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  1. Admission to B.Tech. programme in VIT, is purely based on the VITEEE score. VITEEE is a common entrance exam for VIT Vellore, VIT Chennai, VIT-AP and VIT- Bhopal. The exam tests Maths/Biology, Physics, Chemistry, English & Aptitude. The test consists of 125 multiple choice questions to be answered in two and half hours. Selection is based on the ranks through offline counselling process at VIT Campuses.
  2. Various engineering jobs posted directly by employers available at Jobs Specialties in: Aerospace Agricultural Architectural Biomedical Chemical Civil Electrical Entry Level Environmental Industrial Materials Mechanical Software Telecommunications
  3. Would you like to be working alongside the RAFO, on a Typhoon operating base? We currently have a vacancy for a Weapons Instructor at our site in Oman. As a Weapons Instructor, you will be accountable to the Weapons Training Lead for the successful delivery of the on base Typhoon Ground crew training elements of the Typhoon for Oman project. You will be providing support to the Training Manager in defining training requirements, developing and approving “fit for purpose” training solutions, whilst maximising operational efficiency and minimising costs. This is an excellent opportunity for a pragmatic, forward looking energetic person. Your main responsibilities as a Weapons Instructor will involve: Delivering theoretical and practical elements of the Typhoon for Oman Ground crew Training Programme Assisting in the planning of theoretical and practical elements of the Typhoon for Oman Ground crew Training Programme Applying DSAT/BSAT principles in the evaluation of training to ensure satisfactory completion of all customer requirements Providing the required training, support and mentoring of RAFO personnel in the set-up of the RAFO Adam Typhoon Training School Your skills and qualifications as a Weapons Instructor: Weapons Typhoon Q Recognised Aircraft Weapons Technician apprenticeship or equivalent Experience of maintaining aircraft in a military environment Recognised instructing or teaching qualification IT literate including competency in the use of MS Office (PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Outlook) Excellent written and spoken English What we're looking for in you: You will be an experienced professional with a proven work ethic and demonstrable ability to complete a wide range of activities using initiative and technical skills to contribute positively to the organisation. You will be keen, conscientious and able to work well either alone or as part of a team, able to maintain confidentiality in sensitive matters and display excellent judgement when required. Location: Oman Salary: Competitive BAE Systems BAE Systems is one of the world’s leading global defence, security and aerospace companies. We work at the cutting edge of technology, creating more than 100 new inventions every year for customers in over 100 countries. Apply here:
  4. I'm taking the PE exam for Industrial Engineering next week and freaking out. I don't know anyone else who has taken it, and can't find anyone online either who has. Was only able to find one study guide and practice exam. Has anyone here taken it, or going to take it? What study materials are you using? How many reference books are you bringing? Any feedback helps, thanks!
  5. Passing your respective engineering exam is a crowning achievement in one's career. Following passing the exam, one is issued a license number, a certificate, and a state specific engineering seal with their name and respective license number. Stamping Grounds provides slate coasters to licensed individuals in architecture, engineering, and land surveying. The process is easy! Simply email and attach an AutoCAD or Revit file with your stamp and the address where you want them sent and I will do the rest! All files containing license seals will be permanently deleted after coaster is created. I attached a couple examples of my very own coasters I use at my office. Please see below for prices (shipping included). If you require additional coasters, let me know and I will shoot you a price. 1 coaster = $15.00 2 coasters = $25.00 3 coasters = 30.00 4 coasters = $35.00 Illinois SE Example North Carolina PE Example
  6. A 3-year PhD studentship is available at UCL Department of Mechanical Engineering. See full description at
