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Found 13 results

  1. Everyone, I've seen a lot of posts all over the place from people studying for the upcoming exam. I thought it would be a good idea to get an April 2020 thread started for everyone to ask questions, share resources and provide knowledge all in one place. @BebeshKing @MEtoEE @SparkyBill @pigking8190 @SCU2019 @wiliki @daydreambeliever @Crimsonwar @akyip If you know of anyone else that is studying, feel free to tag them.
  2. Practicing and preparing is key to passing the PE Civil exam. School of PE has some exam tips that will help you pass the exam and begin your career as a professional engineer. 1. Schedule Study Time One of the easiest ways to ensure you are prepared for the exam is to create a study schedule. Dedicating a set amount of time each day for exam review will allow you to make consistent progress in your preparation. Even 15 minutes per day can keep you focused on learning all of the material you need for the exam. 2. Exam Reference Materials Create a binder with color-coded tabs and fill it with essential reference materials so you can promptly access any information you need during the exam. You do not want to waste valuable time searching through excessive material you brought to the exam. 3. Engineering Math and Calculator Functionality Take time ahead of the exam to make sure your calculator is NCEES approved. Consider taking a refresher course on calculator functionality to ensure you are prepared on exam day. Also, consider taking a basic engineering math course to make sure you have mastered the fundamentals. 4. Get Plenty of Rest Sleep is a crucial part of preparing for the PE Civil exam. Getting a full night’s rest the night before will boost your concentration during the eight-hour session, lowering the risk of losing focus and performing poorly. 5. Take a Review Course Even when the exam date is approaching, there is still time to attend a review course. School of PE offers a Bootcamp OnDemand review course to give students relevant materials and valuable resources in a time crunch. School of PE hopes you find these tips useful. Check out our review courses to take your studying efforts to the next level.
  3. Scenario: You walk into your first PE exam. Although you're a little nervous, and perhaps a bit queasy, you still feel like you're ready to dominate the next 8 hours. You've brought a suitcase of your reference materials, brought your brand-new approved calculator that arrived at your doorstep yesterday (perfect timing), and made sure you stayed up until 2 a.m. to ensure that you went over every last detail in your notes before going to sleep. About halfway through the exam, you realize that you're starting to lose energy. “How am I going to make it through the next four hours?” you think. You've completed 40 questions, and although you spent around 15 minutes trying to figure out how to do a specific problem on your calculator, you feel like you can't be too behind. Once you only have 30 minutes left in the exam, you start to panic. You have 10 questions left and have no idea how you will have enough time to finish them all. _____________________ The above scenario is representative of many examinees who made a few vital mistakes during their last-minute exam preparation. Are you getting ready to take a PE exam, whether it be a CBT in the next few weeks, or a pencil and paper exam next October? As you prepare, it's important to understand best practices for taking an NCEES exam. As an exam review course provider, we get the chance to talk to many students who have taken the exam before, many who have shared their biggest regrets while taking their chosen PE exam. Whether you are taking the PE exam for the first time or second time, we've listed some of the most common mistakes below. Check them out to ensure that you will avoid them all when taking the PE exam, which will increase the likelihood of you passing! School of PE 1. Spending too much time on a question Many first-time exam takers of the PE exam may have issues with time management. On a typical PE exam, an examinee is given 8 hours to complete 80 questions. So, each question generally should get 6 minutes dedicated to it. If you find yourself struggling with a question, simply skip it and move on to the next question and come back to that question later. A great way to manage your time is to bring a stopwatch (make sure to turn the sound off) or wristwatch to the exam to keep time with. 2. Not getting enough sleep It’s completely understandable that many people want to cram the night before an exam. As tempting as that may sound, staying up too late will be detrimental to your exam performance. If you don’t get enough sleep, after a few hours of taking the exam, you’ll most likely run out of stamina and will not be able to think clearly as needed. The night before the exam, make sure to get 7-8 hours of sleep. Feel free to look over your notes and reference materials an hour or two before going to bed, as this will help with memory consolidation. 3. Getting caught up in your confidence This tip is extremely important and following it can be a clear line of passing versus failing the PE exam. Even if you were a straight A student in school and have a great grasp on a majority of engineering concepts, taking the time to prepare for each topic that is on NCEES’ exam specifications will help refresh things you may have forgotten otherwise. Trust us, if you think you can pass the PE exam without studying, chances are you are wrong. Taking an exam review course that covers every topic is a great strategy to make sure you feel comfortable with every possible topic that may appear on the exam. 4. Packing too many reference materials Yes, NCEES allows you to bring suitcases full of reference materials for pencil and paper exams. Should you do it? Maybe, maybe not. It all truly depends on your organization of your binders and books so that you don’t spend valuable time during the exam trying to find something in your reference materials. Our suggestion: print out organized, consolidated notes written by our PE instructors, which will provide you everything you need to reference during the exam. 5. Not learning how to use your calculator We get it- some people have favorite models of calculators which may not be on NCEES’ approved calculator list. Make sure to look at the approved list a few months in advance of taking your exam so that you can not only ensure you get an approved model in time, but also so that you can learn how to use that calculator. Not sure where to start when learning how to use a new calculator? Finding a free calculator training tutorial should do the trick! School of PE for the best Exam Prep!
