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Found 11 results

  1. So i just passed my PE Exam in the state of FL in Oct, 2018. I currently work in the Power Industry designing power poles. Back when I graduated from college in 2011 (BS in Civil), the job market was in the tankers and continued till about 2015-16. This whole time i've kept my current job and now became a Project Manger overseeing the office i work in. HOWEVER, i really want to get back into Civil (Specifically in Water or Environmental). Is it to late for me to switch? Since I have a PE will any company want to hire me on as Entry Level? Anyone else in the same situation? PS - I'm willing to take a bit of a pay cut in the beginning, but hope to make some decent money later in my career after i've proven myself. Thanks for the replies in advance!
  2. I have an immediate opening for an Engineer with Allen Bradly experience, must be willing to relocate or in the area of Fayetteville North Carolina. If you or someone you know may be interested please respond.
  3. Hello About me: I am a transfer junior Aerospace engineering major at U of Minnesota and will be getting a degree in physics from U of Wisconsin the same time I graduate from MN (don't ask how that works, it just does). I have had an REU nuclear physics internship (+ a year and half of nuclear research), a Quality engineering internship and currently a lab technician at 3M while in school. I have 3.1 gpa and am apart of Formula SAE. I am a alright student (not a genius but I do the best I can), I excel in a work environment (have stellar recommendations). Problem: Since transferring I have found it near impossible to even get a call for an interview for any internships, it was actually easier to get a call back while a physics major. I have applied every where from Boeing to small town engineering firms and nothing. I have a professionally done resume and all of my previous managers attest I was their best interviewee they have ever had. To me it seems that the more I buff up myself with experience and technical training (referring to doing a 2nd degree) the more doors close for me. IS MY GPA REALLY THE REASON I CANT GET AN INTERNSHIP TO LOOK AT ME? (I know its not stellar but I figured my experience would at least help me a bit) IS THIS NORMAL? IS IT WORTH STAYING IN ENGINEERING? I love science and actually learning about engineering and how our world functions to an immense degree but I have sacrificed my personal life to be where I am and honestly right now it doesn't seem worth it. I know I am not a genius and probably will be only able to maintain around 3.2 so did I screw up? should I jump ship before I commit more time?
  4. Start your Career at Shell! Are you an undergraduate or recent graduate? Do you have a Master’s in Engineering or Science? Apply for an internship or a job:
  5. Make your mark on the most ambitious engineering project in the UK. Visit our upcoming event and discover more. Get inspired with BAE Systems We’re currently looking for talented engineers and technical designers in a diverse range of fields to join our most complex and cutting-edge submarine project to date. It’s no exaggeration to say this is the most technically advanced project in the world right now – working with machinery even more precise than the space shuttle. Recruitment Event - Tuesday 29th November at Derbyshire County Cricket Club in the Pavilion Room If you’re up for the challenge, come and meet us at our upcoming event on November 29th at Derbyshire County Cricket Club. It’s a chance to speak face-to-face about the roles available, the scope of the work and the community you’ll be part of. We’ll have members of the business there to discuss projects and opportunities on the day, available from 8am – 7pm. There is no need to register to attend, just turn up on the day for an informal discussion. About the programme This new class of submarine will operate in the most inhospitable environments on earth – protecting borders and people, strengthening nations and building stronger communities. To make that happen, we’re building a highly collaborative team of some of the most passionate and knowledgeable experts in their fields. Based at our shipyard in Barrow, it’s an environment where you’ll be trusted to deliver bold, innovative solutions to unique engineering challenges. In return, you can expect plenty of room to develop both personally and professionally – with training courses and genuine opportunities to use your design or engineering knowledge and skills to their fullest potential. It’s a 20-year project, making this a chance to make real contributions across a long-term and highly specialist career. What’s more, you could also build relationships while working directly with our partners, including highly reputed global engineering brands. What we’re looking for This team will be staffed by engineers and designers in a wide range of areas and at all levels. So whether you’re an experienced professional or a recent graduate, if you’re truly passionate about contributing to the next generation of marine technology, we could have a role for you. Ideally, you’ll have some marine engineering or design expertise – but we’re also interested in aviation, nuclear, automotive, oil and gas specialists. Roles will be available in: Electrical Engineering – Power, Control and Instrumentation disciplines Mechanical Engineering – Platform Systems General Design Engineering Structural (Hull) Designers – range of roles from Primary Structures to Outfit Human Factors Training Needs Analysis Safety Engineering Operability Engineering Software and Information Assurance Roles in the Product Lifecycle Management Competency Centre in Information Management & Technology Why join us You’ll be directly responsible for the most advanced technical platform on the planet, and by design, most people will never even see it. But that doesn’t mean your contributions won’t be acknowledged. You’ll be in a culture that recognises success and celebrates achievement. That starts with constant development opportunities and the trust to apply your talents to the fullest – as well as opportunities for flexible working. Get inspired. Meet the team, discuss your future and see what you can do for the next generation of submarines. If you would like to register your interest for these types of roles, please click here:
  6. Howdy folks! I wish to draw on the sage advice of some of the more experienced engineers. Here's my story: I graduated with a BS in civil engineering and did Army ROTC in college. I commissioned into the Army thinking it was going to be my career and that I'd never use engineering ever again. And, well, after four years of the Army, I honestly think engineering was in fact the right career for me. I'm separating from the military this summer so now I have to decide what to do with my life. I got accepted to Arizona State's master of engineering program. I can get some modest benefits from the VA (50% post-9/11 GIB) but other than that, I have no definite scholarships. I'm also getting job offers for entry-level civil engineers in Texas and New Mexico (so far.) My goal is to become a structural engineer and get my PE. So my question graduate school worth it? Would it help me that much as a structural engineer? Would I be better off just going straight to the job market? Any insight will be helpful. Thanks.
