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  1. Hello All, I am taking the exam for the first time in April 2020. I have a lot of experience, primary in construction. I have two degrees: B.S. in Civil and Masters in Petroleum. I am curious as to everyone's study schedule. How far out in advance did you start? What structure did you use? How much time on General for Breadth sections? I am also curious as to which breath to take: Construction or Environmental? My experience is in construction but I heard it is pretty difficult and due to the number of people that take this discipline the pass rates are lower. Does anyone have an opinion on a review class such as PPI2Pass, TestMasters, Excel, School of PE, etc. Your help is greatly appreciated. Greg Witte
  2. I have the following items for sale. Thoroughly studied and used all of them for studying. All are unmarked and barely used: EET Breadth Binder: $75 EET Water Resources Depth Binder: $75 Civil Engineering Reference Manual 15th Edition: $180 PPI Civil PE Practice Exam (Lindeburg): $30 PPI Practice Problems for the Civil Engineering PE Exam 15th Edition: $40 All in One Civil Engineering PE Practice Exams (Goswami) (Contains 2 Breadth and 1 of each depth exam): $30 All in One Civil Engineering PE Breadth and Depth (Goswami): $60 Will entertain best offers. Thanks
  3. Is it worth taking the ppi2pass class with Kunal Patel? He talks so slow, and I would like to know if is worth it listening to those lectures.
  4. I started studying for an exam planning to take an exam around May-ish. Because we are transitioning to the CBT format, I guess we are more flexible in terms of when to take the exam. I'm planning to signing up on SoPE for review but I feel like I should wait until they come up with the newer lectures in April. Because we are transitioning to a new format, I feel like their October lectures will be outdated. Should I sign up on their live course and wait until April, or should I just sign up now and start studying? If I sign up on their April, I feel like I should push back on exam date, but I'd rather not. What would you do if you were in my shoes?
  5. PE Environmental Review (First Edition) by PPI for sale This version is the New Edition - Updated for the CBT Exam Condition: New Price: $235 + shipping (listed at $289 in
  6. I'm now applying for Civil PE registration in CA (I have all my qualifying experience). One year of my qualifying experience was in MA under a licensed Environmental PE. Obviously Environmental is a subset of Civil, but since there's a specific Environmental PE title in MA, I'm concerned about whether his reference will be valid for my civil app here in CA. From the CA PE application FAQ, for an applicant seeking registration as a civil PE, "all references must be licensed engineers authorized to practice civil engineering." From the Code of Massachusetts Regulations 250 CMR 5.01(3) "Engineering Registrants must restrict engineering practice to areas of competence based upon their education and experience qualifications." The way I read this, if my former boss is competent to practice civil engineering in MA, he's a valid reference for my CA civil PE app. Do I need to have him write a letter in addition to stamping my engagement form stating the above to the CA Board? I'm applying my Master's Degree in Civil Engineering as part of my qualifying experience. CA states that a reference is required for all qualifying experience. Does that mean that my grad school professors registered as PE's can serve as qualifying references for me? Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any help you choose to give me!