  7. State of the Art Novel InFlowTech 1Gearturbine RotaryTurbo 2Imploturbocompressor One CompressionStep View File Featured Project Development - State of the Art Novel InFlowTech: ·1-Gearturbine RotaryTurbo, ·2-Imploturbocompressor One CompressionStep: |/ *1; Gearturbine Project, Rotary Turbo, Have the similar basic system of the Aeolipile Heron Steam Turbine device from Alexandria 10-70 AD · With Retrodynamic = DextroRPM VS LevoInFlow + Ying Yang Way Power Type - Non Waste Looses · 8X/Y Thermodynamic CYCLE Way Steps. 4 Turbos, Higher efficient percent. No blade erosion by sand & very low heat target signature Pat:197187IMPI MX Dic1991 Atypical Motor Engine Type. |/ *2; Imploturbocompressor; Imploducted, One Moving Part System Excellence Design - The InFlow Interaction comes from Macro-Flow and goes to Micro-Flow by Imploducted Implossion - Only One Compression Step; Inflow, Compression and outflow at one simple circular dynamic motion / New Concept. To see a Imploturbocompressor animation, is possible on a simple way, just to check an Hurricane Satellite view, and is the same implo inflow way nature. Submitter retrodynamic Submitted 11/20/2018 Category Civil- Transportation Notes  
  8. I've been toying with the idea of starting my own electrical consulting company with a focus in commercial retail design. Based on what I have seen at my current job there is a significant demand for designers/drafters and signers. My hesitation is giving up a well paying job and trying to start a family. My spouse knows this has been my want for several years now but is concerned of the risk. Anybody had any success with starting their own company? The loss of the guaranteed income is the hardest part but I feel I have opportunities with the networking I have made to this point. A little info.. previous vet, 1 year as a laborer, went back to college, 3 years as industrial power consultant (arc flash, power studies, troubleshooting at large plants or distribution facilities, etc) and 2 years MEP/arch for commercial retail where I'm now a signing PE. Just would like to see if anybody has any experiences or information I can read other than what's on nerdwallet or a quick Google is giving me. Thanks
  9. Guys, How close do you think I was to passing? It seems like I was near or above the avg passing score in sections 5 and 10 thru 18. It looks like the softer subjects killed me which is really frustrating such as computational tools and ethics. Anyone have a good plan of attack for passing this the next time?
  10. I'm selling materials that came in handy for me for studying for the PE Environmental Engineering exam. I took the exam in April 2017. They are all in good condition with limited markings. Handbook of Environmental Engineering Calculations by Lee and Lin: $15.00 Fundamentals of Air Quality Systems by Noll: $25 PE Environmental Engineering License Review Manual by Brightwood: $60 PE Environmental Engineering practice exam by NCEES: $30 Practice Problems for Environmental Engineering PE Exam, 3rd Edition by Lindeburg: $60 Environmental Engineering Solved Problems, 3rd edition by Schneiter: $40 Environmental Engineering Practice PE Exams, 3rd edition by Schneiter: 40 Payment can be made by PayPal and I will not charge extra for shipping. If someone is interested in purchasing all of them, I will give a $20 discount on the sum of all the items (i.e. all items for $250!!)
  11. I have up for sale a few of my PE books from when I took the exam in April 2017. I recall them all being in like new condition, but will double check the HCM before finalizing the sale as it's been awhile since I looked at these. I do know for a fact that I did not write in the practice exams while taking them. Feel free to ask for some random photos of pages, etc. to verify condition if desired. All prices include shipping to US48! NCEES Practice Exam (2014) - Transportation Depth - $35 (I paid $52.56 after NCEES's massive shipping fees) Goswami - Practice Exam for the Civil PE Exam: Breadth + Transportation Depth (2015) - $23 Goswami - Practice Exams for the Civil PE Exam: Two Breadth Exams (2013) - $22 HCM 2010 (Highway Capacity Manual) - $190 If you want all 4 of these I will drop the total from $270 down to $250. I also have a spiral bound copy of the CERM table of contents (with minor highlights) that I can toss in for free to any order that wants it. Send me a PM if interested and if you want to do any back and forth discussion please include your email address so my inbox here doesn't fill up quick.
