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  1. Preparing for your PE Civil exam in California? We have PE Civil courses as well as Seismic and Surveying review courses. Live Online Class starts May 30th for CA Seismic, and early registration discounts are ending soon. Learn More
  2. Hello, Just received my result for California State Surveying Exam with Reza's class for the first time and unfortunately didn't pass. Overall, I thought I had done much better on the exam than expected going in, problems were simpler to the practice problems from Reza's class. Reza's class I believe prepared me well for the exam. Felt like I nailed 35 questions, felt 50-50 on 12 questions, and completely guessed on 8 questions (horizontal/vertical curves mostly). My guess after I took the exam was that I answered between 65%-75% correct depending on luck factors. However, that did not reflect in the results, and the diagnostic report does not clarify my score, nor adequately show my performance for what chapters I need to improve my study plan in the Reza book. My diagnostic reads the following: Topographic Surveys - 35% - Marginal Construction Surveys - 35% - Deficient Accuracy and Error Analysis - 10% - Proficient Preparation of Reports and Maps - 20% - Deficient Im very confused regarding the following: 1) What was my actual score on the exam? Don't need to know the cutoff score, but at a minimum I'm entitled to know my score on each section. Deficient is defined as below the minimum passing level, however there is a very large gap of deficiency between scoring 0% and 60% which could be considered deficient. And Marginal seems like it could be from 55%-70%, and Proficient seems like 75%-100%, which also makes a big difference. The example scores on the PDF would have been nice if I could actually get that information, not sure why this needs to be hidden. 2) What topics refer to these four categories? The Reza book lays out 10 chapters, Law and Surveying, Distance measurements, Angular Measurements, Error Analysis, Topographic Survey and Mapping, Highway Curves and Volumes, Construction Staking, Photogrammetry, California State Plan Coordinates, and Global Positioning. Where do these chapters fall into? 3) Received very few questions regarding preparation of reports and maps, only a few on map scales, how does this equate to 20% of the examination? From preparation and taking the exam, I felt similar proficiency level on all sections, so the diagnostic leaves me even more confused. 4) Received several questions regarding types of surveys and surveying equipment which I thought I answered most of these correctly, what category does this fall into? 5) Received several questions regarding horizontal and vertical curves, this was definitely my weakness, what category does this fall into? Im really hoping to get some further clarification from the California Board regarding my score, plan to review horizontal/vertical curves more in depth and take a lot of practice exams. Need to know a benchmark from my diagnostic to know if Im making further improvements.
  3. Hi everyone, For those who may ask for it, below the steps I went through to obtain the CA PE license. Discipline: Mechanical. 04/05/19 - Took NCEES 8 hour exam 05/14/19 - Received results notice from NCEES. Passed 8 hour. 05/20/19 - Mailed my application package for licensure via USPS priority mail (with a tracking number) 05/21/19 - CA BPELSG received my application package (tracked with tracking number) 05/29/19 - CA BPELSG cashed the check in my application package 07/29/19 - Received email from CA BPELSG, stating that my application package was technically approved 08/20/19 - Received email from CA BPELSG, stating that I was a California licensed Professional Mechanical Engineer 08/21/19 - Received mail with license number Overall the process went pretty fast once the application was submitted but putting all the paperwork and application package took a lot of time going through official school transcripts, notarization, recommendation sealed letters etc. Good luck to you all.
  4. I'm now applying for Civil PE registration in CA (I have all my qualifying experience). One year of my qualifying experience was in MA under a licensed Environmental PE. Obviously Environmental is a subset of Civil, but since there's a specific Environmental PE title in MA, I'm concerned about whether his reference will be valid for my civil app here in CA. From the CA PE application FAQ, for an applicant seeking registration as a civil PE, "all references must be licensed engineers authorized to practice civil engineering." From the Code of Massachusetts Regulations 250 CMR 5.01(3) "Engineering Registrants must restrict engineering practice to areas of competence based upon their education and experience qualifications." The way I read this, if my former boss is competent to practice civil engineering in MA, he's a valid reference for my CA civil PE app. Do I need to have him write a letter in addition to stamping my engagement form stating the above to the CA Board? I'm applying my Master's Degree in Civil Engineering as part of my qualifying experience. CA states that a reference is required for all qualifying experience. Does that mean that my grad school professors registered as PE's can serve as qualifying references for me? Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any help you choose to give me!
  5. Hi. I'm getting my license, but I'm in the new process. in which you have to pass the PE before you submit your application, and then you are authorized to take the State Specific. As stated in: I already passed the PE filled my application got a response and passed the 2 state specific tests. ( I took the last test on May) So I thought I would get my license number on the next go around which just happened June 22. But it turns out I didn't So I email the board and apparently I should have submitted a Notice of Successful Examination form to state that I already passed the PE. Wouldn't that be implicit since I was already authorized to take the State Specific? It doesn't make sense. Anybody has some experience regarding this?