  4. Selling all 6 volumes of the Testmasters review course. The books are from the spring 2018 class. I took the course in Houston and thankfully was able to pass the exam. The books have content on the topic followed by review problems along with the solutions. Only wrote on 2 pages in volume 3. Selling them for $200 OBO. Will only accept PayPal. Will ship same day. Let me know if you have any questions regarding the books. If you send me your email address I can send you pictures of the books. Volume 1: Water Resources & Environmental I Volume 2: Water Resources & Environmental II Volume 3: Transportation I Volume 4: Transportation II Volume 5: Structures & Geotechnical Volume 6: Construction
  5. Good morning all. I received the green "Pass" for my Power PE exam this morning, so I'm ready to release the write-up of my experience. I will reply to this with an attached PDF for those who want a simple 2-page print-out (the site isn't letting me attach it here). Hoping this is a help to you future test-takers! As a side note, I took (for the first time) and passed the FE exam earlier this year. I have a write-up for that in the FE forum. My Therapist Said I Should Do This for Closure (Joking) I did a lot of research before prepping for the Power PE exam, and many of my resource choices came from input of others in this forum. Thanks everyone! For you future Power PE exam takers prepping, here is an overview of my resources, study plans, and experience (don’t worry – no prohibited exam info in here): Resources Custom 4” binder (had this out and used for ~70% of questions on the exam) Printouts from all sections in Electrical PE Review premium course. Handwritten and typed additional notes and formulas Random articles I expected to be useful (including FE Handbook sections) GRAFFEO’s book (out a few times during the exam) 2014 NEC (whichever version applies to your exam is a must-have) PRM (Camara) (used a few times on the exam) 2017 NESC (no brainer, even though it makes up a small percentage of the exam) Electrical Machines and Drives (Wildi) (fantastic book – out a few times during the exam) Power System Analysis and Design (Glover) (may not be the best book, but I used it in school and it has some helpful sequence network, 3-phase analysis, and transmission model information) (out a few times during the exam) Power System Analysis (Grainger) (usually my go-to for power flow and sometimes transmission) NCEES Practice Exam (was helpful for exam prep) CI volumes 2-4 (was helpful for improving exam-style question speed – does not cover all topics) Spin-Up (was somewhat helpful for exam prep – very simplified questions) I took some extra references with me to the exam, but did not include them on the list since I didn’t use them or see them as worthwhile. Study Plans 6 Months Out: Started researching resources and other engineers’ experiences with study prep. I mostly did this on forums and with engineers at work. 4 Months Out Avoided any practice exams. Purchased and went through Graffeo’s book (except exam). Started typing out custom notes/formulas pages broken down by the NCEES “Power Exam Specifications.” I used Graffeo and PRM as my primary sources for this. Hit rotating machinery and realized a class might be a good idea. Previewed some rotating machinery notes from Electrical PE Review (EPR)…decided to go with that as my class. Signed up for the premium class at the end of the month. 3 Months Out Created binder tabs for each section in the EPR course. Pre-printed everything so I could highlight and take notes as I went through the course and videos. This was a good move…by the end of the course, I generally knew right where to go in my custom book for common formulas and question types. I probably made it through the course in ~100 hours (others would be much faster/slower depending on what they intend to get out of it). There are 100’s of pertinent quiz questions and many helpful videos. I feel like I saved weeks of my life by not having to create more formula sheets and not having to run through tons of questions that would not have been pertinent to the exam. 2.5 Months Out Started taking one practice exam per weekend: Complex Imaginary (CI) Graffeo 2 Months Out Took the NCEES Practice Exam…didn’t cry (high 80’s) Fell into a big project at work that consumed most of the rest of the next two weeks Worked Spin-Up problems here-and-there. Tabbed the heck out of my references. 