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Found 15 results

  1. Hi everyone, For those who may ask for it, below the steps I went through to obtain the CA PE license. Discipline: Mechanical. 04/05/19 - Took NCEES 8 hour exam 05/14/19 - Received results notice from NCEES. Passed 8 hour. 05/20/19 - Mailed my application package for licensure via USPS priority mail (with a tracking number) 05/21/19 - CA BPELSG received my application package (tracked with tracking number) 05/29/19 - CA BPELSG cashed the check in my application package 07/29/19 - Received email from CA BPELSG, stating that my application package was technically approved 08/20/19 - Received email from CA BPELSG, stating that I was a California licensed Professional Mechanical Engineer 08/21/19 - Received mail with license number Overall the process went pretty fast once the application was submitted but putting all the paperwork and application package took a lot of time going through official school transcripts, notarization, recommendation sealed letters etc. Good luck to you all.
  2. Has anyone had any experience trying to get license approval upon passing their PE exam in Wisconsin? I have been trying to contact their Licensing Board all week with absolutely no success.
  3. ELECTRICAL ENGINEER (Denver, CO; Lawrence, KS) he Electrical Project Engineer is responsible for leading the development of building energy conservation projects with a focus on Electrical, Lighting, and Lighting Control Systems. The ideal candidate will have a bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering or Electrical Engineering with an interest in building electrical, lighting, lighting control, and mechanical systems. The ideal candidate will also demonstrate success in the following skills and abilities: Skills and abilities: Be fully capable of working in design teams to assist in meeting the project goals in a team-focused environment. Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills as well as interpersonal skills. Demonstrates the ability to communicate ideas and concepts in both written and oral form. Experience with facility electrical distribution systems is required. Professional Engineering license is required (2019 test takers are welcome to apply). Some travel is required. Exposure to high-performance buildings and energy conservation is preferred. Project experience in Colorado, California, Oregon, or Washington is a plus. Job Responsibilities: Perform on-site facility audits to identify energy, electrical, lighting, and mechanical improvement opportunities. Perform energy modeling and building simulations using energy modeling software packages, i.e., eQUEST. Calculate projected energy savings. Perform project cost estimates. Perform building lighting simulations, lighting design, and equipment selection. Design electrical, lighting, and lighting control systems upgrades, including the production of construction drawings and specifications. Perform engineering analysis of Available Short-Circuit Current, Arc Flash Potential, and Circuit Breaker Coordination in high performance buildings. Write persuasive reports detailing building improvement opportunities and solutions. Present findings clearly and professionally to peers and clients. Candidate must be proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel. Experience with AutoCAD, eQUEST and Microsoft Excel Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) are preferred. Send email with subject line "Electrical Engineering Position" to with resume and contact info.
  4. Hello everyone, I have passed the PE exam and my current state of residence is Texas. Based on TSPE (Texas Society of Professional Engineers), I am now eligible to be licensed. I have a PhD from a school in the US, however my bachelor's and master's are from foreign institutions. I also have official translations of my degrees and transcripts, sealed. Now from similar cases my friends from my country shared, in Texas if one applies through the state board (rather than NCEES), one can email or include a copy of his/her official translations and send over to the board and that is sufficient for the Board to consider it legit. However, moving to another state, as I heard, requires going through NCEES verification process and NCEES is pretty strict about receiving the items directly from the institution and does not accept receiving them from the applicant. The other problem is that the foreign institutes I have my degrees from are pretty clumsy in sending the materials abroad and it would be best if I am present there to make this happen smoothly. I am considering a number of job offers in different states and am leaning towards moving to California. I know that I probably do not have to take the PE exam again and this counts for the 8-hour exam in CA. I also understand, I have to take the seismic and surveying exam as well to be qualified for a California PE. So it looks like another year or so to be qualified for the California PE. So, at the time being, I am not quite sure which approach would be better for me: 1- Apply for my Texas PE license, and when moved to CA follow the procedure there. The question here is that does CA accepts me sending my official transcripts to the board, similar to how they do it in Texas, or should it go through NCEES' more strict process? 2- Wait until I pass the rest of the exams, and then submit my application in CA and see how it goes. The question here would be if CA needs another set of reference letters, or if my current reference letters in TSPE letterhead would be acceptable by CA. 3- Just go through the NCEES process and as much as cumbersome it looks, try to do it the NCEES way and save headaches in the future? Any helps will be appreciated.
