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  1. Hey guys, I am selling my books, practice problems, practice exams, and small amount of review videos for those of you taking the PE exam with Construction as the Depth portion. I used most of these items for the April and October 2019 test. The items I have for sale are: Book - Civil EngineeringManual 15th Edition - Michael Lindeburg, P.E. Book- Quick Reference for Civil Engineer PE Exam 4th Ed. - Michael Lindeburg, P.E. Book - Construction Module Practice Problems 2nd Edition - Ruwan Rajapakse, P.E. Book - 6 min solutions GEOTECH with answers Book - 6 min solution STRUCTURAL Book - 6 min solutions TRANSPORTATION Book - 6 min solutions WATER RESOURCES Book - Mike's Civil PE Exam Guide Morning Session with answers Book - 101 solved civil engineering problems 4th Edition- Michael Lindeburg P.E. Book - Practice Problems for the Civil Engineering PE Exam A companion to the CERM 8th Edition - Michael Lindeburg P.E. Book - Practice Problems for the Civil Engineering PE Exam A companion to the CERM 14th Edition - Michael Lindeburg P.E. Reference Material - ACI 347 Guide to Formwork for Concrete Reference Material - ASCE 7-10 Minimum Design Load for Buildings Reference Material - ASCE 37-02 Design Loads on Structures During Construction Reference Material - AWC DA6 Beam Design Formulas with Shear and Moment Diagrams Reference Material - OSHA 29 CFR Practice Exam - Morning and Afternoon w/ Solutions 240 questions Practice Exam - 5 AM Practice Exams (2008 - 2017) Practice Exam - NCEES Construction AM and PM with answers Practice Exam - NCEES Geotechnical AM and PM with answers Along with Test Master Complete Volume and ASCE Sessions! PM me if you would like additional info!!
  2. NESC 2017 $155 Contact for faster response
  3. ChrisM


    Here are some heavily discounted PE books compared to buying from AASHTO or others. They are a must bring to the exam. Helped me pass my exam!
  4. Hi, I had a question on section 2 (Part B) of the reference/engagement form. I know that I don't see the references' responses for this section, but I was just curious to see how much them not checking every single box affects your chances of getting your application received and approved by the CA board? Ex. checking everything but code/regulatory knowledge, etc. Thanks!
  5. I'm now applying for Civil PE registration in CA (I have all my qualifying experience). One year of my qualifying experience was in MA under a licensed Environmental PE. Obviously Environmental is a subset of Civil, but since there's a specific Environmental PE title in MA, I'm concerned about whether his reference will be valid for my civil app here in CA. From the CA PE application FAQ, for an applicant seeking registration as a civil PE, "all references must be licensed engineers authorized to practice civil engineering." From the Code of Massachusetts Regulations 250 CMR 5.01(3) "Engineering Registrants must restrict engineering practice to areas of competence based upon their education and experience qualifications." The way I read this, if my former boss is competent to practice civil engineering in MA, he's a valid reference for my CA civil PE app. Do I need to have him write a letter in addition to stamping my engagement form stating the above to the CA Board? I'm applying my Master's Degree in Civil Engineering as part of my qualifying experience. CA states that a reference is required for all qualifying experience. Does that mean that my grad school professors registered as PE's can serve as qualifying references for me? Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any help you choose to give me!
  6. Hello, I have passed my PE construction exam and barely touched this book. Crazy expensive online for over $200. I am selling for $175 with free shipping at the below ebay link:
  7. I'm selling materials that came in handy for me for studying for the PE Environmental Engineering exam. I took the exam in April 2017. They are all in good condition with limited markings. Handbook of Environmental Engineering Calculations by Lee and Lin: $15.00 Fundamentals of Air Quality Systems by Noll: $25 PE Environmental Engineering License Review Manual by Brightwood: $60 PE Environmental Engineering practice exam by NCEES: $30 Practice Problems for Environmental Engineering PE Exam, 3rd Edition by Lindeburg: $60 Environmental Engineering Solved Problems, 3rd edition by Schneiter: $40 Environmental Engineering Practice PE Exams, 3rd edition by Schneiter: 40 Payment can be made by PayPal and I will not charge extra for shipping. If someone is interested in purchasing all of them, I will give a $20 discount on the sum of all the items (i.e. all items for $250!!)
