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Found 10 results

  1. Taking the Exam My method of taking the exam was to work problems I knew how to do first. I marked those with an A. Then, when I came across a code question I would mark it with a star, mark questions I think I knew how to do with a B, and mark questions I didn’t know what to do with a C. After going through all the questions answering only the ones I felt good on first, I then went through and worked B questions. If I ended up figuring it out, I changed the B to an A, if I had to make an educated guess I left it as a B. I then worked code questions. If I found the answer, I changed the star to an A, or if I had to make an educated guess I marked it as a B. If I had to blindly guess I marked it with a C. I then went through and worked questions marked with a C. I used the formula A*0.9 + B*0.5 + C*0.25 to get a tentative score (where A, B, and C are the number of questions marked as such). I then spent time working on C's and B's to get them to B's and A's until my score was where I wanted it. I didn't want to go over my original A answers too much, because I didn't want to start second guessing my answers. My target score was 28.75 for each session, or 28.75 / 40 = 72%. Study Dates and Times 12 Wks before - Tu/Sat - 2/3hr 11 Wks before - Tu/Sat - 2/3hr 10 Wks before - Tu/Sat - 2/3hr 9 Wks before - Tu/Sat - 2/3hr 8 Wks before - Tu/Sat - 2/3hr 7 Wks before - Tu/Th/Sat - 2/2/3hr 6 Wks before - Tu/Th/Sat - 2/2/3hr 5 Wks before - Tu/Th/Sat - 2/2/3hr 4 Wks before - Tu/Th/Sat - 2/2/3hr 3 Wks before - Tu/Th/Sat - 2/2/3hr 2 Wks before - Tu/Th/Sat - 2/2/3hr 1 Wk before - Tu/Th/Sat - 2/2/3hr Around 74 hours of total study time. I was pretty rusty when I first started studying since I hadn't really done hand calculations since school. I started off with the Tues/Sat approach to exercise my memory recall. Surprisingly, studying every single day doesn't help with recall, which is very important. During this Tues/Sat split is when the formulas and problem solving processes where solidified. Once I became comfortable with that, I then started working on just cranking out practice problems Tu/Thur/Sat (mainly because these were the only free days I had). Everything I did revolved around practice problems. I never just studied material hoping I would come across it on the exam. If I came across a problem that I didn't know (for example, how torque and slip are related for a motor), I would just spend time studying that specific material until I felt very comfortable with answering the problem, then moved on to the next problem. After I finished working through the Complex Imaginary practice exams (1-4) (during the Tue/Sat split), I started doing "timed" morning/afternoon sessions from other exams on Saturdays. I say "timed" because I didn't spend the whole 4 hours on it. I just worked through each problem once and finished in about 2-3 hours. Then on Tues & Thurs I spent time reviewing only the problems I missed. For example, I would work the morning session of an Eng Pro Guide exam on Saturday, then review my missed problems Tues and Thurs. Then the next Saturday I would do the afternoon session of the exam. Of course, if I finished early on Saturday I would begin work on studying missed problems until I reached 3 hours. During all these I hovered around the 70%-90% range for each Saturday practice session. I made note of where my holes were, and tried to focus on fixing them. One of my biggest holes was calculating voltage drop for single-phase circuits. I would always forget to multiply my R+jX by 2 to account for the return path. I had to develop a habit to stop every time I came across a voltage drop question and ask myself, "Is this single phase?" Your study time may vary. I found that personally, the 2-3 hours was the sweet spot for me to be able to retain information. Some people find longer hours work better, and some may do well with less hours. References Taken to the Exam NEC Indispensable! You will use this a lot. I did not use the handbook version because I was comfortable with just the code since I had to heavily use it in a previous job. I did buy the tabs, though. Those were very helpful. NESC Required. Used for 2-3 problems. NFPA 70E Required. Used for a few problems. NFPA 497, 499, and 30B Required. Used for 1 problem, I think. Electric Machinery and Power System Fundamentals (Chapman) My choice of book for rotating machines. This is the book I used in school, so I was very familiar with the contents and layout. I found the book very helpful for not only preparation, but I also used it during the exam mainly for it’s graphs to answer conceptual questions. Power System Analysis (Saadat) My choice of book for power system analysis. Again, I used this book in school so I was already familiar with it. Used to refresh on per unit and other topics. I don’t remember if I used it much on the exam, but I felt comfortable having it with me. Power System Analysis & Design (Glover) I