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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, Just received my result for California State Surveying Exam with Reza's class for the first time and unfortunately didn't pass. Overall, I thought I had done much better on the exam than expected going in, problems were simpler to the practice problems from Reza's class. Reza's class I believe prepared me well for the exam. Felt like I nailed 35 questions, felt 50-50 on 12 questions, and completely guessed on 8 questions (horizontal/vertical curves mostly). My guess after I took the exam was that I answered between 65%-75% correct depending on luck factors. However, that did not reflect in the results, and the diagnostic report does not clarify my score, nor adequately show my performance for what chapters I need to improve my study plan in the Reza book. My diagnostic reads the following: Topographic Surveys - 35% - Marginal Construction Surveys - 35% - Deficient Accuracy and Error Analysis - 10% - Proficient Preparation of Reports and Maps - 20% - Deficient Im very confused regarding the following: 1) What was my actual score on the exam? Don't need to know the cutoff score, but at a minimum I'm entitled to know my score on each section. Deficient is defined as below the minimum passing level, however there is a very large gap of deficiency between scoring 0% and 60% which could be considered deficient. And Marginal seems like it could be from 55%-70%, and Proficient seems like 75%-100%, which also makes a big difference. The example scores on the PDF would have been nice if I could actually get that information, not sure why this needs to be hidden. 2) What topics refer to these four categories? The Reza book lays out 10 chapters, Law and Surveying, Distance measurements, Angular Measurements, Error Analysis, Topographic Survey and Mapping, Highway Curves and Volumes, Construction Staking, Photogrammetry, California State Plan Coordinates, and Global Positioning. Where do these chapters fall into? 3) Received very few questions regarding preparation of reports and maps, only a few on map scales, how does this equate to 20% of the examination? From preparation and taking the exam, I felt similar proficiency level on all sections, so the diagnostic leaves me even more confused. 4) Received several questions regarding types of surveys and surveying equipment which I thought I answered most of these correctly, what category does this fall into? 5) Received several questions regarding horizontal and vertical curves, this was definitely my weakness, what category does this fall into? Im really hoping to get some further clarification from the California Board regarding my score, plan to review horizontal/vertical curves more in depth and take a lot of practice exams. Need to know a benchmark from my diagnostic to know if Im making further improvements.
  2. Guys, How close do you think I was to passing? It seems like I was near or above the avg passing score in sections 5 and 10 thru 18. It looks like the softer subjects killed me which is really frustrating such as computational tools and ethics. Anyone have a good plan of attack for passing this the next time?
  3. Hi all, I took the Civil FE for the first time last week and was pretty confident about it. I studied only for about 3 weeks (during my winter break) about 5-6 hours a day. I created a solid study plan and focused my time on my stronger subjects (Transpo, Hydraulics, Geotech, Env, Mathematics, Ethics and Construction). I mainly used the videos from Marshall University and my FE prep book (FE Civil Review - Michael Lindeburg) to brush up on old subjects. I was also pretty familiar with the cheat sheet thats given on the test, I used it during my studying and knew where everything was during the test. Since I'm a pretty fast test taker, I finished my exam about an hour early and only guessed on about a total of 10-15 questions for the entire exam. I was very shocked and disappointed when I got my results back this morning and unfortunately did not pass. Attached is my diagnostic and as you can see, I did poorly in majority of the subjects. I think my failure could be due to the fact that I didn't do enough practice problems? Although I felt confident about my knowledge. I want to take the test ASAP since the semester will start to pick up again and you all know how difficult it is to manage engineering classes, work and studying for a huge exam like the FE. But I'm not sure if there is a time constraint between my first exam and my retake, I've looked everywhere online and can't seem to find a solid answer. I am in the state of California so if any of you have any idea that would be really helpful! I know you can only take 3 exams during a 12 month period but not sure for the time between each tests. Also if any of you have any study tips/advice I would really appreciate it. Thank you!
  4. I wanted to see if someone can take a look at my Diagnostic report from April 2017 for the Civil/Structural PE and recommend some study material for me in order to help me raise my score the next time around. In the attached Diagnostic report I put what I believe was the national passing score average next to my results. The items I show in green are the ones that I did better or equal to the national average. The items in Blue are the ones where I did slightly less than the national average but I have the material to better prepare myself for the next exam. The items in Red are ones where I did not do well and where I am a little lost on where to find sample exams problems for them so that I can better my score. Basically I scored a 45/80 and I believe that if I raise this score to a 56/80 I will pass the next time. I realize that this is going to be a difficult task because it is an approximately 20% increase. However, I just want to be able to see an improvement each time I take the test so that I do not get discouraged. I believe I was below the national average on Breadth by 3 problems and I believe I was below the national average on the Structural Depth by 8 problems. To give you a little history on my background, I am an Electrical PE and I spent the last 5 months before the Structural PE Exam in April studying about 45hrs/week. I went through the following material: 1) CERM, 2) PPI Practice Problems for the Civil PE, 3) Goswmi two breadth exams, 3) Civil Engineering Academy breadth & structural Depth exams & Youtube videos, 4) Mike's Civil PE Exam Guide. I am looking for practice problems in the following topics: 9) Analysis of Structures: Loads & load applications, 11) Design & Details of Structures: Material properties, 12) Design & Details of Structures: Component design & detailing. I learn by doing practice problems. Thank you in advance for your support.
  5. I am wondering if anyone would post their diagnostic. I took the FE CIVIL CBT and failed. I am studying to pass my next time. But i'm curious about my results. Do i need to get the "average" mark in every field. I had the probably and statistics that was 0/4 passed. Everything else was above or below. Has anyone else gotten higher scores and above average in several areas and still failed? I'm posting my result
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