  12. Hello About me: I am a transfer junior Aerospace engineering major at U of Minnesota and will be getting a degree in physics from U of Wisconsin the same time I graduate from MN (don't ask how that works, it just does). I have had an REU nuclear physics internship (+ a year and half of nuclear research), a Quality engineering internship and currently a lab technician at 3M while in school. I have 3.1 gpa and am apart of Formula SAE. I am a alright student (not a genius but I do the best I can), I excel in a work environment (have stellar recommendations). Problem: Since transferring I have found it near impossible to even get a call for an interview for any internships, it was actually easier to get a call back while a physics major. I have applied every where from Boeing to small town engineering firms and nothing. I have a professionally done resume and all of my previous managers attest I was their best interviewee they have ever had. To me it seems that the more I buff up myself with experience and technical training (referring to doing a 2nd degree) the more doors close for me. IS MY GPA REALLY THE REASON I CANT GET AN INTERNSHIP TO LOOK AT ME? (I know its not stellar but I figured my experience would at least help me a bit) IS THIS NORMAL? IS IT WORTH STAYING IN ENGINEERING? I love science and actually learning about engineering and how our world functions to an immense degree but I have sacrificed my personal life to be where I am and honestly right now it doesn't seem worth it. I know I am not a genius and probably will be only able to maintain around 3.2 so did I screw up? should I jump ship before I commit more time?
  13. Hello, I am a senior at Captain John L. Chapin High School in El Paso, TX. I am currently doing my senior project on the topic of planned obsolescence and the possible ways to lessen the occurrence of it. Included is the link to a survey I have created for my project and I would greatly appreciate it if I could get feedback from you on the topic if at all applicable. Your personal and general information is confidential and the only thing I will be able to review are results (No names are present on the submitted results). Thank you for taking the time to at least read this.
  14. Hello my name is Tyler, I am a sophomore in Highschool and I need to answer a few interview questions for my Principles of Engineering class. If you are not comfortable with the first question please do not answer it. Name, title, contact info (work phone & email, company name, location, job title) What are your duties and responsibilities as a _________ engineer? How many employees in your company? How many work under you? What is your specialty in _________ engineering? How many hours is a typical work day? Can you do any telecommuting? What % of your workday is spent at a computer? Office? Worksite? Other? What type of math is used in your job? In your opinion, what are some advantages & disadvantages of your job? What is your salary range? Benefits? Are you paid over time? How much vacation time per year? Are promotions possible, and how long before promotion can be expected Are you required to travel on the job? Are there any physical requirements? What type of high school courses would be helpful for this career? What university did you get your degree from? How long did it take? Why did you choose _________ engineering? Do you enjoy your career? Does where you live affect this career? Any advice for a high school student thinking about pursuing this career?
  15. I am designing a cart to transport and store some sensitive equipment. We want to mistake proof the ESD connection by making it connect automatically when the cart is in its correct location. I had the idea to use metal wheels and store the cart on a metal pad, but that would tear up the floor over time. I've been trying to figure out some sort of docking mechanism that would complete the connection by pushing the cart into it, possible with the two halves connecting to a support leg on the cart and the wall. Does anyone have any experience or ideas with this kind of project? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  16. Hello, My name is Sam. I posted a while ago about giving up my mechanical engineering major. I can gladly say that thing have shifted for better recently. I am a senior, studying mechanical engineering. I just finished a great internship in a company in Kansas City, where I learned so much. I am returning to college this fall in another city (Tulsa, Ok) and I was impressed to see how much I learned this summer. I want to find a new job, so I can get to know new concepts, machines and different fields. In my internship, I worked as Mechanical Engineer Intern where I would draw & model parts in SolidWorks following engineering concepts, then follow those modifications with the manufacturing team. I had a great mentor, that taught me a lot of things. I am moving back to Tulsa, and I am not sure the best approach to find a new opportunity. I need a part-time/co-op job up to 20hr/week while I am taking classes in college. I was thinking of looking for companies involved in manufacturing, where they may need a Design Engineer. I have applied online to a few of them, but most of them are looking for full-time positions which is not what I am looking for right know. I did try to reach a couple friend who graduated, but none of them had any opportunity they knew of. 1. Would it be a good approach to visit personally some of these companies and ask for the engineering department manager? (What would be good advice on this situation) 2. What other jobs, maybe non-engineering would add more to my experience. I was looking at some other manufacturing positions where I would learn to assemble and learn about materials, but I am not sure which one to apply for. Thank you for your advice!