found this book the week of the exam. I ordered it and received it in the mail the day before I left for the exam. I’m glad I did, because it helped me solve 1 problem. I originally answered the exam question without any references, but during my second-checking, I found I had answered the question incorrectly because of this book. Well worth the money for that one problem! Protective Relaying Principles and Applications (Blackburn) I didn’t use this at all while studying or during the exam. However, it's a good book and the content is very informative. It is more of a masters level book, so it assumes you are already very familiar with basic power concepts. The Electrical Engineer’s Guide to Passing the Power PE Exam (Graffeo) I really like this book, especially for its symmetrical components section. There are also a lot of random formulas for the applications section of the exam (like lighting, batteries, power electronics, etc.) Cram for the Professional Engineer Electrical and Computer Power Exam *Get this book* I found this book about 2 weeks out from the exam. I’m so glad I did! This book is well worth the money (like, $40?). Buy it along with the two practice exams! Reference Sheets Personal Formula Sheet MVA Method Notes ANSI Device Numbers Engineering Economy Formulas Average and Effective Values of Waveforms Reliability Notes TCC Curve Notes Mike Holt NEC Index Open Delta Transformer Notes and Equations Fluke ABCs of DMMs N4L Application Note - 014 3 Phase 2 Wattmeter Power Measurements GE Instrument Transformer Basic Technical Information and Application Substation Bus Schemes Power Factor Correction Multipliers Practice Exams NCEES Practice Exam (Errata) Good, but not as difficult as the real exam. Buy it. Complex Imaginary Exams (Vols. 1-4) Very good for refreshing on more power system analysis questions. Buy it. Cram for the Professional Electrical Engineer and Computer Power Exam (I & II) Very good! Buy these practice exams! The Electrical Engineer’s Guide to Passing the Power PE Exam Sample (From reference book) An odd exam, but every practice exam is helpful. Comes in the reference book. Engineering Pro Guides Final Exam Very similar to the difficulty of the real exam. Buy it. Shoot me a PM if you want a link to my reference sheets listed above.
  2. October 2017 PE results have been released in some states. Also, Sunday marked the completion of this cycle's SE Scoring Workshop. Looks like we can expect SE results as soon as this Friday, December 8. Best of luck everyone!
  3. The start date for the next PE (Civil) Review Course (August - October 2017) is August 15, 2017. 1. You are welcome to use either Goswami’s All In One 3rd edition (2015) or Lindeberg’s CERM as your primary reference. 2. The first 10 lectures (out of 21) of the course will be devoted to AM (breadth) topics, and the following 10 lectures will be devoted to the 5 depth areas. Emphasis will be on problem solving in all the sessions. Approximately 20 problems will be discussed in a typical 3-hour session. 3. Lecture 21 will serve as a capstone review session where ‘last minute’ questions from all 5 subject areas will be discussed. This session will also allow us to address queries about the end-of-course practice exam which will be sent out a week before this session. This has the potential to become a student-led session, where the class participants ask questions (either broad subject based, or specific question based), to be addressed by the instructor. 4. The cost to enroll in the 63-hour course is $900, which can be lowered by $100 if registration is completed early. The anticipated start date is Tuesday February 15, 2017 and the last lecture is scheduled for Tuesday October 24, 2017. The deadline for early registration is June 30, 2017. The PE exam is Friday October 27, 2017. 5. Candidates who are unsuccessful in the PE exam (the one administered immediately following the conclusion of the review sessions) are welcome to attend the next course sessions at no extra charge. 6. All lectures are taught by Dr. Indranil Goswami, who has taught the PE Review for over 15 years. In that time, there have been over 500 successes at an overall passing rate of 80% 7. Course delivery is via live online WEBINARS. The meeting time is Tuesdays and Thursdays 6 pm – 9 pm Eastern Standard Time. Lecture 1 is a Tuesday. So is Lecture 21, which is a capstone review. 8. Lectures will be recorded and archived on Google Plus. Lecture videos are uploaded to Google Plus within 2 hours of completion of the live lecture. Lectures are archived for the duration of the course. Never miss a lecture! 9. Approximately 650 pages of course notes (PDF) are shared with students upon registration. With early registration, you can start your personal review ahead of the course start (recommended). 