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  1. Hello all, I'm brand new here. I have a bit of a career predicament. I have a B.S. (received with honor's) in Mechanical Engineering. I have a year of work experience as a design engineer. I am an extremely active and social person who used to work in journalism, so after working in design (at a computer for 8 hours a day) I nearly lost my mind. I ended up leaving to find another path that was more closely-aligned with my personality. I moved back into media and started working alongside producers on different video projects. Work has been unstable, the pay is barely above min-wage, and I have been horrified by the lack of professionalism and utter laziness among the people in media. I miss the clear instruction, the respect and the professional attitude that the engineering workplace provided. So I am at a crossroads. Are there any engineering disciplines where I can work and still be active, and still be social? All I have found is sales engineering, and I am seriously considering it. Thanks all!
  2. I've been searching these engineering forums trying to find someone who has shared their experience preparing for the Structural PE April 2018 and have been unsuccessful ... I would really appreciate If anyone could share their experience and would also be willing to provide ANY advice as to: 1) What PE prep course to take? One that has a good breadth review as well as a structural depth review. 2) What study materials did you think were good to use while preparing for the exam? 3) What books did you take to the exam and use while taking the exam? ANY HELP WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED!!
  3. Hi all! Just a quick hello and maybe some advise. I am 7 years out of undergrad and have been studying from Lindeburg's FE Civil Review Manual. I did not pass the first attempt, or second or third and I am back at it again now. My job it is on the line and I have to pass the test by July of 2018. I plan to take the test again in January 2018. I cannot take it before due to NCEES restrictions. Does anyone have an online course they recommend? I took the test back on July and the test has change again, 10% of the test is NOT a multiple-choice questions. It has alternative item types, like: Multiple correct—allows examinees to select multiple answers Point and click—requires examinees to click on part of a graphic to answer Drag and drop—requires examinees to click on and drag items to match, sort, rank, or label Fill in the blank—provides a space for examinees to enter a response to the question I am not sure which online course has updated their study guide since July of 2017. Any recommendations? Diana
  4. Hi all, So I'm sadly reporting that I did not pass the civil PE structural depth exam this time. It was my second time taking it, first being in April of this year. I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to do for my third time around (I refuse to give up!). Here is my background for my first exam, followed by its diagnostic: I self-studied using the CERM, the CERM's accompanying practice problems, and NCEES practice exams. I probably spent somewhere around 150 or 200 hours studying, starting at the end of January and going through the first week of April. To start, I studied mostly on weekends for 6-8 hours Saturday and Sunday. Once I was one month out, I started studying 2-3 hours after work three or four work nights as well, usually taking Friday night off before hitting it again with the weekend schedule. I also had to peel off a few days on weekends to study for the CA state specific seismic and surveying exams. This was definitely detrimental to my time devoted to studying my depth. That can clearly be seen in the diagnostic, I think. April 2016 diagnostic: A little more background: walking out of the exam in the spring, I thought I had passed. When I got my results, I was pretty much at a loss as to how I had bombed the Design and Details of Structures: Component design and detailing section so atrociously. Though obviously, I was subpar in actually all of the afternoon (and many of the morning) sections. That particular section definitely stuck out to me the most. For October 2016, I decided I probably hadn't studied enough on my own, and definitely didn't focus enough on my depth topics. I decided to take the live online PPI Civil PE review course for a few different reasons. Firstly, I thought it might do me better to have more structure to my studying. Secondly, my coworker recommended it as he had taken this course (same instructor) and passed on his first try. Thirdly, I really liked the guarantee. As the course came to a close, I thought it had been good for the morning section, but rather lacking for the depth. I should have known that to begin with, as it is not advertised as being for the specific depths and instead devotes one or maybe two classes at most to each depth topic. Anyway, I completed all the homework and the PPI practice exam (and so fulfilled the requirements for the guarantee), did not divvy any time off of the state exams (I had passed seismic and decided to save studying for surveying until the week after the PE exam). I also worked additional PPI practice problems (120 solved problems, primarily in the structural depth) and NCEES practice exams again. I completed the NCEES practice exams in 4-hour chunks for morning and depth, to simulate the test itself. I thought I was pretty much as well-prepared for the PE exam as I could have reasonably been. This is my diagnostics report this time: \ As can be seen, overall, I did significantly worse (in terms of absolute scores) in the morning and 33% better in the afternoon. I much improved my score in the depth topic I bombed in April (though I still came up short), but this time suffered a rather crushing defeat in Analysis of Structures: Loads and load effects (which I had previously done much better in). I am noticeably supbar in the morning sections also, which is a little perplexing to me because I felt I studied them about as much as I did the first time around. Though, I do remember thinking the Hydraulics & Hydrology and Geometrics questions being more complicated compared to what they were in April. I ended up with a score of 45 this time, compared to 46 in April. I guess I'm just at a bit of a loss as to how to attack this exam for April 2017. I think I would like to do a review course again, but perhaps on demand this time. I am not tied to PPI because of the guarantee, as I don't know that it would prepare me significantly better by doing it again. I've read great things here about EET, but I don't know if I would then sign up for the breadth and depth both, just the breadth, or just the depth (though I think just the depth would be the least likely option). For materials, I feel I was pretty well covered... Having studied with the CERM, PPI practice problems, the PPI practice exam, PPI's Civil Engineering Solved Problems, and various other practice problems as well as the NCEES practice exams. To both exams, I brought with me the CERM, my study course notes, the PPI Structural Depth for the PE Exam Reference Manual, as well as various codes (basically all recommended codes besides OSHA, PCI, and AASHTO). Does anyone have any advice? When I compare my diagnostics, I basically just kind of see two different people taking the exam, and don't really know how to proceed. Thanks so much for any help you can provide! I really, really appreciate it. I am determined to pass in April 2017!
