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There are no results to display.

There are no results to display.

Found 29 results

  1. Gearturbine Back View.jpg

    Gearturbine Back View
  2. Gearturbine Front View.jpg

    Gearturbine Front View
  3. Gearturbine Frame Lines Isometrico.jpg

    Gearturbine Frame Lines Isometrico
  4. Gearturbine Inside View Conduits and Turbos
  5. gearturbine retrodynamic effect rotary move vs inflow way.
  6. Gearturbine Herons Device Similar in Simple Nature
  7. gearturbine draw.jpg

    gearturbine draw
  8. Gearturbine Isometric Patent Draw Hand Made
  9. Gearturbine Muy Interesante 3 Scientific magazine
  10. Gearturbine Muy Interesante 2. Scientific magazine
  11. Gearturbine Muy Interesante Magazine Centerfold from year IXno.1019920A Scientificmagazine.jpg
  12. Gearturbine Retrodynamic Inside Rotor View.jpg

    Gearturbine Retrodynamic Inside Rotor View
  13. Gearturbine Technical Draw Rotor.jpg

    Gearturbine Technical Draw Rotor
  14. Gearturbine Technical Draw Rotor Parts.jpg

    Gearturbine Technical Draw Rotor Parts
  15. Gearturbine Technical Draw More Rotor Parts
  16. Gearturbine Technical Draw lateral Cut.jpg

    Gearturbine Technical Draw lateral Cut
  17. Gearturbine Technical Draw Center of the Rotor
  18. Gearturbine Retrodynamic Effect Draw.jpg

    Gearturbine Retrodynamic Effect Draw
  19. Gearturbine comparison of the cavities like two snakes bites his tales
  20. Gearturbine Shell - Quiver.jpg

    Gearturbine Shell - Quiver
  21. Gearturbine Isometric Rotor parts.jpg

    Gearturbine Isometric Rotor parts
  22. Gearturbine Center of the rotor.jpg

    Gearturbine Center of the rotor
  23. Gearturbine Inside the active rotor.jpg

    Gearturbine Inside the active rotor.
  24. Gearturbine El Norte Newspaper Automotriz El Norte saturday 20Feb1993 Monterrey MX
  25. Gearturbine Inside Rotor Conduits Turbo Compression Steps