  7. I have the following Civil PE and WRE Depth materials for sale (see pics). All of them are like-new with no markings/highlighting. I originally planned to take the exam back in 2013, so some of the materials were purchased then (to the tune of $700+). I purchased the newer NCESS practice exam in 2017 when I actually got around to studying for (and passing, YAY!!) the exam. I've included the copyright and ISBN numbers for each. Take it all off my hands for $320. Free shipping for 4 books or more. $5 shipping for 3 or less. Paypal preferred. PM me with questions or offers. I'll update if/when books are purchased. Six Minute Solutions for Civil PE Exam Water Resources and Environmental Problems, 1st Ed. (c) 2012, ISBN 978-1-59126-139-1 $50 Lindeburg, Civil Engineering Solved Problems, 6th Ed. (c) 2012, ISBN 978-1-59126-343-2 $20 Lindeburg, Practice Problems for the Civil Engineering PE Exam, 13th Ed. (c) 2012, ISBN 978-1-59126-382-1 $40 Lindeburg, Civil PE Sample Examination, 4th Ed. (c) 2012, ISBN 978-1-59126-387-6 $30 Lindeburg, Quick Reference for the Civil Engineering PE Exam, 7th Ed, (c) 2012, ISBN 978-1-59126-383-8 $20 Water Resources and Environmental Depth Reference Manual for the Civil PE Exam, 1st Ed, (c) 2011, ISBN 978-1-59126-095-0 $100 NCESS Practice Exam - Civil: Water Resources and Environmental Sample Questions and Solutions, (c) 2011, ISBN 978-1-932613-65-0 $40 NCESS Practice Exam - Water Resources and Environmental Practice Exam, (c) 2014, ISBN 978-1-932613-74-2 $45 **The two NCESS practice exams have a lot of the same questions, so I wouldn't recommend buying both. Thanks y'all, and happy studies!!
  8. New Environmental PE here with what should be a simple question. Do you need to have a license in a state in order to certify a Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plan in that state? Done a fair amount of googling and have only been able to find the following: EPA seems to not care: General opinion is that States will care: Is it safe to assume all states have a rule which says that only PEs licensed in their state can practice in their state? Is there a go-to resource if it varies from state to state? Thanks for the help everybody!
  9. I'm selling materials that came in handy for me for studying for the PE Environmental Engineering exam. I took the exam in April 2017. They are all in good condition with limited markings. Handbook of Environmental Engineering Calculations by Lee and Lin: $15.00 Fundamentals of Air Quality Systems by Noll: $25 PE Environmental Engineering License Review Manual by Brightwood: $60 PE Environmental Engineering practice exam by NCEES: $30 Practice Problems for Environmental Engineering PE Exam, 3rd Edition by Lindeburg: $60 Environmental Engineering Solved Problems, 3rd edition by Schneiter: $40 Environmental Engineering Practice PE Exams, 3rd edition by Schneiter: 40 Payment can be made by PayPal and I will not charge extra for shipping. If someone is interested in purchasing all of them, I will give a $20 discount on the sum of all the items (i.e. all items for $250!!)
  10. Hello from Charlotte, NC - I am getting ready to start preparing for my PE Exam after an hiatus of 3 years. I last appeared in PE Environmental but did not pass. I am considering either Civil with Environmental as my depth option or Environmental as my main track. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks
  11. Hi everyone, This is my first post though I've been ransacking these forums for over a year now. A little background: I graduated with a BS degree in mechanical engineering in 2011. I never took the FE in school, it wasn't really encouraged for MEs. After graduation I got involved with the drinking water industry, primarily treatment plants and distribution system designs. My employer has really started to stress the fact that I should get my PE so I'll be eligible to move up in the ranks. That meant first taking the FE, which I studied my butt off for and by some miracle passed in May 2017 after being out of school for 6 years. My goal is to the PE exam in April 2018 but I am extremely undecided on which discipline to go for. I'm considering Mechanical: Thermal/Fluids or Civil: Water Resources & Environmental. Mechanical Pros: Looking at the NCEES specifications I'd say I feel fairly comfortable with about 50% of the material and at the very least recognize the other knowledge areas. Having just studied for the FE, topics like Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, and Thermodynamics are relatively fresh. Mechanical Cons: Thermo/Fluids were HARD in school for me so I can imagine the PE Exam has the potential to be downright horrendous. For all I know I may have bombed these sections in the FE and just gotten by on math, statics, strengths, etc. I don't know anyone who has taken it in the past - no study materials available ($$$) Civil Pros: More relative to my current work Most of my coworkers/friends have taken this route - and offered to let me have/borrow their study resources/references Easier (???) subject matters than Thermo/Fluids CivilCons: 70% of the topics on the NCEES specifications are completely new to me - the only topics I recognize are structures, groundwater, water quality, hydraulics, and drinking water distribution and treatment. I've never had any courses/experience in hydrology, storm water, waste water, soils, construction management etc. I guess it comes down to whether I should choose the devil I know vs. the devil I don't. Has anyone else ever been torn making a choice between the two and if so what did you decide? Any other MEs choose to take the Civil PE and if so what was it like teaching yourself all those non-ME topics from scratch? For those that took the ME Thermal/Fluids exam, how did the level of difficulty compare to the questions on the FE (for those that remember way back then..)? If you made it this far, thanks for reading! Any advice much appreciated.