  8. Hi, I do have the following book for sale; I bought it for my October 2017 PE Transportation Exam. The book is used but like new conditions. Transportation Depth Reference Manual for the Civil PE Exam (Paperback) - Printing number 3 of Edition 1 (June 2015) I want only 130$ all inclusive (you don't have to pay for shipping, it 's free shipping to anywhere in Canada or US) You can contact me on my email:
  9. I am looking for suggestions from people who took PE Exam (Transportation) and can point me to the right direction. It turned out the only hard copy of Highway Capacity Manual I have is way outdated. I have a pdf, but I am not looking to print the entire HCM mainly because I will not be comfortable with in on the exam since I never use it. What topics or what chapters are a must of Transportation PE exam? My head is full and I cannot think straight. I tool PE exam last time, but don't recall anything specificly associated with HCM, so I am lost now. I am almost done with my AM portion and moving to PM now and want to make sure I have everything I need (hard copy) for the exam. Printing only applicable to PE Exam material will help me a lot, so your thought and help is greatly appreciated!
  10. I finally heard back from California board today (FYI - the check got cashed 3/22, yes...over four months ). Looks like everything went through except for my references. It states that my references are not licensed in state where the project was located. My situation: I work in the nuclear industry as a civil engineer. It is not required to be licensed in the state where the plant is located to complete the design work, neither do I live in those states. Therefore, most of my co-workers have licenses from different states. It is possible (will a lot of work and money) for me to get references from the states that are California is requiring, but I am confused if I need to get 4 all new references (especially since my supervisor has an out-of-state license). And I am dealing with 2 different states that I have done work for. Do I get one from each state? Do I just need one reference from each one of the states? Does my supervisors count as 1 out of the 4 references? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, as the board made clear that I am not allowed to call or email them upon receiving this bright pink rejection letter.
  11. Hello, I'm looking to track down a copy of Steven Hiner's Seismic Design Review workbook, 2009 IBC version. Does anybody have a copy they are willing to sell? Mr. Hiner told me that he no longer sells the old version. Thanks!
  12. If anyone can help me, it is much appreciated. I contacted the board and their answer was very vague and I don't want to have my application kicked back. Here is my situation: I graduated in Dec. 2014 with my master's in civil engineering. After graduation I worked at a construction project management firm where I was not doing design work (no qualifying experience). After that, I was hired as a civil engineer. I have been at this company for currently 18 months (enough qualifying experience to apply in California). I have been on the same project for 18 months, with the same supervisor. All of my other references will be co-workers that I work side by side with. 1) Do I have to write about the non-qualifying experience in Section 2 of the application, or should I just mention it in the blank space below? It says there should be no gaps except for unemployment. Again, it was not under a licensed PE and does not make sense to me if I have to get a reference from my previous supervisor. And as it says on Section 2 of Engagement Summary and References, "All the names of your reference must be listed on this page". If I have to write my old job as engagement 2 and list my old supervisor, do I have to use them as a reference? 2) Does the qualifying experience (18 months) only get listed under my current supervisor's engagement form/section of the application? i.e. Do I put 0 months under my other references? FYI, this was the board's reply, " The engagement record portion of the forms must be completed in sufficient detail to allow the Board to determine that the nature and the extent of the engineering work claimed to have been performed by the applicant has indeed been qualifying . " Thanks for the clarification California... Thank you.
  13. how is everyone coming up with the books you plan on bringing? I contacted NCEES and they say there is no list whatsoever for this exam. So how do you know what to bring?
  14. how is everyone coming up with the books you plan on bringing? I contacted NCEES and they say there is no list whatsoever for this exam. So how do you know what to bring?
  15. Hey guys (and girls) One of the most often corrected mistakes I make for students taking my online Electrical Power review course is for leading and lagging circuits. Specifically, when to make the current angle either positive or negative for a leading or lagging system power factor. Students get really frustrated when they do everything right but end up with the wrong answer all for a pesky negative sign on a phase angle! So I decided to make a cheat that you can print out and take with you to the PE exam to avoid any costly mistakes. Leading and lagging is really simple. I don't know about the rest of you, but I really enjoy visual guides. They help me understand concepts. They also seem to really make things stick and turn confusing topics into intuitive ones. Anyways, to download and print out the visual guide cheat sheet, click on the link below. Leading and Lagging Cheat Sheet! By Electrical PE Review Enjoy. Let me know if you'd like to see anything added to it, or even better, if there are any other topics you could use a cheat sheet for. Zach Stone, P.E.
  16. ...just kidding with the dramatic cry for help. But I do have a question for the PE-knowledgeable: what is an "engagement," with respect to the CA Civil PE Engagement Record and Reference Form? It was explained to me this morning at work that you need 4+ engagements, each with an associated reference, but that they can all take place in the same job under the same employer. Therefore the employment dates can be the same for all 4 engagements (in my case, just over 2 years of employment). Only the "total time worked" and "qualifying work" will be shorter, and specific to each engagement. I've gotten mixed messages elsewhere, so... Is that correct? Thanks!