  5. Passing your respective engineering exam is a crowning achievement in one's career. Following passing the exam, one is issued a license number, a certificate, and a state specific engineering seal with their name and respective license number. Stamping Grounds provides slate coasters to licensed individuals in architecture, engineering, and land surveying. The process is easy! Simply email and attach an AutoCAD or Revit file with your stamp and the address where you want them sent and I will do the rest! All files containing license seals will be permanently deleted after coaster is created. I attached a couple examples of my very own coasters I use at my office. Please see below for prices (shipping included). If you require additional coasters, let me know and I will shoot you a price. 1 coaster = $15.00 2 coasters = $25.00 3 coasters = 30.00 4 coasters = $35.00 Illinois SE Example North Carolina PE Example
  6. Hello All, So I'm one of the new exam takers in California that didn't have to apply before signing up and taking the exam, I just signed up for it and passed it. Now I'm filling out the application, and was wondering if anyone from the April 2017 exams in CA had an idea of how long it will take the board to get back to you and approve your license in CA? They say allow 60 days and don't contact them before that. That sounds like a long time but if it is, it is what it is I suppose. Thanks!
  7. I'm trying to get an FE Waiver in CA and have a few questions and I'm wondering if anyone here can help as I'm waiting for a phone call back from the board. I'm an EE with over 20 years of experience in an exempt environment. So this translates to having only one reference that has a stamp and a true struggle to find sups/managers that aren't dead or retired (I wish I was joking about the dead part sadly). 1. "In responsible charge" seems to be a licensed PE term/classification. How do I translate this for my exempt references? The application says ( "At least one of the licensed references must be from a person in responsible charge over the applicant for each engagement for which the applicant desires credit." 2. Do I need to provide references for all my engagements? I have experience performing work outside of electrical engineering, including my current job which is civil. 3. What should my exemption references say in the fill-in-the-blank after "I am legally exempt from licensure because" ......... ? Does anyone else have any advice as to how to help your reference fill out the form when they are likely not familiar with the terminology in the form. I'm worried it will be a barrier to getting these back. TIA, Jennifer
  8. Hi, I have foreign experience and I am going to apply for PE License using NCEES Record. I have worked for almost 5.5 year for same company with same team design team. Should I break it down to interval of every two years to be qualified for NY PE License? or I can submit the whole 5.5 years period in one record? Any similar experience or recommendation would be appreciated! Thanks,
  9. So I passed the PE ( thank you god) so now I'm in the process of filling in my work experience. I filled it in the first time but NCEES feedback came saying I have to change some verbiage since state boards want to see what I actually did for progressive experience. Anyone else having this issue? I'm terrible at writing up things especially anything about my experience.
  10. I finally heard back from California board today (FYI - the check got cashed 3/22, yes...over four months ). Looks like everything went through except for my references. It states that my references are not licensed in state where the project was located. My situation: I work in the nuclear industry as a civil engineer. It is not required to be licensed in the state where the plant is located to complete the design work, neither do I live in those states. Therefore, most of my co-workers have licenses from different states. It is possible (will a lot of work and money) for me to get references from the states that are California is requiring, but I am confused if I need to get 4 all new references (especially since my supervisor has an out-of-state license). And I am dealing with 2 different states that I have done work for. Do I get one from each state? Do I just need one reference from each one of the states? Does my supervisors count as 1 out of the 4 references? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, as the board made clear that I am not allowed to call or email them upon receiving this bright pink rejection letter.
  11. Which states have issued License Numbers?
  12. Firstly, I thank EB for all of the info throughout the PE exam process and into the results stage. I found out last night that I passed the PE exam in Illinois! Now, the confusing part for me begins because I passed the exam under decoupling and I am not totally certain if portions of my work experience count towards the four years required to obtain a license. I live in a different state that seems to allow more freedom with regards to work supervised by a PE, however the Illinois application states: "The supervisor must be licensed as a Professional Engineer or one who is legally practicing professional engineering, pursuant to Section 3 of the PE Act; who is in direct control and supervision of the applicant, in the jurisdiction where the engineering activities are performed." I have approximately a year of experience at one company where my direct supervisor was not a PE and was located in a different office. The only PEs we had at my company were Structural and for my first three months, any designs that needed further structural review were sent to PEs at another office in a different state. After three months, a PE came to work in our office and supervised our designs with respect to structural work (the only PE stamp our designs required). My question is this: does Illinois allow a "professional supervisor" to be someone other than my boss so that the structural PE (never my boss) could vouch for my experience?
  13. Does anyone have experience with the process of qualifying for and/or obtaining a GC license in either California or elsewhere? I am interested in any advice that may be available. Thanks!
  14. I just passed all three exams (it took 3 tries to pass surveying). I turned in my fingerprints the day after I got the results and I am still waiting to get assigned a license number. Anyone else on the same boat?
  15. Have anyone got the license number and found the number online from Michigan? I passed PE exam on Oct 2016, mailed the required documents (e.g. 5 references) and paid $75 fee online. Seems like other States require ethics exam prior to issuing a license number. I don't remember taking one. I am afraid I might be missing something. Did LARA contact you by e-mail if you are missing any documents? They haven't contacted me at all. Thank you in advance.
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