  12. Hello all! I just created an account but have been lurking on this forum for quite some time. I recently passed the FE exam and am in need of some advice from fellow PE's and/or experienced individuals. I graduated in May of 2016 with a petroleum engineering degree. After graduation I could not find a job in that field, but was able to get an engineering role with an environmental/remediation company. I took my FE exam in April and passed. I have ambitions to become a fully licensed engineer, however I am unsure if going into a field I did not study in undergrad is the right decision. I am learning project management and work on estimating new projects (mainly remediation earthwork projects), so naturally my work experience would imply I should take the civil/construction or environmental PE exam when eligible. If I go this route, how difficult would the PE exam be for someone like me with little to no geotech, structural, and materials studies? How many of you guys/gals changed fields completely post graduation? I go back and forth in my mind about going for my masters in something more aligned with my current position, but I'd prefer to not go into more student loan debt. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  13. This seemed like the best sub to ask for career advice. If I'm wrong, I apologize! I majored in engineering because I liked problem solving, learning how things work, and unique challenges. In the working world I come across new challenges occasionally, however, even after a couple of workplace changes, working as an engineer just isn't fulfilling to me anymore. Because of that, I don't see my career progressing much further without any real passion. Business seems to be my natural path. I'm planning on going back for an MBA and changing careers to something totally different. I'm skilled in programming, Excel, making presentations, and utilizing big data (ArcGIS). I love to imagine myself at the executive level at some water company or consulting company, making big decisions and increasing profits. My questions: 1) Has anyone from this board made a similar move? Is the grass greener? 2) How rare would it be to find a position that would require/utilize both CE and business knowledge? I don't exactly want my degree and PE to go to waste either.
  14. Unfortunately I didn't pass the Environmental PE, I took the ASCE classes and feel that they didn't help me, any suggestions for next year? I heard school of PE is good.
  15. I am new to this forum. I'm taking the Environemtal exam in October 2016. I'm wondering if anyone has the notes packet from the University of Delaware review course that they'd be willing to sell. I'm thinking of signing up for the NC State review course. Thanks!
  16. Hello, I'm am almost finished with my undergrad in biology and am planning on pursuing a Master's degree (preferably in Europe). Originally I was going to get a MSc in oceanography, marine science, limnology, water resources, or something similar. But I learned that environmental engineers make more money. I want to work in an environmental field dealing with water problems, either ecological or water quality. The problem is that I want to find a balance between doing what I enjoy (field work) and making decent money (50k/yr+). I don't want to make 100k/yr and hate my job but I also don't want to work in a field I love and barely make a livable wage. Can I focus on water problems, marine or freshwater, with an environmental engineering degree? I don't really want to be working with wastewater treatment. Does it matter if I get a degree in Europe (e.g. Germany, Austria, Belgium, etc.)? Is there a balance between field work and office work with an environmental engineering degree, or is it almost all office work? Do offshore oil companies hire environmental engineers? Also, are there jobs that combine scuba diving and environmental work that pays well? Thank you very much for all of your help!