  5. Hello About me: I am a transfer junior Aerospace engineering major at U of Minnesota and will be getting a degree in physics from U of Wisconsin the same time I graduate from MN (don't ask how that works, it just does). I have had an REU nuclear physics internship (+ a year and half of nuclear research), a Quality engineering internship and currently a lab technician at 3M while in school. I have 3.1 gpa and am apart of Formula SAE. I am a alright student (not a genius but I do the best I can), I excel in a work environment (have stellar recommendations). Problem: Since transferring I have found it near impossible to even get a call for an interview for any internships, it was actually easier to get a call back while a physics major. I have applied every where from Boeing to small town engineering firms and nothing. I have a professionally done resume and all of my previous managers attest I was their best interviewee they have ever had. To me it seems that the more I buff up myself with experience and technical training (referring to doing a 2nd degree) the more doors close for me. IS MY GPA REALLY THE REASON I CANT GET AN INTERNSHIP TO LOOK AT ME? (I know its not stellar but I figured my experience would at least help me a bit) IS THIS NORMAL? IS IT WORTH STAYING IN ENGINEERING? I love science and actually learning about engineering and how our world functions to an immense degree but I have sacrificed my personal life to be where I am and honestly right now it doesn't seem worth it. I know I am not a genius and probably will be only able to maintain around 3.2 so did I screw up? should I jump ship before I commit more time?
  6. I wanted to hear other thoughts on it, would you or your firm hire someone who did graduate with an Engineering degree but in a different field from what you practice? Assume it's from an ABET accredited intitution and the individual has not taken the FE.
  7. Special inspection as a whole has finally started to be a requirement in our area. I don't know if it deals with better educated building officials or what but anyhow I am looking at which certification I should look at getting? We do a great deal of inspection work for our quality control projects and I want to be sure I get the correct one
  8. Hello everyone, Yesterday I received the sad news that I did not pass the Mechanical PE exam. According to the NCEES diagnostic report my score was 38/80 which was about the same as what I scored during the practice test. My discipline was Mechanical Systems/Materials. This is obviously not the result that I was hoping for especially after all the time, effort and dedication that I put into this. When I saw the word “Fail” in that little red box next to my result, I was crushed. From the get-go I knew this wouldn’t be easy as I graduated 20 years ago and haven’t touched this stuff much since. I felt at a significant disadvantage when compared to more recent grads. so I decided to enroll in a refresher course that would provide the structure needed to prepare for the exam. I chose PPI’s Mechanical PE review course and this was my general approach: Was very diligent about completing all homework assignments. Read subject matter ahead of lectures in order to get the most out of each class As time allowed I went back to review previous lectures/homework problems to make sure I stayed current on those topics 1.5 weeks prior to the exam I took the NCEES practice test and scored 39/80. This pointed out my weaknesses which were mostly in the PM session so I went back and practiced more problems in those areas to reinforce concepts. The last 2 weeks prior to the exam I also went back to review some HW problems that I felt emphasized key concepts I needed to reinforce. At this point I’m wondering what I need to do BETTER and/or DIFFERENT for next time because obviously, my methodology didn’t work. Maybe now that the exam is more discipline focused I’ll have extra time to do more problems and review old exams to gain practice and speed. I’m already enrolled for the April’17 exam, same discipline, and any advice this group could offer would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. JV
