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Found 13 results

  1. I'm working thru Graffeo's other book, PE exam primer - Three Practice Exams for the Power PE. There 3-phase fault current question which shows a generator connected thru a transformer to a transmission line, which is faulted. The other end of the transmission line is connected thru a transformer to a load bus, we are given its voltage, KVA and Z-pu. I used the load bus as a source of fault current in addition to the generator, but in the key, Graffeo did not. Is this normal, without specifying in the question that the load does not contribute to fault current? How do you know when to consider the load as a source of fault current? Thanks!
  2. PE Electrical Power Study Material Below is great material to help you study for and pass the Power PE Exam. I took the exam in April 2016 for the first time and passed. I used items #1, #2, #4, and #8 during the exam. I also used a Casio FX-115ES Plus (not the one below) during the exam. Items #3, #5, and #6 are great practice problems. In my opinion, #5 and #6 are exam like questions while #3 tests your basic knowledge of the material. Strike = no longer available. For sale: 1. Tom Henry’s 2014 Ultimate Code Package [all like brand new] SOLD a. 2014 NEC code high-lighted on loose-leaf sheets (in a binder, Tom Henry’s Code Book tabs already installed) b. Tom Henry’s Key Word Index for NEC 2014 (HUGE time saver on the exam!) c. Tom Henry’s 2014 Reminders Book d. Tom Henry’s 2014 Formula Inserts 2. The Electrical Engineer’s Guide to Passing The Power PE Exam by Alexander S Graffeo [some marked notes] SOLD 3. Spin-Up for the Electrical and Computer Engineering PE Exam (Power): Second Edition by Cory Lanza [clean; like brand new] $40 + free shipping, OBO 4. National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) 2012 Handbook (McGraw Hill's National Electrical Safety Code Handbook) [clean; like brand new] SOLD 5. Complex Imaginary - Complete Set (Vol. 1-4) [clean; like brand new] SOLD 6. NCEES PE Electrical and Computer: Power Practice Exam [clean; like brand new] $20 + free shipping, OBO 7. Casio FX-115ES Plus Engineering/Scientific Calculator [brand new, still in package; never used (was my back-up)] SOLD Purchase any item and receive a free copy of NESC 2012 and NFPA 70E (both printed in PDF format). If you purchase any item, I will also give you access to all my supplemental reference handouts (will not be shipped; available via Google Drive or Dropbox). I accept: PayPal*, Check, or Money Order. *Note: If using PayPal and you’re not using bank or balance, add $10/item. Please PM me with any questions or to get contact information – thank you! Help Support Upon all items being purchased, I will donate $50 to EB. COMPLETED - 2 year supporting membership
  3. On Example 18 of Graffeo, how is the transformer base old value selected for the new per unit impedance conversion? For both transformers, the old base is 28kV. Both transformers are 28kV delta - 115kV wye. Why 28kV instead of 115kV? Pg 36 & 37 for anyone who has the Graffeo book.
  4. Now that I’ve passed, I’m getting rid of most of the books that I acquired. Below are the items that I used during the preparation and exam for the October 2016 PE Power Exam. Pictures are available upon request, PM me. If the item is still listed then it's still available. I'll strike through the item once it's no longer available. My list of references was very extensive and the books below are what I took into the exam with me, plus NEC 2014 Code book (tabbed). I also had (2) three-ring binders with additional material printed out and some personal notes. I managed to get a copy of the IEEE red book and the IEEE green book (the red book was VERY useful). I was able to fit all of these into a large folding cart (amazon: office depot mobile folding cart with lid); I highly recommend this cart! I used about 80% of my references on the exam, didn’t reference any of the practice exams during the actual exam. The list is long but I had my references tabbed and knew which book I needed for a specific topic. Studied for about 3-months for a total of 200-250 hours. For the free items listed at the end, I’ll include your item of choice when your total is $75, no more than one free item per $70. Just pay the additional cost of shipping for the free item. Items ship from Maryland; just tell me how quickly you want them delivered. I accept PayPal or money order. If you're using Paypal, add transaction fee to the total (2.9% + $0.30). Strike = unavailable 1. The Electrical Engineer’s Guide to Passing the Power PE Exam by Alexander S Graffeo. This book has been hi-lited, tabbed and (useful) notes and formulas written in it. By far the most valuable of all reference materials that I purchased. It’s no wonder why you will read many of the previous test takers highly recommending this book; I can’t stress enough how useful it was for me. Sells for $98 new, I’m selling for $60 + shipping 2. NCEES PE Electrical and Computer: Power Practice Exam. Clean in like new condition. Most useful practice exam, I went