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Found 20 results

  1. I have the following items for sale. Thoroughly studied them and they all came quite handy in my preparation. All are unmarked and barely used: Civil Engineering Reference Manual 15th Edition: $160 PPI Civil PE Practice Exam (Lindeburg): $25 PPI Practice Problems for the Civil Engineering PE Exam 15th Edition: $35 Will sell all for $200.
  2. I passed the exam this spring on my first attempt. Highly recommended these books as all of them including the practice exams were helpful for me during the exam. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Civil Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam, 15th Ed, Lindeburg PE,Michael R. $195 2. A Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets 2011, AASHTO (Green Book) $270 3. Highway Capacity Manual: HCM 2010 (3 Volume Set), TRB Publications $195 4. PE Civil: Transportation Practice Exam $30 5. OSHA Construction Standards and Regulations (29 CFR 1926) $30 6. Practice Exam for the Civil PE Exam: BREADTH + TRANSPORTATION DEPTH (Sample Exams for the Civil PE Exam) (Volume 4), Goswami P.E., Dr. Indranil $15 7. Breadth Exam 2016, Goswami P.E., Dr. Indranil $15 8. Civil PE Practice Exam: Breadth Exam Version A, B, C PE Prepared LLC $45 ($15 each) 9. Transportation Depth Practice Exams for the Civil PE Exam, Gerbetz PE, Dale R $95 10. Practice Problems for the Civil Engineering PE Exam: A Companion to the Civil Engineering Reference Manual, 15th Ed, Lindeburg PE, Michael R. $45 11. Transportation Depth Six-Minute Problems for the PE Civil Exam, Voigt PE PLS, Norman R. $30 Has Markings Message me if you are interested. $890 for everything. Shipping is flexible based on location. I prefer Paypal or Venmo.
  3. I took and passed the CIVIL PE TRANSPORTATION EXAM this past fall. I have a bunch of books and materials that I am looking to sell. We all know the books and prep materials can get expensive! This is a great way to save a lot of money!!!! 🤑 Books include: CERM, 16th edition CERM COMPANION for the 16th edition Highway Capacity Manual Transportation Depth Reference Manual Transportation Depth 6 min questions Civil Practice problems (companion to CERM) I also have other manuals I had binded as well.
  4. Hello everyone, Since PPI has update the CERM to 16th edition so they no longer offering the 15th edition Index anymore (they use to be free for download.) I will appreciate if anyone can share the CERM 15th Edition Index. Thank,
  5. abell8418

    CERM 14th Ed

    CERM 14th Edition. Like New. $160
  6. I'm selling the following books, all in like new condition. There is no hand writing/high lighting/bends/folds in any of them. May give out discount if you bundle several books. 1. CERM 15th Editionby Lindeburg ($190) 2. ASCE 7-10 by ASCE ($100) 3. Principles of Foundation Engineering 8th Edition by Braja Das ($150) 4. Geotechnical Engineers Portable Handbooks, 2nd Edition by Robert Day ($25) 5. Design of Reinforced Concrete, 9th Edition by Jack McCormac ($130)
  7. Hello All, I will appreciate if anyone can share CERM 15th Edition Index. Thank,
  8. Hi everyone, I took and passed the Construction Civil PE Exam back in 2014 and am just now getting around to selling the references. Reference Title / Amazon or other vendor price / my asking price 1. ASCE 7-05 (ISBN 0-7844-0809-2) / $15 / $10 2. Standard Practice for Bracing Masonry Walls Under Construction / $85 at MCAA / $40 3. ASCE 37-2 / $26 / $10 4. Fundamentals of Building Construction: Materials and Methods, 5th Edition (ISBN-13: 978-0470074688) / $27 / $15 5. Formwork for Concrete Seventh Edition / $260 / $130 6. Mike's Civil PE Exam Guide: Morning Session / $30 / $15 - written solutions on the questions 7. Goswami Civil Engineering PE Practice Exam / $30 / $15 8. NCEES Civil Construction Sample Questions ISBN-13: 978-1932613513 / $80 / $40 9. Goswami Civil Engineering PE Breadth and Depth Second Edition / $16 / $10 Six Minute Solutions for Civil PE Exam 10. Transportation Problems – 4th edition – $2 11. Construction – 2nd edition - ISBN-13: 978-1591263708 / $60 / $20 12. Geotechnical – 2nd Edition / $60 / $20 13. CERM 13th Edition / $200 / $100 14. Steel Construction Manual / $130 / $70 15. Construction AM and PM Problems and Solutions for Civil PE License – Shahin Mansour / $70 / $35 16. Handbook of Temporary Structures in Construction Second Edition – $10 17. Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures – 14th Edition – $5 18. US Army Corps of Engineers – 15 September 2008 – $20 19. 318M-08: Metric Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete & Commentary 2008 / $180 / $90 20. ACI 347-04 Guide to Formwork for Concrete / $64 / $30 21. 