  6. If anyone can help me, it is much appreciated. I contacted the board and their answer was very vague and I don't want to have my application kicked back. Here is my situation: I graduated in Dec. 2014 with my master's in civil engineering. After graduation I worked at a construction project management firm where I was not doing design work (no qualifying experience). After that, I was hired as a civil engineer. I have been at this company for currently 18 months (enough qualifying experience to apply in California). I have been on the same project for 18 months, with the same supervisor. All of my other references will be co-workers that I work side by side with. 1) Do I have to write about the non-qualifying experience in Section 2 of the application, or should I just mention it in the blank space below? It says there should be no gaps except for unemployment. Again, it was not under a licensed PE and does not make sense to me if I have to get a reference from my previous supervisor. And as it says on Section 2 of Engagement Summary and References, "All the names of your reference must be listed on this page". If I have to write my old job as engagement 2 and list my old supervisor, do I have to use them as a reference? 2) Does the qualifying experience (18 months) only get listed under my current supervisor's engagement form/section of the application? i.e. Do I put 0 months under my other references? FYI, this was the board's reply, " The engagement record portion of the forms must be completed in sufficient detail to allow the Board to determine that the nature and the extent of the engineering work claimed to have been performed by the applicant has indeed been qualifying . " Thanks for the clarification California... Thank you.
  7. I am taking the Fire Protection Engineering exam in California later this month and am compiling my references that I will be bringing in with me to the exam. Multiple people have told me that some states do not allow examines to bring solved problems as part of their reference materials. I am aware of the requirements for all reference materials to be bound, but have not found any place that states whether a state or testing facility will inspect my reference materials to determine if the content is acceptable. Can anyone provide input or direct me to where I may find additional information - I will be contacting the state board on Monday with this same question.
  8. Hi all, I took the CA PE exam this past Spring, and I'm selling the books I purchased - reference links below. I bought all of the books brand new, and some of them are (helpfully?) tabbed and highlighted. There is minimal/no writing in them. Please PM if interested. Paypal only. I will ship USPS Media Mail with tracking. If purchasing 1+ items to same address, shipping is a flat $10. Thanks! 1. 1. Surveying for California Civil PE License (2014) – Shahin A. Mansour $116 + $10 shipping Notes: Good condition, heavily highlighted, minimal tabs, minimal writing 2. 2. Surveying Principles for Civil Engineers, 2nd ed. 6th printing (2009) – Paul A. Cuomo $41 + $10 shipping Notes: Excellent condition, minimal highlighting, no tabs, no writing 3. 3. Seismic Design of Building Structures, 11th ed. (2014) – Michael Lindeburg $86 + $10 shipping Notes: Like New condition. Light shelf wear, no highlighting, no tabs, no writing 4. 4. Civil Engineering Reference Manual, 15th ed. (2015) – Michael Lindeburg $206 + $10 shipping Notes: Excellent condition, heavily tabbed, highlighting throughout, no writing – includes separate printed/tabbed/highlighted bound index 5. 5. Practice Problems for the Civil Engineering PE Exam: A Companion to the Civil Engineering Reference Manual, 15th ed. (2015) – Michael Lindeburg $75 + $10 shipping Notes: Like New condition. Light shelf wear, no highlighting, no tabs, no writing
  9. I just signed up for the EET seismic review (on demand) I used their books my last go round and didn't get in the study time I needed. Kids, work, side work, home repairs and all sorts of excuses lead to that. This way I am forcing myself to study and do assignments to practice. Based on the reviews I've seen I should have no problem this time. I used the HP 50 to pass the Survey Exam on the first try. I used some free cogo software that I found online and finished the exam in 1.5 hrs, I'd be absolutely amazed if I didn't get a perfect score on the exam. I spent no time studying, I did some practice LSIT problems and felt very comfortable. Survey is more background. Once I get my PE I'll be taking my LS. Seismic is a different story. I've failed it 3 times now. I thought this time I might squeak by. But didn't feel confident. I rarely feel great after an exam, but realize that I need to hit this thing hard. My question is this: Has anyone taken the time to program their HP 48,39 or 50 calculator for seismic? Was it worth it? What did you load/program? I realize having failed the exam 3 times now that time management is a huge part of the exam. If not, what other things did you do to help be successful?