  17. I am applying for the California Civil PE. I am trying to fill out my Engagement Record form. I am confused what to put in the "Description of Engineering Decisions Made" section. There seems to be some overlap between what is good for civil engineers to say vs what is good for mechanical engineers to say. E.g. piping outside of a building is civil engineering but piping inside of a building is mechanical engineering. Since I am applying for the CIVIL PE, what "Engineering Decisions" are considered civil (to be clear, this is general civil, NOT traffic, structural, or geotechnical). - Is sizing pumps civil? Is choosing flow meters civil? Any suggestions? Thank you!
  18. Hello All: I am a new member. I would love some advise as to how I can tackle this monster (PE). A little background, this is my second attempt at the PE. The first time I took it, due to unforeseen events I was not able to study or get a refund so I showed up with the Camara PE Reference Manual, NCEES Sample Exam, Complex Imaginary Vol 3, Stevenson Power System Analysis, NEC. I failed. This time around I put in 100+ hours of studying, and got a similar score. I don't know where to start, I stare at my diagnostic in shock. 45/80. Thank you.
  19. Just passed the 2015 October PE 8 hours in CA with Construction Module on my first try, I wanna share some of my experience and hopefully it gonna work for yall. On the morning session, I have a feeling that some of the problems are kind of different style to what I did when preparing. I am not saying they are difficult to solve, most of the problems didn’t have complicated calculations, more preferable on definition understanding. But the essential part is you have to know the keyword of the question and locate them in CERM in minutes. You don’t need review the CERM page by page but at least being familiar with what’s included in each chapter and session. I highly recommended Civil Breath Reference Manual by Dr. Shahin A. Mansous, that’s the one I opened most frequently during the exam, most of the basic and typical definition and formula are included, they are more organized and easily read. It’s a good book for review at starting point, the sample problems are not that difficult but they could help to better understand the definition on your initial review stage. Whenever I complete one chapter on Mansour’s book, I would go through the same chapter on CERM and All in One PE by Indranil, to figure out the common content and difference. Actually I felt more confidence and comfortable on the afternoon session, most of the problems are very typical and similar types to what I have done when preparing. Still recommend Mansour’s Construction Module book for afternoon session. To be frank, it deserves every penny I paid for that. The content in this book is very concise and provides an obvious chapter outline based on the review list provided by NCEES, also an excellent tool book in your exam. Actually I use Mansour’ Breath Reference and Construction Module as main tool books for both morning and afternoon sessions, and get the additional supplement knowledge from CERM and ALL in One for morning session; Formwork 374 is extreme important for afternoon session, it goona provide you detailed explanations on form pressure, bracing procedure and quality inspection issue. It took me almost 6 week to complete the first round review and during this period I only did sample problems in reference book. When it comes to my second round, I started doing practice problems with time counting. Whenever I met a new definition or calculation formula, I would go back to Mansur’s, CERM or All in one to locate and familiarize the knowledge. The more practice you did, the more breath knowledge you know, more chances you would meet same type problems in real exam. And remember to bring all code listed on your afternoon module from NCEES, you should never expect it won’t be used in real exam. Below is the list of the reference book I used for preparation. Except Six solution and Practice Problems for Civil Engineering PE Exam by Lindeburg, I did all the others in another six weeks before exam. Once you get enough practice problems, you definitely would know which are typically basic problem types because they are frequently appeared in each practices. Hope my experience could help your guys gals to prepare the exam and be free to contact if you got any doubt. 1)CONSTRUCTION DEPTH PRACTICE EXAM - Beth Lin 5 Star recommended, very helpful and typical for construction 2) Construction Depth Reference Manual for the Civil PE Exam - Thomas Korman 3 Star, not that useful as I expected 3) Pass the Civil Professional Engineering (P. E. ) Exam Guide Book – Tenaya 5 stars for morning practice, very typical 4) Practice Exams for the Civil PE Examination : Two Practice Exams- INDRANIL GOSWAMI 4 stars for morning practice 5) Construction Depth Practice Exam and Assessment Guide - Mark DeSantis 5 stars for construction, similar style to NCEES 6) PE Civil Engineering : Construction Practice Exam –NCEES 2014 must-buy 7) PE Civil Engineering : Construction Practice Exam –NCEES 2010 must-buy 8) Six-Minute Solutions for Civil PE Exam Construction Problems by Elaine Huang 3 stars, too difficult and time-consuming, problems old style 9) Practice Problems for Civil Engineering PE Exam - Michael R. Lindeburg 3 stars, problems too complicated, focus too much on calculation I also did the practice problems from All-in-one and Mansour's practice book, both of them become little difficult than real exam, but very helpful source especially the All-in-one. I did not make binders to categorize all problems did, because in real exam, you won't have too much time to recall and locate where the problem previously did and its too tie-consuming. Tab these these typical formulas and tables when review, it would save your time a lot.
