There are a lot of key details I left out of the below summary to make this post as short as possible. Remember that This subject will always be a debate, and for good reason too. Everyone has their own unique study style and click better with some books over others. It is a highly personalized experience and that's why it is so important to do your research so you that you don't waste money on a dud. Here they are: The Texas Instruments Ti-36X Pro Scientific Calculator - Because you are going to have a hard time solving any questions without a good calculator at your side The NCEES PE Electrical and Computer: Power Practice Exam - Because it comes straight from the horses mouth. It should be your first step. National Electrical Code Handbook 2017 by NFPA - Because it doesn't matter how good you are at solving math problems, you won't get any code related questions correct if you can't look up the specified tables or articles. The Handbook over the code book because of the extra diagrams, pictures, and explanations that make understanding the more difficult code sections easier. An Online Review Course - Because you don't want to waste time trying to understand the details of every nuanced topic without a course guiding the way. We think our online course is one of the very best but there are many to choose from and enough information out there to pick the one that is right for you, you decide. Tie - Spin Up and Complex Imaginary Complete Set - While there are pros and cons to both such as getting repetitive in certain topics, both have a high enough volume and variety that it will keep you busy for the majority of your time studying and prepare you for the majority of questions The Electrical Engineer’s Guide to Passing the Power PE Exam, Alexander Graffeo - The "Swiss Army Knife" of review books, but lacking in the number of practice problems. Combine with Spin up or Complex Imaginary for a great combo. Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Systems, Theodore Wildi - By far our absolute favorite book. You know all of those hard to study for, conceptual questions that can come from out in left field? This is book is fantastic at answering them. This book slays any questions dealing with transformers and motors/generators like a hot knife through butter. Also plenty of practice problems at the end of each chapter. Power System Analysis, Grainger, Stevenson - Our second favorite book. Fantastic diagrams for the harder to understand theory such as phasor diagrams and symmetrical components. Plenty of practice problems at the end of each chapter. IEEE National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) - Because you are leaving points on the board if you don't have the book to answer the few NESC questions that will appear It goes without saying that many of these books are expensive and you likely have already spent a good deal on registering for the exam. If you want to know more details and take a look at an in-depth review of each so that you don't waste your money and invest in the references that are right for you, then read the full-length article that this post is based off of: Electrical PE Review - Recommended References and Resources for the Electrical Power PE Exam I'd be happy to answer any question about each one. And feel free to add to the list below if you think I left out any that I shouldn't have, looking foward to the debate of this topic that is often never agreed upon
  7. For those preparing for the Civil PE Exam ... checkout for a list of resources like books, classes, calculators and more.
  8. I found this link of free resources for the Environmental PE Exam and was wondering if anyone used any of these resources for the exam and found them to be useful.
  9. Civil PE Exam Resources ( has a list of books, classes, videos, and other resources to help you prepare for the Civil PE Exam!
  10. CivilPeExam.Com categorizes some of the most popular books, videos and classes used to prepare for the Civil PE Examination. If you know of any good references not already on the site, add a comment below, or comment here. I hope this helps!
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