through this one three times. Sells for $40 new, I’m selling for $20 + shipping 3. Complex Imaginary - Complete Set (Vol. 1-4). Clean in like-new condition. I went through this book twice and made notes of my weak areas. Sells for $150 new, I’m selling for $90 + shipping 4. Complex Imaginary – Electrical Code Drill Book. Clean in like-new condition. I went through 75% of this book and it’s extremely useful in helping with quick code look up and familiarizing yourself with the different code articles. This book, I believe, was most useful in preparing for code related questions. Sells for $30 new, I’m selling for $20 + shipping 5. Spin-Up for the Electrical and Computer Engineering PE Exam (Power), 2nd Edition by Cory Lanza. Clean in like-new condition. I only solved a few samples exams from this book since I ran out of study time. I would highly recommend the test-taking strategy in the introduction which I used during the AM and PM sessions. I finished both sessions early (with 1.5 hours to spare for the PM session). I do think that the strategy did contribute to this. Sells for $65 new, I’m selling for $25 + shipping 6. PE Electrical Vol 1 License Manual, by C.V. Chelapati. Like new with some hi-lites. Although the formatting of the book follows the old test format, it was useful in covering some basic concepts. Sells for $100 new, I’m selling for $50 + shipping. 7. Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Systems, 6th Edition by Theodore Wilde. This is an international paperback edition. It has hi-lites and some notes. This was a useful book for reviewing basic concepts that I wasn’t able to find in Chapman. Sells for $30 new, I’m selling for $20 + shipping. 8. Handbook of Electrical Power Calculations, 3rd Edition by H. Wayne Beaty. Got this used since some people on the board recommended it. I personally didn’t find it useful but you might have use for it. Selling for $20 + shipping. 9. Electrical Machinery Fundamentals, 2nd Edition Stephen J. Chapman. I picked this one up used from Amazon for cheap. It’s an older book but I wanted it for reference and didn’t want to spend a bundle to brush up on basic concepts. It was quite useful in my opinion especially the chapters on Transformers. Free when your total is more than $75. Just pay for the additional cost of shipping. 10. Electrical Engineer Reference Manual by Raymond B. Yarbrough + Solutions Manual. Picked these up used from Amazon for cheap. The reference Manual was useful for economics and lighting. Free when your total is more than $75. Just pay for the additional cost of shipping. 11. Ugly's Electrical References, 2014 Edition 4th Edition. Like new. Got this when I saw a few people on the forum recommend it. I personally didn’t use it since I was very familiar with the NEC tables and quick look up. Sells for $11, Free when your total is more than $75. Just pay for the additional cost of shipping. 12. Casio FX-115ES Plus Engineering/Scientific Calculator. New in packaging. This was my back-up calculator. Sells for $16.99. Free when your total is more than $75. Just pay for the additional cost of shipping. 13. NESC 2012 and NFPA 70E, printed from a pdf and bound with a spiral. Not for sale but I will include them for Free when you purchase Complex imaginary practice exams (Vol 1-4 and drill book). Yes, you do need all of the NESC and not just the index. Alternatively, you can get everything listed above (1-13) for $300 + shipping for the whole set. I would expect shipping to be expensive (unless it’s Media Mail) since these books are heavy. 14. Power System Analysis and Design by J Duncan Glover, 5th Edition. Forgot that I also had Glover. International edition in good condition. Didn't use it since I ran out of time but someone might find it useful. $20 + shipping. Get the rest for only $70 + shipping.
  5. I have the following items for sale after passing the PE. All are in almost-new to new condition WITHOUT any marking/writing. Please send PM if interested. If you buy all of them, take 10% off of the total price. Georgia Tech, GE Tech, Course binder ** NEW ** This is the 3-inch binder that comes with the GE Tech Electrical Power PE Preparation Course that I took last year (Note: you will ONLY get the binder with all content in it, but NOT the online course access, which has already expired anyway). The material in this binder covers everything taught in the online course including numerous shortcuts & tricks in solving problems quickly. I found it extremely useful during the exam where it helped me solve at least 9 problems: $250 shipped Graffeo Electrical Power guide to passing the PE ** LIKE NEW ** ( $85 shipped Complex Imaginary sets 1-4 complete ** LIKE NEW ** ( : $120 shipped SOLD! NCEES Electrical Power Practice Problems ** LIKE NEW ** ( : $25 shipped Complex Imaginary Electrical Drill book: $30 shipped SOLD!
  6. Hi, can someone explain to me the whole 'two wires' thing in single phase circuit and why the impedance is 2 times. Thanks in advance
  7. turn ratio = (Npri/Nsec) = (Vpri/Vsec) = (Isec/Ipri) shouldn't Ipri in the example be Ipri = (Irelay)/(CT ratio)??
