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Found 4 results

  1. Hello engineerboards community, So it's been a while of job searching and I still haven't been able to land many interviews let alone a job. I managed to get one phone screen interview but there wasn't much of a follow-up so I figured it's a goner. I'm looking for an entry-level transportation/transit/traffic engineer position but don't have any relevant experience in the field. (Cover letter and resume: Anyway, lately, I've been thinking of just going back to school for a Master's Degree in Transportation Engineering. Ideally, I'd want to just get a job and get some experience under my belt instead of going for the Master's. However, it just seems like it's not happening right now so I want to make the most out of my time and thought pursuing the Master's would be worthwhile. Also, if I don't get enough experience by then, the PE license will eventually require Master's degrees so there's that. That being said, any of you that have experience or insight on this, can you shed some light please? Does it help or hurt to get a Master's degree without any relevant/internship experience? That is, will it help or hurt my chances of landing an entry-level position? What do you think are my best options right now? Should I just keep job searching or go for the Master's? Should I "settle" for internships? I've been considering this as well but can barely find anything either. Also, in my job searching approach, I was thinking of calling some of the local smaller (transportation) engineering firms around my area and seeing if they had any positions since my email inquiries haven't gotten me anywhere. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!
  2. I thought I would start a thread to collect information and opinions, about on-line Masters Degree programs for engineers. I know many of us have gone through these or are currently enrolled in one, and one of these days (?) it will become a requirement to get a PE license. I haven't seen much info out there about the quality of the programs, or what they are like. So this might be a good start. I am currently attending an on-line M.S. program, and I will post my impressions below, but first I thought I would just set up a basic format for people to follow to tell us about their program. You don't have to, but it might make your advice easier to digest for others who are looking for a program to attend. Please cut, paste, and answer the following questions:
  3. First, let me explain my situation. I went to a somewhat-selective private University and got an BSCE on an ROTC scholarship. Now that I'm active duty, I'm considering using the military's tuition assistance program to pay for an online master's degree. The one that looks most appealing is ERAU's new MS in Engineering Management. My goal for when I get out is to be a project manager in construction/engineering/public works, etc. Does anyone in here think that this MS would fit the bill for becoming a project manager? Is there a better option out there as far as online graduate work? Any ideas, experiences, or sage advice would be appreciated.
  4. Hello everybody, I am currently studying Structural Engineering at University of California, San Diego. I do not know much about this field and I have a lot of questions and concerns. I hope experienced people likes yourselves can perhaps give a fledgling some guidance. 1. Is a Master's degree a must to find a job? I know some of my friends in the major are planning to go to graduate school, but I think that I cannot survive 1-2 more years in school. I just want to get out into the real world as soon as possible! And also, I do not know if I can even afford those extra years of school. 2. GRE scores and GPA for graduate school? If it does come to the point where I HAVE to get a Master's to get any sort of job, any idea what kind of score and GPA I should be getting for the top-mid tier graduate schools. I have a 3.2 right now and I am truly worried. 3. How is the job market out there? I have read on a lot of the websites. Some say that the job growth expectation is about 20% and some say that there are no jobs out there. This is only making my anxiety even worse. I was studying electrical engineering for a year and because I thought it was too difficult and because structural/civil engineering fit my interests more, I switched. 4. How much do Civil/Structural engineers get paid straight out of college? I have done my research online and the sites always tell me that it is around 50-55k. That is below my expectations. Maybe it is because I do not know any better but I thought most engineers make around 65k out of college. 5. Any tips on how to find jobs and network? 6. Does GPA and extracurricular (structural engineering clubs) matter to employers/grad school? I am literally at the point where I am so worried about my future that I might consider just switching to a higher paying/higher demand major. maybe even back to Electrical Engineering since I do not need a license and extra schooling. I like buildings, bridges, and everything structural/civil does, but I am willing to give up all that to get a decent paying job and search till world's end for a low paying civil engineering job. Thank you for all those who took the time the provide me with some answers and assistance. I am very grateful for your guidance and your time. Thank you! Some not as important questions for those that have time: 1. Is the program at UCSD well known to those outside of California? 2. If you have the chance to do go through undergrad all over again, what would you do? 3. Electrical Engineering vs. Civil/Structural Engineering? 4. Will you critique my resume?
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