  20. Hi, I have the following Power PE prep books for sale: 1. Power Reference Manual for the Electrical and Computer PE Exam Condition: Excellent, except Lighting chapter where there are some highlights Price: $140 + shipping ($197 on Amazon) 2. Spin-Up for the Electrical and Computer Engineering PE Exam (Power) Condition: Excellent Price: $65 + shipping ($119 on Amazon) 3. NCEES Sample Questions and Solutions Condition: Good (some handwritten notes in the solutions section) Price: $25 + shipping ($64 on Amazon) 4. Complex Imaginary Practice Exams (vol 1, 2, 3, 4) and Code Drill Book Condition: Older version (2011-2012), with some errors. Price: Free with purchase of #1, or #2 and #3. Please PM me if you're interested.
  21. Hi, I'm selling my exam prep books for the Mech PE exam (after taking the Oct 2015 exam). Thankfully I will never have to look at these books again! Here's a link to the ebay auction, grab yourself a bargain. Cheers and good luck future exam takers!
  22. $30 BOB'S RIGGING & CRANE HANDBOOK THE HOISTING TRIANGLE SEVENTH EDITION- Like new $15 2010 PE Civil : Construction Sample Questions and Solutions by NCEES Staff - fair condition used with answers circles. AM and PM questions $25 Project Management for Engineering and Construction by Garold D. Oberlender (2000, Hardcover) ISBN: 9780070393608 - good condition. $90 Construction Depth Reference Manual for the Civil PE Exam by Thomas Korman (2011, Paperback) ISBN:9781591263487- like new a few highlights. $75 Civil PE Construction Module 4th [Paperback] [2010] (Author) Ruwan Rajapakse PE CCM CCE AVS, Ruwan Rajapakse - like new has highlights. $75 Civil PE Construction Module Practice Problems [Paperback] [2010] (Author) Ruwan Rajapakse PE CCM CCE AVS, Ruwan Rajapakse - like new has highlights. $75 Six-Minute Solutions for Civil PE Exam Construction Problems by Elaine Huang (2012, Paperback) ISBN: 9781591263708 good condition problems worked. Has AM and PM. $130 318-08: Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary - new. $20 Design Loads on Structures During Construction : SEI/ASCE Standard No. 37-02. ISBN: 9780784406182 -new. $50 National Design Specification (NDS) for Wood Construction-ASD/LRFD 2005 : With Commentary and Supplement: Design Values for Wood Construction by Natfo and Adams. ISBN: 9780962598593 ALL BOOKS AS LISTED OR BEST OFFER. SHIPPING: ITEMS USUALLY SHIP WITHIN 6 - 10 BUSINESS DAYS.
  23. This is for California PE application. If this his been addressed elsewhere, please help me out. I have 4 jobs of varying responsibility, so I have 4 engagements. The same supervisor existed at 2 of the engagements, so he will be my reference twice. I have 3 different people (supervisors) covering my time. I have a consulting engineer that I worked closely with at my current engagement that I would like to include as well. Am i correct that both reference forms for this time period would have the same engagement number (i.e. 1). For example, this current engagement has is 16 months long so far, but my time with this consulting engineer is 13 months. Do i have two engagement forms, one 16 months, one 13 months overlapping? Thank you in advance
  24. I apologize if this topic has been covered previously. I read the previous posts, but I would appreciate any advice for my situation specifically. I have 28 months of engineering experience with one employer. During this time, I rotated in a rotation program under 6 different supervisors; all possess a PE license. The instructions for the CA PE Application make it clear that I should consider the entire 28 months as Engagement 1, since I did not have a change in employer or position. Each supervisor is in charge of a different design group, so the work varies and is unique to each group. My question: for the 6 "Engagement Record and Reference" forms, should I provide unique descriptions of work for each supervisor? Or, should all of the descriptions remain the same since all of my supervisors will be grouped under Engagement 1? Alternatively, would it be better to consider the time under each supervisor as a different engagement, each with a unique work description, even though I have worked for the same company the whole time?
  25. What reference materials should I plan on bringing to the exam? I have: CERM CERM problems manual All-in-One by Goswami A dictionary I plan on having only 1 milk crate full of books. Is it really necessary to have the Metcalf and Eddy wastewater 4th Ed that many our talking about or can I use another reference?
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