  9. So today I got a job offer from a company. (I posted about going through a tough time with my boss a few weeks ago on this thread). The job offer is providing approximately $7000 more than what I currently make (I graduated with a BS in Civil Engineering May 2015 and got a job before graduating, so if I take this new job, this would be my second job since graduating college. Frankly, I was quite put down in the current company I am in. My most recent manager but my down and scolded my work a lot which really has effected me mentally and emotionally (I got changed managers last week thank god, I didn't say anything though that caused the change). I just don't feel the motivation to learn here anymore and I feel I need a change to bring back energy in my career. What I currently do is land development and I have always liked roadway design and this opportunity gives me that. So that is why I am thinking of switching. I feel salary wise as well it would be beneficial for my family. What are your thoughts? So here are some of my questions/concerns on how to resign since I am doing this for the first time professionally: 1) The person I need to inform, Eric(president of the company) of my resignation won't return to the office until Monday. The offer I got from the company said they need to fill the position ASAP and would like to know my decision by the end of this week. Should I email Eric and let him know about my resignation and put in my two weeks notice? or should I wait to inform/talk to him in person on Monday morning when he returns? 2) If I put my resignation in on Monday morning in person (Monday May 9), would the two weeks notice be applicable until the end of the working day on Friday May 20 (i.e. 14 business days). 3) The offer letter I got from the new company says that my offer is contingent on a drug test. Should I take the drug test and when they receive the successful results, then give my resignation notice? or should I give my resignation notice after I have signed and send my acceptance to the new company? (FYI, I don't do drugs, alcohol, smoke etc so I am confident nothing should come up in the drug test but I am still exercising caution about this drug test. I would appreciate any advice anyone has regarding my situation. I just want to go about it professionally and in a kind manner and would like to hear what others think about this opportunity. I learned a lot from my current company and just want to be professional about it. Thanks everyone.
  10. It seems like throughout the web and within this forum the overwhelming recommendation is to study 300 hours for the 8-hour Civil PE exam. I understand that this study number is high because this number is given as a “regardless of someone’s skill level if they study 300 hours they should most definitely pass” benchmark, but I feel that throwing out 300 hours as the optimal study time could be doing more harm than good, so from someone who just passed the 8-hour exam I want to put another opinion out there for prospective test takers which might help them with their quality of life while they are studying! After walking out of the 8-hour WRE exam I felt very confident I would pass. Walking IN to the exam, however, was a completely different story as I was acutely aware that I had only studied half of the time recommended. I was nervous and really lacking in confidence. During the months coming up to the exam I felt the pressure of knowing that I wasn’t dedicating enough time (or so I thought) to studying and there were many moments where it felt useless and I would resign to finishing studying early because I was too stressed. I had prepared for the test by studying ~150 hours, including ~28 hours which were watching the ASCE PE review webinar series (which I would not recommend, but that is another story). I took the PE 3 years after finishing my undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering and was by no means a stellar CE student. People come into the PE exam with a huge range of experiences so shouldn’t the recommendation for study time reflect that? Maybe there could be a range of hours based on experience going into the exam: 100-150 Confident in material; solid understanding of fundamentals; good test taker; degree/career experience directly related to test material 150-200 Somewhat confident in material; good understanding of fundamentals; good test taker; degree/career experience directly related to test material 200-300 Not confident with the material; haven’t actively practiced engineering in a long time, degree/career experience only related to some of the test material. 300+ Not at all confident with the material; haven’t actively practiced engineering in a long time; bad test taker What do you think about this? Are there other examples of recommended study times already out there that I missed which do a better job of describing the range?
