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Found 5 results

  1. FE Review Courses
  2. Let's start the week off with a Practice question. We'll post the solution tomorrow. FE REVIEW COURSES
  3. I have begun a YouTube series of videos on preparation for taking the FE Exam. It will be presented in about a dozen parts, and some parts will take more than one video (since I'm trying to keep each video within 20 mins). This evening I have posted the first two videos completing part 1. FE Prep, Part 1, Video 1 of 2 - Introduction: FE Prep, Part 1, Video 2 of 2 - The Test Center: FE Prep, Part 1, Video 2 of 2 - The Online Test Experience: I am a newbie in the YouTube environment, so please be kind. As new videos are uploaded as part of this series, I will post updates here with the links. You can also visit my YouTube channel a PE4Doers, and open the playlist FE Exam Preparation at the following link: I hope some find the information and material lessons I will be creating helpful as part of their FE test preparation. David Rivera
  4. Hi All, I just passed the FE (Electrical and Computer) Exam and wanted to pass along my experiences before gleaning what I can from this site for PE prep. I was a non-traditional student who worked full-time while going to school part-time. Because of this, calculus was seven years in my past by graduation. I chose not to take the FE my last semester. I focused on my new engineering job straight out of school and began studying for the FE three years after graduation. Here are the highlights of my studies and exam experience: Watched a YouTube video featuring Joel Erway - this was motivating and helpful to me for efficient study planning. I used Joel's input to create a spreadsheet for prioritizing my study time. Purchased and read Lindeburg's FE Electrical and Computer Review Manual cover-to-cover (2015 version). Made note-cards and worked all problems during the read-through. I invested over 100 hours during this read-through and associated prep. Got side-tracked by work and family needs for several months. Ran through the chapter review questions for the Electrical Lindeburg manual again and highlighted my weaknesses. Purchased a 10 year old used Lindeburg FE review manual. This one had far more practice problems and a practice test at the end. I worked through most applicable practice problems (skipped many that were not applicable to the newer CBT for Electrical and Computer). I would estimate 15 hours spent in this book. Got >80% on the practice exam at the end of the book. Purchased old paper copy of NCEES Electrical sample questions + solutions (this was around $10). Took this as a practice exam and skipped all questions not applicable to the new CBT. Got ~75% on this. Purchased and took the FE practice exams #1 and #2 by Wasim Asghar. Got >80% on exam #1 and >70% on exam #2. Purchased the NCEES CBT practice problems. Got >80%. Signed up for the exam and took it on President's day. I had practiced so much prior to the exam that I zipped through the problems I knew very quickly and generally new pretty quickly if I was better off just guessing. All-in-all, I had several minutes to review problems after reaching the end of the first and second 1/2 of the exam. I'll never know, but I felt like I got 58-65% raw score. Worst case estimate-low 50's, best-case-70. For 9 days I stressed....stressed....stressed... Received results - Passed. You may notice other threads indicating FE results seem to be released on Wednesday mornings - that was my experience as well. My opinions on my study sources: 2015 Lindeburg FE Electrical and Computer: The best resource I bought. It covered most things but did not have as many practice problems as I would have liked. It was the most well-rounded source. Its problems were generally on-par with or a little harder than what I experienced on the exam. Old Lindeburg FE: Good only for practice problems in math, statistics, physics, economics, materials, and some basic electrical. Old NCEES Electrical Practice Problems: Okay if you're looking for problems to practice. About 2/3 of the morning problems were applicable, and all of the afternoon problems were applicable. The questions were at least well written. Wasim Asghar Practice Exams: I bought these because they had decent reviews and were cheaper than other practice exams. There were mistakes in some problems, several repeats of the same types of questions (within one exam), and some questions were poorly written. Questions were generally easier than what I experienced on the exam. I don't regret buying these, but they need improvement (IMHO). NCEES CBT Practice Exam Problems: Worth the money but quite a bit easier than the actual exam. I hope this helps some of you studying for the FE. You can do it! Probably with far less studying than I put in. Now on to the October PE exam.
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