29 CFR 1926 – Construction Industry Regulations – 5$ Around 1300$ worth of books if bought on Amazon (looked on 20NOV16). All items are in at least Acceptable condition (Amazon/Ebay standards) and are not missing any pages, and include all my tabs and notes for the exam. I can send individual pictures on request, package picture attached. Selling whole lot – around $700 + shipping if bought separate – I prefer to sell the entire lot for $650 + shipping (can do USPS or FedEx), O.B.O. Payment via PayPal prior to shipment. If bought as a set I will package all items in a large rubber tote with packing material (no charge for the tote). I did a cursory look at USPS and it'll likely cost around 100$ for shipping (give or take). I lugged all this stuff in a suitcase to the exam and am just now cleaning them all out! After taking the exam I’ve moved onto another field so do not require the resources. I’m hoping they will go to the next Engineer and serve them well during the exam as they did me! Thanks for looking! Andrew Hill
  9. Hi all, I took the CA PE exam this past Spring, and I'm selling the books I purchased - reference links below. I bought all of the books brand new, and some of them are (helpfully?) tabbed and highlighted. There is minimal/no writing in them. Please PM if interested. Paypal only. I will ship USPS Media Mail with tracking. If purchasing 1+ items to same address, shipping is a flat $10. Thanks! 1. 1. Surveying for California Civil PE License (2014) – Shahin A. Mansour $116 + $10 shipping Notes: Good condition, heavily highlighted, minimal tabs, minimal writing 2. 2. Surveying Principles for Civil Engineers, 2nd ed. 6th printing (2009) – Paul A. Cuomo $41 + $10 shipping Notes: Excellent condition, minimal highlighting, no tabs, no writing 3. 3. Seismic Design of Building Structures, 11th ed. (2014) – Michael Lindeburg $86 + $10 shipping Notes: Like New condition. Light shelf wear, no highlighting, no tabs, no writing 4. 4. Civil Engineering Reference Manual, 15th ed. (2015) – Michael Lindeburg $206 + $10 shipping Notes: Excellent condition, heavily tabbed, highlighting throughout, no writing – includes separate printed/tabbed/highlighted bound index 5. 5. Practice Problems for the Civil Engineering PE Exam: A Companion to the Civil Engineering Reference Manual, 15th ed. (2015) – Michael Lindeburg $75 + $10 shipping Notes: Like New condition. Light shelf wear, no highlighting, no tabs, no writing
  10. Very neatly tabbed CERM 14th edition in excellent condition available for immediate sale for $150, priority shipping included. It's really no different from the 15th edition.
  11. Hi I have used books Tabbed and written on. CERM 14th edition - 75$ + 7$ priority mail box NCEES sample SE question and answer book 2014 ed 40$ + 7$ shipping. Please PM me.
  12. I recently passed the PE Civil Transportation exam, so I no longer need these books: CERM 14 Edition with tabs, excellent condition - $175 AASHTO (Green Book) A Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets 2001, 6th Edition with tabs, excellent condition - $225 NCEES PE Civil Engineering Transportation Practice Exam, good condition with some highlights in it - $20
  13. Cleanly tabbed CERM with minor but meticulous clean highlighting / underlining in otherwise excellent condition available for sale for $175 (shipping included). PM for purchase. Serious inquiries only.
  14. Prepare to Pass the Civil PE Exam in 2016! Save 20% until 11/20/2015 when you pre-order the latest editions for the Civil PE exam by Michael R. Lindeburg, PE. Civil Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam, 15th Edition The best-selling Civil Engineering Reference Manual is the most comprehensive reference for the NCEES Civil PE exam. Take advantage of a limited time upgrade offer and save 50%! Practice Problems for the Civil Engineering PE Exam, 15th Edition Practice Problems for the Civil Engineering PE Exam, 15th Edition contains over 900 problems designed to reinforce your knowledge of the topics presented in the Civil Engineering Reference Manual. Civil Engineering Solved Problems, 8th Edition Connect relevant engineering theories to challenging problems with Civil Engineering Solved Problems, 8th Edition. These problems are instructionally designed so that you learn how to identify and apply related concepts and equations accurately and efficiently. Civil PE Practice Examination, 6th Edition The most realistic practice for the Civil PE Exam, the Civil PE Practice Examination, 6th Edition enhances your time management skills and helps you assess your exam readiness. Quick Reference for the Civil Engineering PE Exam, 9th Edition\ The Quick Reference for the Civil Engineering PE Exam, 9th Edition consolidates the most valuable and commonly used equations, figures, and tables from the Civil Engineering Reference Manual. Maximize your problem-solving efficiency and save time during the exam by having the most useful equations and data at your fingertips. Visit to learn more.