1.5 Months Out Through Test Day Breezed through all the EPR courses again. Started over on the ‘1-practice exam per-weekend’ cycle. Watched and/or participated in the EPR live classes. Printed articles and just tried to patch holes in my knowledge. Test Day Experience Got a hotel room the night before for fear of a flat tire keeping me from making it on time. Packed a lunch the morning of the exam and packed in coffee and a couple of CLIF bars. Got to the exam site 30 minutes before doors opened (I was not the first there). Took the morning section and found it played to my weaknesses. Had most questions done in 3-hours. Spent the remaining time on a few of the harder questions and checking answers. I use the multi-pass testing approach. For me, this means: with exception of NEC questions, do all questions requiring minimal or no look-ups on first time through (~60%); do all NEC questions on second time through (~20%); do hardest questions 3rd/4th time through (~20%). Felt pretty confident on 30/40. I’m guessing I got 75-85% on the morning. Side Note - I recommend not going in dehydrated – plan for one restroom break. It cost me less than 5 minutes. Had lunch in my car and just hung out until the doors opened for the afternoon section. Took the afternoon section and found it played to my strengths. Had most questions done in 3-hours. Spent the remaining time on a couple of harder questions and checking answers. Felt pretty confident on 35/40. I’m guessing I got 80-90% on the afternoon. As I write this, that experience was yesterday…I won’t know if I passed for several weeks. I will say I felt fairly well prepared. For what it is worth, I feel like a better engineer for the study and experience; now I am ready to move on! Hope not to see any of you in six months…then this really is closure! Good luck in the future, everyone.
  6. Seismic and Surveying Reviews start this weekend! All recordings of class sessions uploaded to the On-Demand! Buy a live class and get the prerecorded On-Demand class! All classes broadcast live on the internet. More information at Seismic review: Surveying Review:
  7. Take advantage of our $200 dollar early registration discount for our Live Online PE Control Systems Exam Course today! Register here.
  8. I'm just starting out on my journey to pass the PE exam. I have a BSCE and MBA and I'm a project manager with a construction management firm and I've already acquired my PMP. I'm working on getting my Certified Construction Manager (CCM) credential this year and at the end of the summer, start to seriously study for the PE exam. I've been fortunate enough over the past two days to buy the CE Construction Bundle from someone who just passed the April exam and inherit some great breadth practice exams. I'm shooting for October 2018 due to balancing career priorities with my husband.
  9. Celebrating our 20th Anniversary, Lowest Prices Ever! Offering 2 for 1*and Huge Promotional Discounts 5% and 10% discount for multiple courses Hundreds of dollars in savings! Live Civil Breadth, Workshop, and Practice Exam 100 hours, 3 books for $850 Live Transportation PM Module,Workshops, AM & PM Exams 86 hours, 4 books for $750 Live Construction PM Module, Workshop, and AM and PM Practice Exams 100 hours, 3 books for $850 Live CA Surveying with Workshop & CBT 55 hours, 3 books for $500 Live CA Seismic with Workshop & CBT 55 hours, 4 books for $500 Our Guaranteed Free Repeat Policy Any participant who doesn’t pass the exam(s) may repeat the same live or on-demand course(s) for free, within ONE YEAR of the initial purchase date. For complete terms and conditions, please read repeat policy on our website We have been honoring our repeat policy for more than 20 years.
  10. I just wanted to touch base with everyone prepping for the April exam. It's been all quite on the home front...a little too quite. Anyways how is you studying progressing, how many hours are you putting in per week, how are you feeling about the material. I am taking EET review for both breadth and depth. The depth is going great. I am putting in the 8 hrs of time for live webinar and roughly 2 hours a day to complete problems so I'm at around 20 hrs a week. I plan to up the weekly time from now on. So far I am feeling somewhat confident with the info I am getting from EET. Any input from previous takers on the amount of time you spent per week would be great also. Thanks!
  11. Hey I just found that beautiful forum while i was searching for some engineering community , I'm new here in manhattan I hope I find a good friends here
  12. They seemed to have not changed the format of the course for the CBT since the 8hr courses are the general topics which in my opinion is a waste the CBT is based on your topic so the 8 hr courses should be your topic not general. The main CBT topics in my case electrical are covered in 3hrs per topic(circuits, controls, electonics, etc) which as you can image is not enough time. I have sent an email to sope to see if they will add extra time for more coverage I have not heard a reply from them yet. Ill keep you guys/gals updated as to what happens.
  13. ************************* ************************* ************************* Excel Test Prep
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