  17. I am doing QA on stripping of "A" horizon on a mine site. Part of the site is two wetlands in which the EOR wants to decommission. As per discussion with the contractor, contractor said that they can only strip the wetland with an arm reach of an excavator. The rest will be just covered with soil, with the water being pumped elsewhere or squeezed by the material placed on top. Site will be a plant site once the mine gets fired up. Just wondering what is the standard decommissioning of wetlands? Is covering the area with "C" horizon enough?
  18. I have an undergrad degree in civil engineering and masters in environmental. I work in the environmental field. But I am really terrible at test taking like these - i took the ACT 10 times! I get major anxiety. I have failed it 3 times already. I was wondering which exam would be the easiest to pass- other, civil, or env? I really dont remember anything about structural/transportation, etc. I'll take any advice-thanks!
  19. I know there aren't as many environmental engineers as compared to some of the other groups on here but I wanted to see how others who took the April 2016 Environmental PE Exam felt afterwards? I felt confident after the morning session but the afternoon session was not what I expected nor was it like the NCEES practice exam or what was hammered into my head during my School of PE review classes (so much focus on ideal gas law but hardly used on the exam).
  20. Hi all, I'm signed up to take the Civil PE with the WR and Environmental Depth afternoon this April and am wondering what I need to study as far as hazardous waste goes. Has anyone seen any haz waste questions on the exam, and if so, what general topics were they on? Thanks!
  21. Just completed the PE Oct 25, 2013, Water Resources and Enviro. I've read some great suggestions on here, and I didn't want to simply take from this Board without providing something in return. I've yet to find a comprehensive post like this one, where it simply answers many questions future-PE takers have. I'll try to be as succinct as I can, while providing enough detail. Suggested References AM 100% CERM (best civil engineering reference out there) PM 75% CERM 15% Wasterwater Engineering (Metcalf and Eddy) 10% Environmental Engineering (Davis Cornwell) Do Nots Bought Hydrology and Hydraulics by Gupta, big waste of money. Horrible index, and very similar to CERM. Could may have used it for one question, but was also answered in CERM I also bought the Water Resources and Environmental Depth Reference manual (CEWE) by Brant and Kauffman, another huge waste of money. Very very similar to CERM, no value add. Left at home I can only comment on these two since I own them. I do not think it is imperative to own any other reference material Practice Problems Though 3 of the 4 suggested practice problem books are more in depth than the actual PE, I highly suggest still practicing with each one. There are many mutually exclusive practice problems that may not be covered by the other 3 and is covered in one of them. Its all about exposure to as wide a variety of practice problems as possible. Six Minute Solutions - Great study material, but is much more in depth than the actual PE. Though these questions may not show up in whole on the exam, parts of a problem may. Important to have a pretty good understanding of the problems overall. Few of the problems in here are ridiculous, but good to at least be aware of different questions Practice Problems, CERM Companion - Another great study material. Stick to the subjects that are covered on the PE. CERM has many additional topics that will not be tested on in PE. These practice problems are more in depth than the actual PE, but again could show up in part on the Exam Civil PE Sample Examination (CESX4) - For some reason really enjoyed this study material. More in depth than the Exam NCEES PE Civil (NCPECW) - This is the one that is an absolute must have. Identical depth to PE! I strongly believe that these are previous Exam questions. I wish I could've found the older version as well to study with Study Strategy Having gone through some very intense studying (read CERM cover to cover, skipping very little. Read Wasterwater cover to cover. Read 80% Environmental. Read 70% of Hydrology book. Completed about 350 hours of study in 2.25 months) this is what I would suggest: Don't be an expert at every problem and every subject. I would highly suggest focusing intensly on 100% of AM and only 75% of PM, with mild focus on the remaining 25% of PM. This way when you're taking the exam, you'll immediately know how to approach majority of the problems, and sometimes not even need to open a book for reference. You'll get those problems out of the way very quickly, and have plenty of time to reference materials for the remaining 25% that you'll put a mild focus on. Tab your references, but don't over tab. Perhaps get a larger tab with a good amount of space on it, and write down the top 3 - 5 important things from that section. Referencing is absolutely key! I can't emphasize this enough. When doing the practice problems, struggle as much as your patience can handle with each problem before looking at the solution in the back! This is very important. I laughed when I saw some of the Hydraulic PE civils coming in with suitcases of books. I came in with only the 3 above and they were plenty. You don't have time to look and look through references. Its stressful enough taking the PE, why stress yourself even more by struggling through piles of books. I completed the AM in 2 hours, and the PM in 2.5 hours. The last half hour of the PM was spent solving 4 problems (my mild focus) which gave me plenty of time to review. Other If there is anything I left out that someone would like to know more about, respond and I'll do my best to give a good response. I found this forum very helpful to my studies, and it is important we help guide each other on this journey...without violating ethics of course.