10. Approximately 300 practice problems (PDF). These are organized into 10 sets – one AM and one PM set or each subject. These are also shared with students upon registration. CONTACT For more information, or to request an enrolment form, contact Dr. Indranil Goswami at COURSE SCHEDULE (21 sessions = 63 hours) Lectures 1-10 (AM topics) AUGUST: 15, 17, 22, 24, 29, 31 SEPTEMBER 5, 7, 12, 14 Lectures 11-20 (PM Topics) SEPTEMBER: 19, 21, 26, 28 OCTOBER: 3, 5, 10, 12, 17, 19 PRACTICE EXAM sent out following OCTOBER 19th lecture LECTURE 21 OCTOBER 27th – Capstone Review – all 5 subject areas COST The enrolment cost for the course is $900. Early registration (before June 30th, 2017) will reduce this fee to $800. Included in this fee are course notes and practice problems as well as a full-length, self-managed practice exam (in the depth area of the candidate’s choice), which is given at the end of the course. REFERENCES The recommended references are Civil Engineering All In One PE Exam Guide, 3rd edition by Indranil Goswami (McGraw Hill, 2015) and/or Civil Engineering Reference Manual, 15th edition by Michael Lindeberg (Professional Publications, 2015). Students are urged to utilize all relevant codes and standards as well as any supplementary materials, particularly for their depth area. PASS GUARANTEE Candidates who are unsuccessful in the PE exam (the one administered immediately following the conclusion of the review sessions) are welcome to attend the next course sessions at no charge. Payment Information Payment may be made via personal check, corporate check or PAYPAL™ (enquire for details).
  4. Hello All, Our prep courses start this July with an offer of *2 for 1*, buy the live or on-demand course and gain access to the other for free. We are celebrating 20 years of service and for that reason we are offering major discounts. Visit for all the information.
  5. North Carolina results are in! I passed Mechanical Sytems & Materials! The NCEES exams are the best to study with. Buy the current one from and find one of the 2008, 1999 ones if you can. Some questions are repeated, but I found them the best practice!
  6. I was informed that NCEES exam registration period for the APR 2017 exam is December 12, 2016 - Feb 23, 2017. Could this mean results will be released this week?
  7. Ok...So........This was my third try at licensure. I took it in Chicago where Continental Testing Services is the protecting entity. When I sat in my seat I noticed that my test card said "Computer Engineering" "I checked the wrong discipline when I registered! . I panicked and told the one of the reps for CTS that I believe I may be taking the wrong exam. They when elsewhere to discuss with I guess whomever was supervising and said they would allow me take the Power as they have one extra exam of each discipline. They wrote my name and ID on the new test book and cross out C.E and wrote in power on the test card. They, also stated they would write up small incident report to submit to the board. I felt very confident about my test this go round as I studied my arse off. HOWEVER, today I was curious and gave NCEES personnel at call to see if my situation would be honored. Their response was something like "Your test with be graded for whatever exam you registered for" this case "Computer Engineering". Major kicked to the face. So I took the Power exam but they are going to grade my scantron sheet as if I took the C.E test!? said that CTS doesn't have authority to change the test. BUT, then went on to say that I need to contact CTS because if anyone can address this situation its them and NOT NCEES, which is confusing...........I emailed someone from CTS and I'm awaiting a response....I'm in EXTREME PANICKED RIGHT NOW.....has anyone heard of a situation like this before
  8. I took the October 2011 FE exam in New Jersey. I was informed by all of my friends in NJ that they received their results last night. But I checked this morning and didn't get my result yet. I contacted the NCEES this morning and they informed me that my result in particular was sent to the NJ State Board for further review. I asked them why? And they said "that is all of the information we can provide to you", and that I need to contact the NJ State Board and they will explain everything to me. So I contacted the NJ State Board, and they said "All of the results sent by NCEES are either Pass or Fail", and that the NCEES should have sent me my result as Pass or Fail. This is ridiculous. Can someone please explain to me why the NCEES put my exam result on hold? Scoring error? Borderline pass-fail? Verification error? They had 8 weeks to grade my exam.
  9. Hi folks, For those of you that passed the October P.E. exam, I am curious to know if you recieved a raise at work? If so, the questions below might be useful for those in a similar boat. Thanks. (1) Did you receive a raise after passing the P.E.? ( Yes / No) (2) If 'yes' to number one, what percentage was your raise based on your base salary? (3) At what type of company do you currently work ( Public / Private )?
  10. Anyone get results from FE for California? I know Texas and Arkansas got their results....
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