  17. I'm working on designing a two story building (same as the attached sketch) & here are the conditions:- The building is 72 ft x 32 ft;- The lower level should be all concrete & waterproof, the top level is CMU with an A-frame roof;- The building is in a flood zone & the first floor will be completely submersed in water when it floods;- This is an industrial structure in a water plant.I have not designed a structure like this before & I have concerns about the lower level; What are the main things to look out for or be concerned about in my design? Do I need drainage? Or a retaining wall (or other methods of stabilizing the soil) so the soil on the bottom of the building wouldn't be washed off over time? Is it a concern for the passive pressure of the soil behind the building causing overturning or sliding down the slope?What would you recommend for the foundation? A slab? Piles?...I'd appreciate your advise and help!
  18. The State of North Dakota is looking for a Water Resource Engineer 1 and 3 located in the Bismarck office. I will be working with the new hires and would like the best applicants available as it makes my work life more enjoyable. Consider this a public service announcement, and feel free to message me with any comments or questions. Job would be at the State Water Commission located in Bismarck, North Dakota. Link to the Posting: or I actually found this forum this spring as i was taking my PE test for the first time and i am happy to announce that i have passed the water resource exam on the first attempt.
  19. I wanted to hear other thoughts on it, would you or your firm hire someone who did graduate with an Engineering degree but in a different field from what you practice? Assume it's from an ABET accredited intitution and the individual has not taken the FE.
  20. I guess I forgot to introduce myself on my first day here (the day I found out my dream of becoming a PE is shattered and postponed to another 6 months... the day of to be or not to be... the day of green or red... the day of passed or fail... the day of tears or tears (this time from joy)... I am a power electrical engineer and will be taking The Power PE in October for the second time. I've found this forum really helpful for both study and emotional support. I hope I can contribute and support others as well the same way I get help and support. thank you, A warrior from Cali
  21. I'm wondering how different firms across the country handle and regard professional licensure - did your firm do anything for you regarding the test or were you on your own? examples - reimbursing exam fees, giving PTO, providing study materials, reimbursing travel costs, etc. I'm trying to get the policy at my company changed (they pay you the day that you take it but no reimbursement of out-of-pocket costs) and I'm interested in feedback as to what the typical situation for most engineers is.
  22. Principal Engineer (C&I, Active Vehicle Control)-00040496 Would you like to apply your knowledge of control systems design to cutting edge submarine control systems, which determine the way in with the submarines move through the water, dive, and surface? We currently have a vacancy for a Principal Engineer –to join the Active Vehicle Control team at our site in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria. As a Principal Engineer – Active Vehicle Control, you will be responsible for the design and integration of control systems at a safety integrity level (SIL) 3. This will include requirements management, system design, and integration into the wider platform. As a Principal Engineer – Active Vehicle Control your main responsibilities will include: Control system design for SIL 3 systems, considering integration with the wider platform Gathering requirements from customers relating to the boat control and/ or hydrodynamic systems Carrying out system design for control and instrumentation systems Interfacing with customers, suppliers, and other related engineering teams Mentoring junior members of staff within the team to encourage their professional development As a Principal Engineer – Active Vehicle Control your skills and qualifications must include: Degree (or equivalent) qualification in relevant field, or substantial control systems design experience Demonstrable experience in control systems design and control theory application Previous experience of applying control theory to a vehicle programme or similar platform As a Principal Engineer – Active Vehicle Control your skills and qualifications will ideally include: Experience interfacing with suppliers Previous submarines experience What we're looking for in you: We are looking for a strong communicator due to the supplier facing elements of this role. You must also be a good team worker, able to collaborate with other stakeholders in a multi-disciplinary environment. Salary: Competitive Location: Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria Interested? Apply here: BAE Systems BAE Systems is one of the world’s leading global defence, security and aerospace companies. We work at the cutting edge of technology, creating more than 100 new inventions every year for customers in over 100 countries. Maritime – Submarines BAE Systems Maritime Submarines has been safely delivering world class submarines to the Royal Navy for more than a century. BAE Systems Maritime Submarines is home to the design, build, test and commissioning of the Astute class - the Royal Navy's latest and most capable generation of attack submarines. In total, seven of these state-of-the-art vessels will make up the fleet, each weighing a mighty 7,400 tonnes. Split across nine UK locations, and with more than 5,000 employees, the business is also the industry lead for the successor to the Vanguard class of nuclear deterrent submarines. We pride ourselves on employing the best professionals around. Join us and you'll be part of something important; something you can be proud of. BAE Systems welcomes applications from all sections of the community.
