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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone, I have passed the PE exam and my current state of residence is Texas. Based on TSPE (Texas Society of Professional Engineers), I am now eligible to be licensed. I have a PhD from a school in the US, however my bachelor's and master's are from foreign institutions. I also have official translations of my degrees and transcripts, sealed. Now from similar cases my friends from my country shared, in Texas if one applies through the state board (rather than NCEES), one can email or include a copy of his/her official translations and send over to the board and that is sufficient for the Board to consider it legit. However, moving to another state, as I heard, requires going through NCEES verification process and NCEES is pretty strict about receiving the items directly from the institution and does not accept receiving them from the applicant. The other problem is that the foreign institutes I have my degrees from are pretty clumsy in sending the materials abroad and it would be best if I am present there to make this happen smoothly. I am considering a number of job offers in different states and am leaning towards moving to California. I know that I probably do not have to take the PE exam again and this counts for the 8-hour exam in CA. I also understand, I have to take the seismic and surveying exam as well to be qualified for a California PE. So it looks like another year or so to be qualified for the California PE. So, at the time being, I am not quite sure which approach would be better for me: 1- Apply for my Texas PE license, and when moved to CA follow the procedure there. The question here is that does CA accepts me sending my official transcripts to the board, similar to how they do it in Texas, or should it go through NCEES' more strict process? 2- Wait until I pass the rest of the exams, and then submit my application in CA and see how it goes. The question here would be if CA needs another set of reference letters, or if my current reference letters in TSPE letterhead would be acceptable by CA. 3- Just go through the NCEES process and as much as cumbersome it looks, try to do it the NCEES way and save headaches in the future? Any helps will be appreciated.
  2. Hi, I have foreign experience and I am going to apply for PE License using NCEES Record. I have worked for almost 5.5 year for same company with same team design team. Should I break it down to interval of every two years to be qualified for NY PE License? or I can submit the whole 5.5 years period in one record? Any similar experience or recommendation would be appreciated! Thanks,
  3. My employer had me get licensed in every state that we do business and agreed to pay the fees as long as we're doing business in those states. Now we're not doing business in some of the states so I'm responsible for the costs of those licenses now. Is there any reason I should keep licenses obtained by comity current if I'm not using them?
  4. Hi all, A rather confusing (and long) question regarding comity. First, my background: I have a PhD and 3 years work experience (in academia). I have not taken the FE or PE exams, though I am currently scheduled to take the FE Mechanical in August. After scheduling my FE exam, I happened to be looking at the rules for neighboring states (I live in PA) and saw that in DE, my PhD allows me to waive the FE exam. In addition, my graduate work counts as 2 years of experience, so that plus my 3 years of work post-PhD gives me more than enough experience years to take the PE now. So it seemed like cancelling my FE exam registration and just gearing up to take the PE and get my Delaware PE license in 2016/17 was the logical choice. Then I could get comity for PA and even NJ. Problem is that Pennsylvania has no such waiver of the FE exam for getting a terminal degree. AND your years of experience begin accumulating only after you receive the EIT. Which probably means any application for comity (DE --> PA/NJ) would be rejected. So, my question is: has anyone had a similar experience and been able to get comity in the state(s) with stricter rules and regulations? Is there any precedent for a case like mine? I'd much rather get the PE license in 2016/17 in Delaware and apply for comity rather than take the FE exam now and wait until 2020 to take the PE in PA. I'll save a little money and a ton of time.
  5. I received an e-mail late last week from NCEES saying there is going to be new Records system. Does anyone know anything about it?
  6. I've started working on my NCEES record and got stuck at the 'References' section. The record requires 5 PEs as references. I chatted with an NCEES rep and looks like there will be no exception provided. Even if you get by this hurdle; you have to add a new reference every year - again a PE. I am a Telecommunications Engineer and PEs are simply unheard of in my field. Anyone facing a similar problem? Maybe I need to network on these boards and work with some of the PEs here in order to finish my record in the future! Do you guys know if individual states have less of a 'PE based' character reference requirements?
  7. Which states will not give me a comity licensure because they mandate that I can only take the PE Exam after 4 years? Below is the the link to NSPE's blog. NSPE recently put out an official position for allowing people to take the test early, provided they only get the license after the requisite experience. If you read the blog, it says some states won't give you comity, even if you have the 4 years of experience, simply because you took the exam early. I've been searching the internet and trying to find out which states are like this. Does anyone know specific states?
  8. Hi, I recently got NJ PE License and I am trying to acquire NY PE license. When I called NY PE Board, they told me I have to submit Form 1, 2, 3, 4 & 4A since I don't have NCEES record. Is there an easy way to go about it? Thanks,
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