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Found 11 results

  1. This is my 3rd-time try in a row for Lateral Exam (Building). I have A, A, A, IR for the afternoon, but I only get 23/40 in the morning. So I pretty sure if I get a few more correct I would pass the exam and end this mission impossible. Can someone shed some light on how to get more correct answers (Practices, Tools, strategy)? I feel like there is an invisible glass ceiling that I can't break through. Lots of Thanks! Knowledge Area Your Performance (% Correct) 1 Analysis of Structures: Generation of Loads 43 2 Analysis of Structures: Load Distribution and Analysis Methods 75 3 Design and Details of Structures: General Structural Considerations 33 4 Design and Details of Structures: Structural Systems Integration 100 5 Design and Details of Structures: Structural Steel 60 6 Design and Details of Structures: Cold Formed Steel 100 7 Design and Details of Structures: Concrete 40 8 Design and Details of Structures: Wood 33 9 Design and Details of Structures: Masonry 67 10 Design and Details of Structures: Foundations and Retaining Structures 67 SE-Saturday-AM_Lateral_with-codes_2018.pdf
  2. I'm currently designing a residential apartment building. It is set up with 2 "block" types. One is a 2 story version; the other is a 3 story. CLT Floor system, so I'll be analyzing it as a rigid diaphragm. The architect has multiple combinations of these "blocks" to form a couple variations of the building. I'm hoping to be efficient with my design and calculations and be able to analyze the "blocks" separately as laterally and vertically independent systems that just happen to be adjacent to each other, but I'm wondering how others interpret the code re: seismic joints required in between the two buildings. I have done a group of (3) townhomes and the related permit comment was to verify that the three units are independent of each other, so that's what I was hoping I could do here, but my PM raised a great point that I want to further investigate about the seismic joint requirement. also, does anyone have any useful CLT lateral resources? the fabricator has "goal" design values but no testing done yet - they will get there but are on an accelerated design path. They are hoping for 2-way panels with minimum post locations. I've located a few, but none give a full picture of system values/capacities compared with span tables, for example.
  3. New thread to post to see which states have posted results for 2017 Fall SE Exam. Best of luck to all!
  4. October 2017 PE results have been released in some states. Also, Sunday marked the completion of this cycle's SE Scoring Workshop. Looks like we can expect SE results as soon as this Friday, December 8. Best of luck everyone!
  5. Hey guys, Does anybody out there have a physical copy of the 2012 IBC Structural/Seismic Design Manual Volume 1: Code Application Examples they'd be willing to sell? It appears that edition is out of printing and I can't seem to find a hard copy of it anywhere online. Since California is on the 2015 IBC it looks like they're phasing out any design manual referencing the 2012 IBC. I would prefer to keep in line with 2012 IBC in my studies for the 2017 October SE Lateral Buildings exam since that's the code the exam will be referencing. Shoot me a PM if you can help out.
  6. Gentleman, April 2017 PE results are out. How much longer would we say for SE results to be released? Does anyone have any historical data to make a determination based on trend? I understand a lot of you are banking on mid-June. Also, I have seen that results are usually released around a week or so after the SE scoring workshop, but I have not seen the June Licensure Exchange published yet (see below for link) so that date is unknown at this point.
  7. Hello, I'm looking to track down a copy of Steven Hiner's Seismic Design Review workbook, 2009 IBC version. Does anybody have a copy they are willing to sell? Mr. Hiner told me that he no longer sells the old version. Thanks!
  8. For anyone who has taken the EET - SE Review Courses (vertical and/or lateral), how much homework is there each week on average? I am hesitantly considering taking both the vertical and lateral review courses at the same time, but, working full-time, I am afraid I won't have enough hours in the week to do all the homework. Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! -Tom
  9. I'm thinking of registering for either vertical or lateral component of the SE exam. I'm more inclined to take the vertical first. Your thoughts, especially who have taken or passed the SE, would be really appreciated.
  10. I've been wrestling with the idea of using a TITEN HD Rod Hanger as a holdown in a lightly-loaded (<2000# uplift) shearwall. I normally call out either SET-XP or AT-XP or Hilti HY150, yada yada... Anyone have an opinion here? I'm considering using the Simpson HDU2, HDU4, and HDU5 (among others).
  11. After taking the tests Friday and Saturday, I have been haunted by a few problems that I feel I missed. However, these were only 2 problems on the morning of the gravity exam. Also, the afternoon exam was fairly straight forward for the gravity on Friday. The easiest of the whole 2-day process was the morning lateral. I finished with 45 minutes left and double checked all my problems. The problems that slowed me down were the AASHTO problems. I don't want to jinx(sp?) myself, but if I had to guess, I would say that the lateral exam was very straight forward and I stand a very solid chance of passing. The gravity exam had a few problems in the morning that I was not expecting. For whatever reason, I still have a lack of confidence in masonry design and I likely will get a "needs improvement" on the gravity afternoon portion. If anyone out there is like me, be confident in the basic structural analysis stuff. Those types of problems still give me trouble after 12 years of experience (sad). Good luck to everyone and I hope that you are successful in passing.
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