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Found 15 results

  1. ChrisM


    Here are some heavily discounted PE books compared to buying from AASHTO or others. They are a must bring to the exam. Helped me pass my exam!
  2. Hi everyone: I took the Civil PE several years ago. At that time, the breadth section included questions regarding wastewater and water treatment and processes such as determining BOD and hardness. However, in my current review course for civil - construction depth, and in the NCEES civil PE exam specs, it appears those topics are not part of the test and have been moved over to people taking the environmental PE or civil - water resources depth. Of course, we are still tested on hydraulics and hydrology, but I was wondering if you may know if water and wastewater treatment are still covered in the morning section of the civil PE? Thank you, John
  3. I have up for sale a few of my PE books from when I took the exam in April 2017. I recall them all being in like new condition, but will double check the HCM before finalizing the sale as it's been awhile since I looked at these. I do know for a fact that I did not write in the practice exams while taking them. Feel free to ask for some random photos of pages, etc. to verify condition if desired. All prices include shipping to US48! NCEES Practice Exam (2014) - Transportation Depth - $35 (I paid $52.56 after NCEES's massive shipping fees) Goswami - Practice Exam for the Civil PE Exam: Breadth + Transportation Depth (2015) - $23 Goswami - Practice Exams for the Civil PE Exam: Two Breadth Exams (2013) - $22 HCM 2010 (Highway Capacity Manual) - $190 If you want all 4 of these I will drop the total from $270 down to $250. I also have a spiral bound copy of the CERM table of contents (with minor highlights) that I can toss in for free to any order that wants it. Send me a PM if interested and if you want to do any back and forth discussion please include your email address so my inbox here doesn't fill up quick.
  4. I've decided to take the EET Review Course for the Breadth and Depth (Construction). For those of you who have or are taking both breadth and depth review course for EET how are you going about studying? Are you reviewing the Breadth course first followed by the Depth or are you combining the two at the same time?
  5. I took the review classes from EET. The Depth was great but the Breadth class was not very helpful. I took the exam in April 2017 and October 2017. My score on the Breadth did not improve at all. I was hoping to take a Breadth class from another provider but not sure who. I think I can handle the Depth without taking another class. The material provided by EET was comprehensive and very organized. It is the Breadth, I am struggling with. Any advice will be appreciated.
  6. I took the review classes from EET. The Depth was great but the Breadth class was not very helpful. I took the exam in April 2017 and October 2017. My score on the Breadth did not improve at all. I was hoping to take a Breadth class from another provider but not sure who. I think I can handle the Depth without taking another class. The material provided by EET was comprehensive and very organized. It is the Breadth, I am struggling with. Any advice will be appreciated. I am at the poin
  7. Complete Coverage of Both Breadth and Depth, Updated to Current Exams →Start Immediately—Live Online Courses Include OnDemand Lectures for Free →Lectures Present Brand New, Exam-Like Problems You Can't Find Anywhere Else →Specialist Instructors Guide Your Review, Including Test-Taking Strategies and Time Management Tips Breadth and your choice of depth (Construction, Geotechnical, Structural, Transportation or Water Resources & Environmental) offered together for the first time.
  8. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding which structural problems to do as preparation for the structural AM portion of the exam? I have the 15th Edition CERM Practice Problem book, but I'm getting bogged down with all the structural problems that they provide. It seems like many of the problems provided are geared more towards the PM portion of the exam rather than the AM portion.