  7. Hello all, I'm exploring a potential career change from my current field into the HVAC design/Energy analysis world and would appreciate any input from those of that already work in or have worked in this field. What type of job do you have? What kind of daily activities or "engineering" are you doing? Do you travel or are you always in an office? Honestly anything you want to share is much appreciated. My background is in rotating equipment/reliability and pumping systems and I do have my PE (Thermal Fluids) but before I invest a ton of time and effort into training or certification I'd like to get some real feedback from other engineers on their experiences. Thanks again in advance :-)
  8. Hello engineerboards community, So it's been a while of job searching and I still haven't been able to land many interviews let alone a job. I managed to get one phone screen interview but there wasn't much of a follow-up so I figured it's a goner. I'm looking for an entry-level transportation/transit/traffic engineer position but don't have any relevant experience in the field. (Cover letter and resume: Anyway, lately, I've been thinking of just going back to school for a Master's Degree in Transportation Engineering. Ideally, I'd want to just get a job and get some experience under my belt instead of going for the Master's. However, it just seems like it's not happening right now so I want to make the most out of my time and thought pursuing the Master's would be worthwhile. Also, if I don't get enough experience by then, the PE license will eventually require Master's degrees so there's that. That being said, any of you that have experience or insight on this, can you shed some light please? Does it help or hurt to get a Master's degree without any relevant/internship experience? That is, will it help or hurt my chances of landing an entry-level position? What do you think are my best options right now? Should I just keep job searching or go for the Master's? Should I "settle" for internships? I've been considering this as well but can barely find anything either. Also, in my job searching approach, I was thinking of calling some of the local smaller (transportation) engineering firms around my area and seeing if they had any positions since my email inquiries haven't gotten me anywhere. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!
  9. Most engineering roles require a drug screening before employment. I have only experienced urine testing, but have heard an increasing number of comments about hair follicle testing. Is this the new norm?
  10. I was just curious what some of you and your motivations are for obtaining the S.E. license in your respective career path. For me, it's been several reasons: 1. To be respected among my peers that I am capable of the task. 2. To promote my own credentials in this down economy. 3. On the west coast where I reside, it actually is a requirement for facilities of a certain size, shape, and/or importance. 4. Great preparation for career-related problems. In the end, the study and effort makes us better engineers. For some, it might be financial, the next step towards career-fulfillment, etc. I'd be interested to hear your story...
  11. Hi, Wanted to get some advice from some more experienced and smarter people than me. Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated. I am going to give a little back story first to put my situation in better context. Here is my situation… After getting my BS in Computer Engineering I went to work for an Electric Utility/Cable/ISP/Telephone company (They did fiber to the home) right out of college. Worked there for 5 years and went back to school to get my masters. During my last semester of my masters some people I previously worked with offered me a job. I took it but did not like it because there was too much travel. I called up another guy I used to work with and pitched him an idea of adding to his software. He was all for it and hired me on. When I resigned my traveling job my boss and everyone I worked with threw a fit and thought the other guy was trying to steal me (not the case at all). Anyway it all worked out in the end and I have been working for this guy for a year now. After about six months into my current job I realized the best job that I should have taken was at another local Electric Utility that I worked for as a summer intern while getting my Master’s Degree. They said I could work for them full time when I was done with school but I ended up taking the traveling job instead (it just paid so damn much). Anyway the General Manger at this utility ended up calling me up one day out of the blue and asked me to come work for him (this was after I already told myself that’s where I should have worked, so I was very happy). I said I did not want to leave my current boss hanging on the project I was on but maybe at the end of the year 2011 we could work something out. He agreed but asked if I would help as a consultant (I am a registered P.E. so I felt comfortable doing that) until the end of the year. They are getting ready to put in some Fiber and networking equipment and wanted my experience. So now it’s the end of the year, I have talked with the GM of the new company and the Fiber project will basically start the first of the summer so he is looking for me to start sometime before then. My question is how should I go about telling my current boss I am leaving? I am 100% certain this new job is the right fit for me (The people, the work, the work load, longevity, etc). I guess I am a little gun shy because of how badly resigning from my traveling job went. Also the project I am working on for my current employer is not complete. In reality I probably bit of more than I can chew with my current job. Plus the fact that all my employers are basically in the same industry (some customers others suppliers) and I might cross paths with my current boss and previous bosses again. My plan is to tell my current boss that we should redo how we are working on the project to pull in more people. I have a meeting with my prospective future boss tomorrow to discuss a timeframe of when I can start. Then maybe in a week or 2 give my current boss my resignation but say I can stay on for another 2-3 months. I am not going to tell my current boss what company I am going to in order to avoid some of the problems I had last time I resigned. I am also going to offer that I will help out with any questions that someone taking over for me might have in the future (Via email/phone). I figure he will ask why I am leaving. I was thinking that I would tell him the new opportunity is a great opportunity for me and my family both financially and stability wise (which is true, I plan on retiring from this future job). I was also thinking about telling him I feel like I am in over my head in what I am doing anyway and think it is better for both of us if someone with more experience stepped in and took over anyway (which is also true). BTW my current job is building a billing system for utilities. They currently bill cable, TV, internet with a separate system built on COBAL and want to move away from that to a more modern platform (which is where I came into the picture). Anyway sorry for the life story but any advice would be greatly appreciated. I put myself in this situation and feel extremely thankful that I can get out of it and land a great job. I just want to make sure I do it in the best possible way and not burn any bridges in the process.
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