  23. Make your mark on the most ambitious engineering project in the UK. Visit our upcoming event and discover more. Get inspired with BAE Systems We’re currently looking for talented engineers and technical designers in a diverse range of fields to join our most complex and cutting-edge submarine project to date. It’s no exaggeration to say this is the most technically advanced project in the world right now – working with machinery even more precise than the space shuttle. Recruitment Event - Tuesday 29th November at Derbyshire County Cricket Club in the Pavilion Room If you’re up for the challenge, come and meet us at our upcoming event on November 29th at Derbyshire County Cricket Club. It’s a chance to speak face-to-face about the roles available, the scope of the work and the community you’ll be part of. We’ll have members of the business there to discuss projects and opportunities on the day, available from 8am – 7pm. There is no need to register to attend, just turn up on the day for an informal discussion. About the programme This new class of submarine will operate in the most inhospitable environments on earth – protecting borders and people, strengthening nations and building stronger communities. To make that happen, we’re building a highly collaborative team of some of the most passionate and knowledgeable experts in their fields. Based at our shipyard in Barrow, it’s an environment where you’ll be trusted to deliver bold, innovative solutions to unique engineering challenges. In return, you can expect plenty of room to develop both personally and professionally – with training courses and genuine opportunities to use your design or engineering knowledge and skills to their fullest potential. It’s a 20-year project, making this a chance to make real contributions across a long-term and highly specialist career. What’s more, you could also build relationships while working directly with our partners, including highly reputed global engineering brands. What we’re looking for This team will be staffed by engineers and designers in a wide range of areas and at all levels. So whether you’re an experienced professional or a recent graduate, if you’re truly passionate about contributing to the next generation of marine technology, we could have a role for you. Ideally, you’ll have some marine engineering or design expertise – but we’re also interested in aviation, nuclear, automotive, oil and gas specialists. Roles will be available in: Electrical Engineering – Power, Control and Instrumentation disciplines Mechanical Engineering – Platform Systems General Design Engineering Structural (Hull) Designers – range of roles from Primary Structures to Outfit Human Factors Training Needs Analysis Safety Engineering Operability Engineering Software and Information Assurance Roles in the Product Lifecycle Management Competency Centre in Information Management & Technology Why join us You’ll be directly responsible for the most advanced technical platform on the planet, and by design, most people will never even see it. But that doesn’t mean your contributions won’t be acknowledged. You’ll be in a culture that recognises success and celebrates achievement. That starts with constant development opportunities and the trust to apply your talents to the fullest – as well as opportunities for flexible working. Get inspired. Meet the team, discuss your future and see what you can do for the next generation of submarines. If you would like to register your interest for these types of roles, please click here:
  24. Principal Engineer, Safety-00028564 DESCRIPTION Principal Systems Safety Engineer Would you like the opportunity to develop your expertise within the Combat Systems business area that continues to grow to meet the demands of design, development and supply of technology leading complex systems for future submarine programmes? We currently have a vacancy for a Principal Systems Safety Engineer at our site in Weymouth. Reporting into the Combat Systems Safety Manager you will be developing Def Stan 00-56 Safety Cases for major projects associated with submarines in design, in-build and in-service. Areas will include one or more of the following Combat Systems: Above Water Surveillance, Command & Control, Common Infrastructure, External Communication Systems, Navigation and Underwater Surveillance. This role will enable you to develop a full understanding of the Combat System and liaise with various stakeholders there. Your main responsibilities as a Principal Systems Safety Engineer will involve: Organising and chairing Hazard Identification workshops Organising and chairing periodic Safety Committee meetings Attending external Safety and Project meetings Production and maintenance of Safety Case documentation (Plans, Policies and Reports) to support