  10. Doing my spam job to increase chances of passing the PE.
  11. I'm filling out my refile app for CA civil - seismic, and I have a question about Section 3 (Background/Discipline). Question 1 asks, "Have you ever been convicted of or plead guilty or nolo contendere [“no contest”] to ANY offense in the United States or a foreign country? This includes every citation, infraction, misdemeanor, and/or felony...." So, about 6 years ago I got a ticket for going 60 in a 55. Out of state, I responded "nolo contendere," and sent a check for the citation. Does the California Board really care about traffic violations/citations? or did they simply forget to say "criminal offense"? I have read through the FAQ on fingerprints, sent an email to their fingerprint question line, called the phone number. Still no answer. On the FAQ everything referenced criminal offenses... so I'm leaning towards thinking it was just accidentally omitted on the application? Anyway, Thought you guys might be able to help... I just need an answer to this simple question to get the refile in the mail. Thanks!
  12. I apologize if this topic has been covered previously. I read the previous posts, but I would appreciate any advice for my situation specifically. I have 28 months of engineering experience with one employer. During this time, I rotated in a rotation program under 6 different supervisors; all possess a PE license. The instructions for the CA PE Application make it clear that I should consider the entire 28 months as Engagement 1, since I did not have a change in employer or position. Each supervisor is in charge of a different design group, so the work varies and is unique to each group. My question: for the 6 "Engagement Record and Reference" forms, should I provide unique descriptions of work for each supervisor? Or, should all of the descriptions remain the same since all of my supervisors will be grouped under Engagement 1? Alternatively, would it be better to consider the time under each supervisor as a different engagement, each with a unique work description, even though I have worked for the same company the whole time?
  13. I have worked for the same employer for 18 months. I was originally hired as a drafter, but because of my education level my employer had me doing professional level work. During that time I got a promotion into the professional track, but my overall responsibilities did not change. Does that count as a change of engagement?
  14. Folks -- I'm looking into getting my CA PE and SE licenses. I am already a licensed PE in TX and SE in IL. I know there are state specific exams for California (Seismic and Surveying) but I'm having trouble tracking down the process. Will be giving the board of engineering in CA a call next week to ask them but figured I'd see if anyone had any advice, recommendations, etc. on how to navigate this process. Thanks!
  15. There are stats on the NCEES site about first time pass rates, but there is nowhere (that I have found) that says what the first time pass rate is in CA, passing all three exams at the same time... Anyone have any idea?
  16. count down to exam results!
  17. Can anyone recommend a CA Civil Survey Review Course for someone that has never performed a survey in his/her life? I am an SE looking to take the survey exam in the near future. Any recommendations and things to avoid etc would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  18. I just failed CA Seismic for the second time (mostly because i was focusing all my study hours to other exams). Has anyone done any research on to what has actually changed in the code from cbc 2010-2012 (i used ibc2009) and asce 7-05 to 7-10, as it relates to the exam? I am not really looking forward to spending 300 more dollars on a new workbook and new code for something that i'll never use again. If i take either Hiner's or Ibrham's seminar/webinars, do they include the associated code and tables with the class? I used hiners workbook for the last two times i took the test so it would be more familiar to me. I barely studied for the oct test and feel like i was pretty close to passing but i just wasn't fast enough to get all the problems done. Does anyone have preference in classes/workbooks? Thanks, BSTAB
  19. Hi all: I passed the civil/sanitary PE exam on my first attempt, along with the CA special sections for seismic and surveying. I have some books for sale that might be useful for someone else now. These were very useful for me in passing the test, and I highly recommend them to anyone taking the test. I am a very careful user, so even if I read the books, you would think these were brand new. I don't mark/highlight or fold pages. Coming from a smoke-free home, these books are without marks, dings, tears, highlights, shelf wear, or anything that would make you think this was not a new book. See the listings here: Surveying Principles for Civil Engineers: Review for the Engineering Surveying Section of the California Special Civil Engineer Examination by Paul A. Cuomo (2003, Paperback): Paul A. Cuomo (Paperback, 2003) Civil Surveying Sample Exams for the California Special Civil Engineer Examination by James R. Monroe, Peter R. Boniface Ph.D. and Peter R. Boniface (2006, Paperback): James R. Monroe (Paperback, 2006) Practice Problems for the Civil Engineering PE Exam: A Companion to the Civil Engineering Reference Manual by Michael R. Lindeburg (2008, Paperback): Michael R. Lindeburg (Paperback, 2008) 120 Solved Surveying Problems For The California Special Civil Engineer Examination by Peter R. Boniface and Peter R. Boniface Ph.D. (2004, Paperback): Peter R. Boniface (Paperback, 2004) Civil Pe Sample Examination by Michael R. Lindeburg (2008, Paperback, New): Michael R. Lindeburg (Paperback, 2008) Let me know if you are interested. Good luck! anithinks
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