  9. I have posted this before, but I think I am getting more serious about taking the Civil PE so I can become licensed in CA. By degree I am a Mechanical Engineer (BSME) but my experience from graduation (2006) has been structural. I took and passed the 16-hour structural exam in 2012. Now I want to take the civil exam so I can get those states that will not license me by reciprocity (i.e. CA). So now I have some questions that hopefully the community will be kind of enough to send me in the right direction. I plan to take the civil with structures depth. I work with wood, HRS, CFS, and concrete regularly in my business in the modular world which is why I collect multiple state licenses. Since I am a mechanical engineer by degree, I don't have any experience in civil but on the other hand, "all" I have to do is pass the AM breadth portion. Is the CERM the only reference material needed for the AM section? I do plan on getting some practice AM exams and "try my luck" by taking the exam once before I decide if I need a review course (physical or online). Again, reading through some of the threads on here, it sound like the AM section isn't "too difficult" if you are able to find the equations you need in the CERM. I assume the pm depth structures won't be a problem unless they still throw in some other subjects. I don't want to sound conceited, but I'm really expecting the pm section to be easy compared to the SE exam. Maybe someone with experience with both exams can let me know? Is there a list of reference materials to bring for the pm section? I'm in northern Indiana and IN won't let me sit for another exam. They say they don't have the resources to keep records of multiple exams for people. So, I need to take this exam out-of-state. Does anyone have any experience taking an exam out-of-state in a state that surrounds IN? Am I being too nonchalant by relying on my unfounded comparison with the SE exam? Again, anyone who has taken both can let me know. Thanks -jfluckey
  10. Hello everyone, For those taking EET - Breadth portion. I am thinking of doing a Skype meeting every Sunday for a couple of hours (most prob in the evening Eastern time) after reviewing the lecture from the day before. Basically, this is only a Q&A meeting - to reinforce our understanding in the material covered. And probably a second meeting during the week for HW questions. The limit for the group conference call on Skype is 25 people. If interested please private message me. Thank you!
  11. Hello Everyone, Starting to get my resources together for the Spring 2016 Civil PE Exam. What are some good practice exam/practice questions for the Civil PE AM? Thank you,
  12. I've passed my PE Civil Construction Exam at first try (Oct 2015), below is the list of books I used for the A.M Breadth preparation Prices are negotiable and FREE Shipping is included for serious buyers . Transaction should be completed using Paypal. AM Package: by Michael R. Lindeburg PE Civil Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam (CERM13), 13th Edition Practice Problems for the Civil Engineering PE Exam: A Companion to the Civil Engineering Reference Manual (CEPP13), 13th Edition Civil PE Practice Examination (CEPE4), 4th Edition Civil Engineering Solved Problems (CESP6), 6th Edition Quick Reference for the Civil Engineering PE Exam (CEQR7), 7th Edition Above are in a very good condition with very minimal pencil writing (asking price $450) Practice Exams for the Civil PE Examination: by Dr. Indranil Goswami P.E. in good condition with some hand writing (asking $20) Interested buyers, please send me a private message. You can also check my other post for Construction depth materials. Good Luck for everyone.
  13. I've searched the forum for this topic and can't seem to find satisfactory answers to my questions. That's why I'm starting this thread as a way for April 2016 (and future) examinees to decode the exam spec. I'm hoping we can use this as a space to help each other: Make sense of the specifications Locate information and practice problems corresponding to items listed in the specifications I'll go first II. Means and Methods B. Construction Loads What are we talking about here? How much a backhoe can lift without tipping? Loads on temporary structures? Is that different than what is expected to be found for 2.C. Temporary structures and facilities? d Thanks
  14. ENGINEERING EDUCATION & TRAINING (EET) presents live seminars and live webinars for the Civil PE Exam review – Fall 2015. Classes start on July 25, 2015. Separate Breadth Module: Breadth review sessions cover all five testing areas in the morning session. Comprehensive Depth Modules: Depth review sessions for each module are all-inclusive. Breadth and Depth Modules include the following: · Weekly homework · Problem solving workshops · Simulated Exam at the end of each Module EET instructors are well experienced in the subject matter, are passionate about teaching, and are available to help you one-on-one until exam date. COURSE SCHEDULE Please refer to EET website ( for detailed schedule of Breadth and Depth classes (Seminar and Webinar). PREPARATION MATERIALS All preparation materials are provided by EET. The printing and shipping costs of all preparation materials are included. PASS GUARANTEE Candidates who are unsuccessful in the PE exam, administered following the conclusion of the review sessions, are welcome to attend the next course sessions for free. CONTACT INFORMATION For more information about EET preparation classes or to enroll please call (916) 220-8423 or Email us at:
  15. Civil Engineering Practice Examination #2 by Tim Nelson is the current vendor giveaway, located here: A winner will be selected on December 16th. Below are a few images of the book. Here is a link to the Amazon sales page for more information: Thanks - Tim
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