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  1. Wynndalco Enterprises is seeking an experienced structural engineer to join our growing team. With active projects in multiple states, we are looking for a self-motivated, leadership-proven professional to take charge of existing assignments and help develop business relationships for new contracts. In this role, you will coordinate with clients, lead design tasks, develop and track budgets and schedules, and have the opportunity to build new relationships to drive future business. Our current backlog ranges from structural evaluations to a mega infrastructure project valued at over $1 Billion. Join our team and take the next step in your career. TO APPLY SEE POSTING ON INDEED.COM: Structural Engineer Opening - Transportation - Chicago, IL BASIC QUALIFICATIONS: · Bachelor’s degree in the civil/structural engineering field with 5 years + of experience. · S.E. license (required) · P.E. License (required) · Design experience with IDOT, Tollway and CTA preferred. · Experience in MicroStation and AutoCAD (3D modeling experience preferred). · Familiarity with AASHTO LRFD, AREMA, IDOT and Illinois Tollway procedures, policies, standards and publications. · Proficient using bridge design software such as STAAD, RC PIER, MIDAS · Proficient in MS Office, MathCAD · Proven experience in working on multiple projects concurrently · Must possess excellent client skills and be able to enhance and develop solid client relationships. GENERAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: · Project management and project execution · Development of structural calculations and design plans · Preparation of technical specifications · Attend business development events and trade shows · Lead and mentor junior engineers · May be required to present on projects and other technical topics · Some travel may be required (up to 10%) ABOUT WYNNDALCO ENTERPRISES…. Wynndalco Enterprises, LLC. is a multi-discipline engineering consulting firm providing Structural & Civil Engineering and Construction Management services to clients in both public and private sectors. Our versatility allows us to provide clients with a well-rounded field of expertise. Our Engineering Division was established in 2014 and has since grown to provide trusted leadership to educational institutions, state and local governments and private clients alike. Wynndalco is committed to maintaining integrity, accountability and distinction in all aspects of our professional services and conduct. We are relentless in our pursuit of sustainable solutions.
  2. It looks like PPI is no longer publishing their errata online and instead requiring you to buy an online subscription to their book for updates and corrections. Can anyone verify in the 9th edition, 2nd printing, page 9-6 when they find the stiffness parameter Kg they are using the area of the beam only. Since it's a composite T-beam, shouldn't the area used be the beam + slab?
  3. Its almost the big day and as such its crunch time! I am studying for the PM vertical bridge exam questions and want to know what others are planning to study. Here's the list I have so far for what I think I might encounter on the afternoon portion: Steel composite and non composite beams
  4. Its almost the big day and as such its crunch time! I am studying for the PM vertical bridge exam questions and want to know what others are planning to study. Here's the list I have so far for what I think I might encounter on the afternoon portion: Steel composite and non composite beams
  5. I am taking the SE bridge exam in a few weeks and I am a little worried about the afternoon portion. I feel confident for the Steel/Concrete superstructure questions but am worried about the "other bridge design topic" question. How other is "other"? I see on the NCEES practice exam, the other question was about loads. Has anyone been caught off guard by something random like a culvert design or something of that sort?
  6. I am a building design engineer looking to take the SE Exam in April and the bridge questions on the exam are scaring me a little bit. I've done little to no work with bridges since starting work. I've found a bunch of review courses that contain bridge modules, but aren't explicitly geared towards bridges. Does anyone know of any courses/books/study materials that will teach AASHTO to us building guys? I know it's just for the morning breadth section, but I don't even know where to begin studying AASHTO. Thank you! -Tom
  7. Does anyone know what are the major changes to AASHTO? This will be the 3rd time I have had to print out the code and transfer years worth of notes and would rather not make that change unless its to major topics.
  8. Hi everyone.. well, the exam day is getting closer and i decided to start this topic to see how others are doing. This will be my first time taking this exam. I will take both gravity and lateral in buildings. I decided to do only self study and avoid taking course. I have been preparing for this about 5 months (1-2 hr a day). I have covered all topics and purchased/downloaded all exam materials, codes and ... Apart from SERM, For concrete & footing i went over PCA problems...For Masonry I relied on 2012 design of reinforced maconry structures by CMACN, ..For lateral I have worked all problems of SEAONC Vol 1 and browsed Alan wiliams wind & seismic. I work with ASCE 7 on daily basis and I can find things fast on that....For wood I relied only on SERM which i think did a good job. I will take breyer book to exam too. My job is mostly involved with steel design & I felt confident on that portion so i did not spent much time on it, although i have started to browse the AISC solved examples just to refresh my memory on equations. I have read 6 minutes questions & solutions and plan to do the NCEES sample question plus PPI 16 hr exam in coming weeks. I thought PPI solved problems are waste of time since they are more difiicult than actual exam. I consider myself fairly smart when it comes to exams and never had a fail experience but Honestly I feel so unconfident on this SE exam,,There are too many topics which has to be covered & when I switch to a different subject I feel I have already forgotten the previous one OK, here is my concern: Bridge & Prestressed concrete. I took bridge course in my graduate school 3 years ago and I am fairly familier with AASHTO chapter 3 which talks about loadings & distributing loads between girders. The code itself is 1500 pages(2 binders) which is a lotttt.. I know there will be at least 6-8 questions in morning session but I am wondering which chapters are mostly in questions? Is it a good idea to look for question key words in code index to find the relevant code part or there is no time for that? what is the difficulty range? Also any suggestion for prestress concrete? Is reading SERM examples enough? I have no back ground in that department I am taking PCI manual with myself (another 800 page) with the hope I can answer some question by looking at capacity tables. is it worth it? My last question is regarding structural analysis, e.g. moment distribution, conjugate beam, portal frames ... does any one remeber what type of questions will most likely appear in this topic? I hope they won't througha frame for moment distribution. that would be a skip for me. I have made a list for myself sorted by topics wich tells me where I can find the relevant example. I don't know if I actually have time in exam to do these things. As many have said when you read the question you should have already know where to look ! Any help or suggestions will be appreciated. sorry for long post and Good luck to every one !!!
  9. These questions may be impossible to answer, but even if you don't know the exact answer take a guess. I'm curious to see what other people think about this. 1) What % of people who are taking the 16hour structural test already have a PE (ie PE Civil/Structural/etc.) ? 2) What % of people take the Building vs Bridge tests? 3) What are the pass rates Building vs Bridge? 4) Does anyone else have to pay for all of the Codes, Study books, and Exams out of pocket (ie your company does not help you out at all) ? My guesses: 1) 50% - on test day it seemed that probably 1/2 of the people taking the exam were 30+ years old...maybe I am making an incorrect assumption based on age. 2) 80% Building vs 20% Bridge - of the people I talked to on all 4 days I took this exam ( I'v failed both sections twice now) only one person besides myself took the bridge test and probably 12-15 people were taking the building test. I didn't talk to everyone so I'm assuming there were more bridge takers, but maybe not? 3) Much lower for Bridge than building - A lot of people complain on this message board about the high amount of bridge questions, but in practice I basically use 1 code; AASHTO. So while there may be a number of bridge specific questions on the morning section of the exam there are A LOT more building specific questions...for instance questions on the other 9 codes this test covers that aren't AASHTO. It is not my intent to sound whiny about how hard the bridge test is. Both of the tests are very hard and clearly I didn't pass because I didn't take this test seriously enough and I didn't study enough. Everyone taking this exam has to study something that is outside their comfort zone / field of expertise. I am really just curious to get some other peoples perspectives. 4) Yes, I can't be the only one. - this is just me being whiny and giving others a place to vent their frustrations.
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