Project milestones Conducting Risk Management in accordance with Def Stan 00-56 Reviewing third-party supplied safety case inputs Mentoring and supporting junior engineers Managing Safety Case development for allocated projects Your skills and qualifications as a Principal Systems Safety Engineer: Essential: Degree in Engineering, Safety or equivalent experience Demonstrable experience within the defence domain Broad and thorough knowledge of safety standards Experience of producing safety cases Desirable: SSMO certification (Ship Safety Management Office) Experience specifically within the maritime defence environment What we're looking for in you: We are looking for you to be hardworking, self-motivated and driven, with the ability to prioritise your workload appropriately. You will be adaptable, as you will be exposed to a wide variety of engineering problems often troubleshooting to meet project deadlines. Salary: Competitive Location: Weymouth, Frimley, Filton, Ash Vale OR Broad Oak BAE Systems BAE Systems is one of the world’s leading global defence, security and aerospace companies. We work at the cutting edge of technology, creating more than 100 new inventions every year for customers in over 100 countries. Maritime Submarines – Combat Systems Our Submarines business has been safely delivering world class submarines to the UK Royal Navy for more than a century. It currently employs approximately 7,700 people, with 500 of these working for Combat Systems across our sites in Barrow-in-Furness, Ash Vale, Broad Oak, Filton, Frimley and Weymouth. We are currently responsible for the design, build, test and commissioning of the Royal Navy's latest and most capable generation of attack submarines, as well as their intelligent Combat Systems trusted to detect threats in the naval environment. Our Combat Systems team designs, builds, integrates and supports all of the submarine combat systems in the UK fleet – essentially, the eyes and ears of each platform. We provide through-life support for combat systems, sensors and radars, and deliver complex programmes and technologies by applying expert programme management and world-class engineering. BAE Systems is an equal opportunities employer. We value diversity and welcome applications from candidates from all backgrounds. We particularly welcome applications from sections of the community which are currently under-represented at BAE Systems, including women, BAME and applicants with disabilities. Please note we will not use any personal information relating to your background at any stage of the application process. Inspiring Work, Inspiring People Apply here: JOB Engineering PRIMARY LOCATION GB-ENG-DOR-Weymouth CLOSING DATE 22/Nov/16, 1:59:00 A
  25. Do you hold a Master’s in Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Systems & Control, Materials Science, Automotive Technology, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Environmental/Safety Engineering/Science, Applied Physics or another technical specialisation? Our employees’ and partners’ clever ideas have already resulted in many ground-breaking innovations. Our engineers and scientists are crucial to our success and development. A career at Shell offers wide international possibilities, such as the management, maintenance, development and safety of our refineries, gas projects, research centres or platforms. Your role will always be dynamic and varied, ranging from setting up, managing, maintaining or improving sites, processes, environmental and safety performance and technologies to working on ground-breaking projects. Energy is an essential part of our daily lives To meet the demand we need the best engineers. People from different backgrounds and cultures for various projects and locations around the world. Such as our on- and offshore energy projects in Groningen, with an international team and a flexible and great atmosphere. Or Pernis, the biggest refinery in Europe and one of the biggest in the world. Pernis is a very complex and interesting joint oil refinery/chemicals manufacturing site. The materials made at Pernis are used by customers to manufacture many everyday products including car parts, foam seating and bedding, paints, cooling fluids, pharmaceuticals and petrol. Who are we looking for? You will be working on innovative new ways of producing energy to meet growing demand for energy. We are looking for creative-thinking problem solvers who use resourcefulness, innovation and technology to unlock the energy that our customers need, both now and in the future, whilst endeavoring to limit environmental impact at the same time. Are you an undergraduate or recent graduate? Do you have a Master’s in Engineering or Science? Apply for an internship or a job:
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