  11. HI, So I am going through some issues at work. I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on what to do. Here's my story (i'll try my best to keep it short). So i graduated with a B.S. in Civil Engineering in May 2015. I got a job offer before my senior year ended in Site Development Engineering (I didn't have any experience in this field, I interned with a Village in college so I had some construction experience). so I was hired as a designer. So when I was hired and the guy that interviewed me (l'll refer to him as Bob) seemed to like me and he was my type of mentor I was thinking to have to grow in my career as a Civil Engineer. His explanations were clear, he drew out a lot of the concepts which helped me a ton in understanding concepts, and he was friendly towards me. So after about 4 months he resigned and took a job elsewhere. So I was put with a new another boss in our company (I'll refer to him as Ron). So slowly he started to give me more workload. He had high expectations for me and still does. It seems to me he expects everything to be perfect and I can draw up plans like an expert. I don't have much experience and I am still learning things. There are a lot of things I don't understand by the way he explains them (I'm a visual learner). Whenever I go to him with work I have completed he always says things like "I explained this earlier", "I don't like to repeat myself", "you should know how to do this", etc etc. I spend like 1 hour in his office and he goes through a million things and expects me to have them down immediately. But there is only so much I can remember. I can't grasp everything he says. I tell him I am trying my best and trying to write down everything your saying and remembering everything you say but it's hard for me Basically his response is try harder because I don't have time to go back and forth. I understand he can't repeat everything and it does waste time. But I can't grasp and understand everything in one shot either I was and still am trying to work the way he works and understand concepts. But recently I just can't take it anymore because this is an everyday thing. I am afraid to go to his office because everytime I go in he always has to critique about my work ethic etc. He keeps says I make excuses. I am seriously trying my best, I am one of the first people in the office in the morning and one of the last ones out. I am giving all that I can give. I am strongly thinking after what I have gone through today to go talk to the President of the company to move me to another group and another supervisor. I am so tensed and stressed by his remarks. I always just stay quiet or say that I need some time and I am learning but he always just says I don't have that much time etc etc. Can someone please help me on what to do? I can't sleep at night, I am grumpy all day, not happy at all with my life. I keep trying harder and harder, staying later and later (working 50+ hour weeks) and I feel I am a failure or I am in the wrong place. I don't like even going to work anymore because I know I am going to hear something from my boss about me. I appreciate anyones advice and understanding about my issue. This is my first job out of college
  12. I am taking the PE Civil Transportation exam in April 2016. My first time taking it (and want it to be my last). I graduated from college with my bachelors in civil in May 2015 I just started studying 2-3 days ago. I was wondering if anyone could give me some good advice on how to study for it? Where can I ge oldt NCEEES Practice exams? (I saw they have one on there webiste but besides this one) I was thinking to study by going through the lindenburg book 14th edition and tabbing it up and just reading through it. Is this an effective way to study or is there a better way to study in the time I have left? I really appreciate advice from people who have taken it in the last year (or longer). I really want to pass this and move on with my career. Would appreciate anyones advice and comments.
  13. Hi everyone, I just recently graduated with a BS in Civil Engineering. I'm kinda just chillin' at the moment but I'll be job searching in the near future. That said, I'd like to get my resume and cover letter polished before I start applying anywhere and everywhere. So established EngineerBoards community, if you have time, can you please help me look over these two essential pieces? Truthfully, I understand that while much of it especially the cover letter can be quite lengthy and wordy, I would just like to know your take on where/how to cut down everything. From the objective to the opening statements to the bullet points to pretty much anything and everything, let me know which parts are good, which parts are totally unnecessary, tacky, over-the-top, and essentially what I can and should do to make it even better. I am all ears and would greatly appreciate any constructive criticism and feedback as I take the next step towards my career. Thank you all so much for your time and help with this. Gratefully, frogger P.S. I've used some placeholders to protect my confidentiality. Cover Letter.pdf Resume.pdf
  14. Hi everyone, I just recently graduated with a BS in Civil Engineering. I'm kinda just chillin' at the moment but I'll be job searching in the near future. That said, I'd like to get my resume polished before I start applying anywhere and everywhere. So established EngineerBoards community, if you have time, can you please help me look over my resume? Truthfully, I understand that while much of it can be quite lengthy and wordy, I would just like to know your take on where/how to cut down everything. From the objective to the bullet points to pretty much anything and everything, let me know which parts are good, which parts are totally unnecessary, tacky, over-the-top, and essentially what I can and should do to make it even better. I am all ears and would greatly appreciate any constructive criticism and feedback as I take the next step towards my career. Thank you all so much for your time and help with this. Gratefully, frogger P.S. I've used some placeholders to protect my confidentiality. ResumeEB.pdf