  8. Hi All, I have these for sale. All in like-new condition (99.92% new) Georgia Tech Study Binder (3-inch binder): This came with the online course, but the binder alone has so much helpful materials that helped me pass. It has many shortcuts and tricks on how to solve Power PE problems. I spent almost $1000 for the class so I'm asking for $360 for the binder. Alex Graffeo: The Electrical Engineer's Guide to Passing the Power PE Exam. Just an awesome book that contains so useful information & study material that aims at helping test takers to pass the PE Exam: $80 Complex Imaginary Sample Exams, complete sample exams set 1-4 of 320 questions & solutions: $120 Complex Imaginary Electrical Code Drill Book. This helps a lot if you want to train yourself with the NEC. There are about 12-15 questions related to NEC on the Power Exam: $20 NCEES Power PE Practice Exam. Contains 80 questions & solutions from NCEES: $20 Buyer pays actual cost of shipping items. Thanks for looking. All for $550 or individual price as listed. I'd prefer to sell the whole package. Thanks for looking.
  9. Hi, this is a figure in the 2016 printing of the Graffeo book, page 148. Is there a typo in describing the direction of current above the CT on I2 side? The description is the same before and after the fault...why? I tried checking the errata on Graffeo's website but this page is not mentioned. Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi, My challenge is Ex. 53 d) of the Graffeo book, 2016 printing. see attached photo. The part where he says "now square it to get rid of the j" Why is it not (3Rg)^2 = (0.48-j0.38)^2 ?? am I an idiot? Im being serious.
  11. Can someone please explain to me ex.10 in the graffeo EE guide to passing the power PE book? I don't understand how to get 22.78 49.4 degress from Zld = 35(j30)/(35+j30)
  12. Selling all my PE study materials, I passed the exam with them on my first attempt, also I did not take any review class. Graffeo, the Electrical Engineer's Guide to Passing the Power PE Exam, this one is the most important one covers most of exams. $60+mailing cost. NCEES Power PE sample exam, this one is also very important, $35+mailing cost Camara, Power Reference Manual for the Electrical and Computer PE exam, I don't know why I carry this book to the exam, but I did find some question on it. It is also a quite good reference for electrical engineer. $100+mailing cost Complex Imaginary drill set 4+code drill set, I don't think it is very useful in the exam, it is a bit simpler than NCEES sample exam. But you might want to do it for exercise. $50+mailing cost Spin-up for the electrical and computer engineering PE exam, a lot of duplicating materials, too simple, but covers some of the exam. $20+ mailing cost Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineer 14th Edition, It is a heavy book. Not quite useful, but you might want it just in case $20 + mailing cost. Grainger, Power system Analysis, Indian edition, a lot of people found it quite useful, but I never used it. I think it might be useful for those who want to refresh what it is learned in college. $10 + mailing cost. Wildi, Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Systems, 6th Same as above. $10+mailing cost NEC code 2014, I don't need to stress the importance of this book. $30+ mailing cost. Hand book of Electric Power Calculations. Too complicated, no so useful. But somebody might want to use it for calculation. Free, if buy any of the former books. First come, first service. NESC 2007 handbook, totally useless for the exam.You might want to buy an NESC code, although it is too expensive. Free, if buy any of the former books. First come, first service. Other books I found quite useful, but decided not to sell it. Ugly's Electrical Reference, it is not expense, quite useful, I think you can get one from Amazon for about $10, I decided to keep it because it is small, won't occupy a lot of space. If anyone want all of them, I would sell all of them for $250+mailing cost. That is pretty much all the materials I used in the exam, plus same materials I printed out. For example C37.2. message to my ID if you are interested. Please note that all books were sale first come first sale. It is holiday seasons, I might not be able to mail them very quickly, although I will try. I think you also might need a break before the New Year. Thank you!
  13. If you're taking or retaking the Electrical PE, I have some study materials that may help. Message me if you're interested: POWER: 1. Complex Imaginary Practice Exam (Complete Set of 4) - $100 (Perfect Condition. No markings) (Retail: $150) 2. Complex Imaginary Electrical Code Drill Book - $20 (Perfect Condition. No markings) (Retail: $30) 3. The Electrical Engineers Guide to Passing the Power PE Exam, Alexander S Graffeo - $40 (Good Condition. Has some markings, but may be useful to you) (Retail: $98) 4. Kaplan Electrical Engineering 360 Problems & Solutions for the PE Exam - $30 (Perfect Condition. No markings) (Retail: $82) ALL (4) BOOKS: $170 (Add $5 for shipping) ELECTRONICS: 1. Schaum's Outlines: Signals & Systems. 571 Solved Problems (2nd Ed.) - $8 (Perfect Condition. No markings) (Retail: $18) 2. Schaum's Outlines: Feedback Controls & Control Systems. 700 Solved Problems (2nd Ed.) - $7 (Perfect Condition. No markings) (Retail: $17) 3. Schaum's Outlines: Analog & Digital Communications. 333 Solved Problems (2nd Ed.) - $5 (Perfect Condition. No markings) (Retail: $11) 4. Schaum's Outlines: Electronic Devices & Circuits. 350 Solved Problems (2nd Ed.) - $8 (Perfect Condition. No markings (Retail: $21) ALL (4) BOOKS: $20 (Add $5 for shipping) Thanks and God bless on your prep and next exam. You can do this! Vince
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