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Found 4 results

  1. Wanted to see if anyone in this forum had success using their construction engineering/construction management experience for the NYS PE application using the examples shown on the ASCE guidance ( Engr PE Guide Web.pdf). Thanks.
  2. Sorry if this topic has been discussed before, but I searched through the forums and didn't see anything that would particularly answer my question. Here it is: I am currently an EIT in NYS and looking to apply for the October 2019 Mechanical HVAC exam. I have been gaining HVAC work experience working for a consulting engineering firm under direct supervision of a P.E. I was hired in May 2015 right after graduation. I know that in NYS you cannot send in future work experience on your application, so I have to wait until May of this year before I can send in that portion of the application. I spoke to the NYS office today and asked if May is enough time to review and approve the application for the October exam. Their response was "well I sure hope so" and they informed me that it typically takes 8-16 weeks to review the application. My worry is that the application will not be reviewed in time to register online with NCEES prior to the NCEES deadline. So, my question is for anyone that has already gone through the NYS application process, does the state usually take upwards of 2-3 months to review the application? I would really like to not have to wait for the 2020 exams. Thanks in advance for your time and help!
  3. Has anyone had any issues trying to get a decent explanation as to why their experience write up in New York State was discredited? I put in for 7 years and 11 months of engineering experience and they only gave me credit for four years. (I need six years with an engineering technology degree.) I have called and emailed the New York State Department of Education multiple times and they refuse to give me detailed answers as to why they would not count some of my experience, and which pieces of experience did not count. All I want is to know where my experience fell short, and if my current position has been counted as 100% so that I know to apply again in two years. They told me that the process is held in confidentiality. I feel like if they felt strongly enough to knock time off my application that they should stand behind it and give me some reasons....I feel like this top-secret process gives too much power to a few people's biases or egos and that they can make up any excuse to deny someone... One tidbit of information that I was able to get out of the secretary on the phone was that they did not count my experience that occurred before my Bachelors Degree. They said that the work I did during school doesn't count because it is part of the Bachelors degree process, but the work I did was completely separate from my degree... I feel like that is an absolute garbage reason to knock a year of experience off. You are able to become a PE without any degree in NYS...why doesn't my summer work count? I have emailed my assemblyman & the state senator in my district because I feel that for my $400 write up fee, I am entitled to find out why I was denied...If you are going to tell me I suck, you better be able to tell me why I suck. I am all fired up and on the warpath now...Has anyone else had any negative run ins with NYS?
  4. Hey guys. So I got my employer take care of the fee for FE Review Class. I will register for the January to February 2017 Civil FE review from School of PE. I'm planning to take the exam in NY. So here's my background: BS Civil Engg graduate from the Philippines. My school is currently ABET accredited but I'm not sure if they were already during my time. I graduated in 1996. Have total of roughly 19 yrs engineering/construction experience: First 8 yrs in the Phils. Next 5 yrs in the Middle East Last 6 here in the US. My specialization for most of my 19 yrs is in Project Mgmt/Project Controls - mainly cost, scheduling and project coordination. Questions are: Are my credentials considered ABET accredited in case my school wasn't ABET yet during my time? I read from NCEES that, if you graduated from an ABET school, you do not need to obtain approval to sit in an exam and can register immediately for the exam. In case it will be classified as non-ABET, is my 6 yrs US experience enough? Will NYS consider my experience outside the US? Will my experience be an issue since I spent most years in Project Controls? Considering all the above, should I start my application now even before I start the review classes? How long does it usually take to get approval to take the exam? Thanks in advance guys. Really appreciate the help.
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