  15. I took the Mechanical PE Exam for the first time this past October and was able to pass on my first attempt. I took both the PE and FE exam after graduating from college and there were two very similar studying strategies that were the key to my success. For both exams I focused my studying on doing practice problems over and over again instead of just reading reference materials and re-reading college textbooks. I have used the EB forums throughout the past years a source to ask questions and understand what others are doing in our common goal for engineering licensure. I understand that people learn and study differently, however I believe the method I used to prepare for the exam works perfect for the PE and FE exam formats. By constantly doing practice problems you are not only exposed to the different material and concepts tested on the exam, but it also does the following: 1. Trains you to read the question in its entirety, then identify what is being asked. 2. Forces you to open the MERM (or other references) and identify the location of different topics, equations, and appendix charts/tables. Throughout time you will have reference materials that are not only tabbed with the key items, but navigating them during the test will be that much easier. 3. Trains yourself to only spend the 6 minutes per problem or if you are lost to move on and come back. I can not stress this enough. Sometimes you get to a problem where you think you know how to solve it, but then it doesn't work out or you struggle. You must learn to move on and not waste time, by doing so you will get to all of the problems on the test and then have time to go back to any unanswered problems. I hope that some of this insight into my study methods will help anyone who is preparing for upcoming exams. I would also like to share that I am selling some of the materials that led to my success on the Mechanical PE exam this past fall. All of the materials are brand new and cheaper than what I paid for them on the PPI and NCEES websites. Let me know if you have any questions and/or interested in the materials. Mechanical PE Exam Study Material: 1. Practice Problems for the Mechanical Engineering PE Exam (MEPP13), 13th Edition – PPI, Lindeburg (more info) Condition: Brand New Price: $85 2. Mechanical PE Practice Examination (MEPE3), 3rd Edition – PPI, Lindeburg (more info) Condition: Brand New Price: $85 3. Six-Minute Solutions for Mechanical PE Exam HVAC and Refrigeration Problems (SXMH2), 2nd Edition – PPI, Elder (more info) Condition: Brand New Price: $75 4. NCEES PE Mechanical: HVAC and Refrigeration Sample Questions & Solutions (NCPEMH) – NCEES (more info) Condition: Brand New Price: $30 Please note that all of the prices listed do not include the cost of shipping. Please contact me for more information on the books and I can supply the shipping costs.
  16. (The Answers) Good luck to all who are taking the PE exam tomorrow! Stay focused, be confident.
  17. Hi, Wanted to get some advice from some more experienced and smarter people than me. Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated. I am going to give a little back story first to put my situation in better context. Here is my situation… After getting my BS in Computer Engineering I went to work for an Electric Utility/Cable/ISP/Telephone company (They did fiber to the home) right out of college. Worked there for 5 years and went back to school to get my masters. During my last semester of my masters some people I previously worked with offered me a job. I took it but did not like it because there was too much travel. I called up another guy I used to work with and pitched him an idea of adding to his software. He was all for it and hired me on. When I resigned my traveling job my boss and everyone I worked with threw a fit and thought the other guy was trying to steal me (not the case at all). Anyway it all worked out in the end and I have been working for this guy for a year now. After about six months into my current job I realized the best job that I should have taken was at another local Electric Utility that I worked for as a summer intern while getting my Master’s Degree. They said I could work for them full time when I was done with school but I ended up taking the traveling job instead (it just paid so damn much). Anyway the General Manger at this utility ended up calling me up one day out of the blue and asked me to come work for him (this was after I already told myself that’s where I should have worked, so I was very happy). I said I did not want to leave my current boss hanging on the project I was on but maybe at the end of the year 2011 we could work something out. He agreed but asked if I would help as a consultant (I am a registered P.E. so I felt comfortable doing that) until the end of the year. They are getting ready to put in some Fiber and networking equipment and wanted my experience. So now it’s the end of the year, I have talked with the GM of the new company and the Fiber project will basically start the first of the summer so he is looking for me to start sometime before then. My question is how should I go about telling my current boss I am leaving? I am 100% certain this new job is the right fit for me (The people, the work, the work load, longevity, etc). I guess I am a little gun shy because of how badly resigning from my traveling job went. Also the project I am working on for my current employer is not complete. In reality I probably bit of more than I can chew with my current job. Plus the fact that all my employers are basically in the same industry (some customers others suppliers) and I might cross paths with my current boss and previous bosses again. My plan is to tell my current boss that we should redo how we are working on the project to pull in more people. I have a meeting with my prospective future boss tomorrow to discuss a timeframe of when I can start. Then maybe in a week or 2 give my current boss my resignation but say I can stay on for another 2-3 months. I am not going to tell my current boss what company I am going to in order to avoid some of the problems I had last time I resigned. I am also going to offer that I will help out with any questions that someone taking over for me might have in the future (Via email/phone). I figure he will ask why I am leaving. I was thinking that I would tell him the new opportunity is a great opportunity for me and my family both financially and stability wise (which is true, I plan on retiring from this future job). I was also thinking about telling him I feel like I am in over my head in what I am doing anyway and think it is better for both of us if someone with more experience stepped in and took over anyway (which is also true). BTW my current job is building a billing system for utilities. They currently bill cable, TV, internet with a separate system built on COBAL and want to move away from that to a more modern platform (which is where I came into the picture). Anyway sorry for the life story but any advice would be greatly appreciated. I put myself in this situation and feel extremely thankful that I can get out of it and land a great job. I just want to make sure I do it in the best possible way and not burn any bridges in the process.
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