  22. Selling the following books: 1 Integrated Solid Waste Management Engineering Principles & Management Issues- Georgio Tchobanoglous, Theisen/Vigil - used , very little pencil markings $20 2 Air Pollution Control – david Cooper, Alley FC -2nd edition -heavy highlighter markings $15 3 Study Guide for Engineering Economics Analysis by DG Newnan, E Wheeler - 9th edition -used -no markings, like new $5 a NCEES PE sample questions + solutions (2011) 100 solved questions and answers Used, few pencil markings $30 B NCEES PE sample questions + solutions (2004) 100 solved questions and answers Used, few pencil markings $30 4 Practice Problems for the PE Environmental Exam by Michael Farland, S Shelton, H Fuentes (1996) - 24 solved problems $20 5 Six minute solutions for Civil PE (Environmental Problems) by RW Schneiter (2003) $20 6 Environmetal Engineering Practice PE exams – 3rd edition RW Schneiter $30 7 Companion to Environmental Engineering Reference Manual -2nd edition by Michael Lindeburg -poor quality but can we used $15
  23. Hey all, I just took the FE environmental for the second time (will find out tomorrow!). This is an excel spreadsheet I used to keep tabs of what I've studied and how much time until the exam. There is a spot for todays date (should update automatically, if not just click on it and hit enter) plus a spot to add when your exam date is. When you have finished a section, change the N in the box to a Y, and it will turn green. Also there is a spot for page numbers for each topic. I know there are some online ones, but this one is nice to have and you can print it out or just have it saved to your computer. I know has a pretty good one, but it had me studying several topics at once so I didn't like it and made my own. Sorry everyone else who isn't environmental, but you guys get all the good study material and review courses. Patattacka FE environ schedule
  24. Hi Everyone! First post, but I've been reading for a while. I am a non-engineer major (majored in Biochemistry with a BS). I will be taking the FE environmental this coming Saturday (10/18). I had considerably less time to prepare than I wish I did, but because I am taking this exam to qualify for an Air Force job, the longer I wait the less chance I have of getting the job (its either now or January). I have a review manual specifically for enviro by Kaplan (lots of errata in it, which can be very frustrating) which is updated for the CBT, and also I got the flashcards and practice exams from, which I haven't gotten into much since I just got them. Anyway, anyone else that has taken the enviro CBT, please give me some feedback. I am assuming it will be a lot of mass/energy balances, mixed in with fluid dynamics, some civil, and math, etc. FYI, I have alreay heavily familiarized myself with the reference manual and the specs provided by the NCEES. I am mostly just looking for exerience. From reading on here, a lot of Civil people have said that units are very tricky, and time management is a tricky lady. Thanks a ton Pat Also, a shout out to MikeC for getting my account to work
  25. I've been reading through the EERM and there are several chapters on HVAC (heating requirements, cooling requirements, ducts, etc), but I don't see this mentioned on the overall outline for the test. Is it covered under the "Basic Principles" for the air section? Is it even on the test? I have both my undergraduate and masters degree in environmental engineering but I've never worked with HVAC so I'm kind of freaking out that I'll have to learn it all in the next few weeks.
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