  15. Hi, Does anyone know why certain appendices (e.g., App 14.H and 14.L, referred to in Chapter 14) are mentioned in the CERM, but the appendix is not available at the back? I'm using CERM 14th Ed. Thanks. Dummy
  16. I found out on Thursday that I passed the PE Construction depth on my first try. My Dad is also a PE and it's been a goal of mine since High School that someday I would follow in his footsteps. My twin brother also passed his first try as well, so these last couple of days have been pretty exciting for the family. Although I've visited this site countless times during the last five months, this is my first post. I want to thank everyone who has contributed their advice, without their help I would have walked into the test almost clueless. Posts by JaymanPE and others were extremely helpful in sorting out which books to stay away from and the overall process of how to balance your time studying. The main reason I decided to write this post was to encourage those who failed and also those who are gearing up to take the test for the first time. I'm not going to layout a scientific analysis on how to study, my point is to explain my scenario and why I think the test is passable for everyone. Firstly, I'm by no means super smart. I struggled throughout college to get C's and enough B's to balance out the long list of D's I got. It's not at all to do with a lack of effort, trust me. It's more likely to do with the fact that I was in a tough major and I am of more or less average intelligence. Therefore, I had to put in a lot of effort to just get by. Secondly, My brother and I started studying after new year's which gave us a little more than 3 months. At first we spent too much time reading through chapters of the CERM which was not really worth it. Like what most people say we studied almost every day for +/- 3 hours. This didn't always go over well with the wife but I kept telling her it was necessary. There was also times at work that weren't busy which I used to create and organize the binders. I would say half of the time I spent was dedicated to copying problems and solutions, cutting/pasting, hole punching, and tabbing my binders. The other half was spent doing problem after problem. I should also point out that taking the test in April works pretty good for people living in the North. From January until April there's not much you can do but stay inside so all those hours studying didn't feel like we were missing anything. Lastly, Going into the test my brother and I both thought that we we're ready and that if we failed it was not due to a lack of effort. During the week before the test we did practice NCEES exams and methodically updated and organized our binders full of problems so we knew exactly where everything was. The binders were a big help during the test and there's no way just having the CERM I would have passed. After the test we both thought we had a good chance at passing and overall we were happy with the effort we put in. Now we're just waiting for our licenses and relieved we don't need to go through this again. Thanks to everyone contributing to this site...I owe you big time. Jared
  17. I took and passed the exam in April, Civil Breadth, Transportation Depth As I recall, I utilized the following to get ready for the morning section: CERM 12 & CERM 13 I utilized Michael Lindburg’s Civil Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam as my main resource. There were some major source changes between 12 and 13 but I found that most instances where I was referencing a table to gather a number were from my more specialized source books. I believe the only additional section to the CERM 13 was a part about Painting Highway Bridges—so if you’re not taking the Transportation depth section of the PE exam, I wouldn’t worry about it. I started studying with the CERM 12, which I purchased in Fall 2012—when I had good intentions to study all winter. I did study on and off, but ended up taking a review course in which the CERM 13 was included as a course material. I found this to be an excellent reference and am happy to have it in my professional library. Online, you can print a copy of the index—not having to flip through a 4” thick book saves more time than you can imagine. Practice Problems for the Civil Engineering PE Exam: A Companion to the Civil Engineering Reference Manual (CEPP13) PE Civil: Transportation Sample Questions and Solutions (NCEES) Quick Reference for the Civil Engineering PE Exam (CEQR7) Civil PE Sample Examination (CE SX4) I reviewed the rest of them here:
  18. I have the tenth edition of Civil Engineering Reference Manual (CERM10) ---- $78.00 (PayPal) including USPS Shipping The book is in a very good to like new condition.
  19. MORNING Preparation Books/ reference books/ sample questions: 7. Civil Engineering Reference Manual (11th ed.) This edition already covers Construction and I would say is PLENTY to pass (unless you want to spend the extra cash for 12th ed): Amazon sells for $81 shipped. I will sell for the same and throw in for free the Civil Engineering Practice Problems (companion): 8. Kaplan practice problems- Sells for $20 amazon (shipped). Will sell for $15 shipped. 9. Dictionary of Civil Engineering 4th ed. Has the best user reviews I found as far as usefulness for the PE. Sells for $45 shipped from Amazon. I will sell for $30 shipped. Extra insurance and peace of mind during the test you won't miss a question because a term is called something different. 10. NCEES sample questions and solutions 2007/8 Sells for $54 shipped from Amazon. I will sell for $45 shipped. 11. NCEES sample questions and solutions 2011 Sells for $48.43 from the NCEES website (once you add shipping and handling) Please do NOT buy from Amazon which sells for $59. Either buy from NCEES for $48.43 or I will sell my copy for $30 shipped because it has lots of notes in it. I also have ALL the Construction Afternoon references for sale (under a separate post). Respond here or email me if interested: Best of luck!!
  20. I have the CERM 11th edition for sale. Minor highlights, very good shape. $ 75 plus $ 15 for media shipping to continental US only. Also included at no cost, matching Practice Problems (Lindeburg 11th edition) and Quick Reference Manual (5th edition) I will ship COD or ship after your payment clears. Shipping from 49080 contact me at
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