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Found 23 results

  1. Practice. Practice. Practice. Check out this video for a sample FE Civil practice problem.
  2. I have the following items for sale. Thoroughly studied them and they all came quite handy in my preparation. All are unmarked and barely used: Civil Engineering Reference Manual 15th Edition: $160 PPI Civil PE Practice Exam (Lindeburg): $25 PPI Practice Problems for the Civil Engineering PE Exam 15th Edition: $35 Will sell all for $200.
  3. I have the following items for sale. Thoroughly studied and used all of them for studying. All are unmarked and barely used: EET Breadth Binder: $75 EET Water Resources Depth Binder: $75 Civil Engineering Reference Manual 15th Edition: $180 PPI Civil PE Practice Exam (Lindeburg): $30 PPI Practice Problems for the Civil Engineering PE Exam 15th Edition: $40 All in One Civil Engineering PE Practice Exams (Goswami) (Contains 2 Breadth and 1 of each depth exam): $30 All in One Civil Engineering PE Breadth and Depth (Goswami): $60 Will entertain best offers. Thanks
  4. I'm selling materials that came in handy for me for studying for the PE Environmental Engineering exam. I took the exam in April 2017. They are all in good condition with limited markings. Handbook of Environmental Engineering Calculations by Lee and Lin: $15.00 Fundamentals of Air Quality Systems by Noll: $25 PE Environmental Engineering License Review Manual by Brightwood: $60 PE Environmental Engineering practice exam by NCEES: $30 Practice Problems for Environmental Engineering PE Exam, 3rd Edition by Lindeburg: $60 Environmental Engineering Solved Problems, 3rd edition by Schneiter: $40 Environmental Engineering Practice PE Exams, 3rd edition by Schneiter: 40 Payment can be made by PayPal and I will not charge extra for shipping. If someone is interested in purchasing all of them, I will give a $20 discount on the sum of all the items (i.e. all items for $250!!)
  5. I have three PPI Mechanical PE books for sale. I used these and the MERM to study and passed the PE on my first try. Prices include shipping to lower 48. Quick Reference for the Mechanical Engineering PE Exam - 2nd edition, release 10. I purchased this new, it is in mint condition. - SOLD Six-Minute Solutions for Mechanical PE Exam (HVAC and Refrigeration Problems) - 5th edition, release 4. I purchased this new, it is in mint condition. - SOLD Practice Problems for the Mechanical Engineering PE Exam - 13th edition, release 3. I purchased this used. It's in great condition, no torn pages or spills, etc. Only thing is there's some writing (in pencil) on the first couple of pages of Ch. 1. - SOLD ALL BOOKS ARE SOLD. Any questions or if you would like to see additional photos, just let me know. PayPal only, please. Thanks for looking.
  6. Problem asks the required capacitance to correct the power factor. 60Hz, 3-ph, 208V load of 200+150j. I got C = 9.2uF but the answer is 1/3 that. The answer uses the 208^2 divided by 50 (QVars/3) to find Xc then ultimately C. My question is why did the solution use the 3-phase voltage with the single phase portion of the load?
  7. Hello! Calling all Materials engineers who are interested in taking, or have taken the Metallurgy / Materials PE Exam. I wanted to introduce myself and my team. My name is Nikhil Kar and I am a Registered Professional Mechanical Engineer and Registered Professional Metallurgical / Materials Engineer. I noticed that their wasn't any forum for discussion on this specific exam, nor any general review material. I took the Metallurgy / Materials exam in October of 2015. If you have any questions about the exam or need review material, please check out the new courses we are offering at Thank you, Nikhil Kar, Ph.D. P.E. Kars' Academy
  8. Does anyone know if there is a example workbook similar to the CA Seismic Review Workbook for ASCE wind loading?
  9. Long-time lurker, first-time poster. I am selling my PE exam prep materials for the Mechanical HVAC exam. These are the only materials I studied with and the only references I brought with me to the exam. Using only these, I passed the October 2016 exam on my first try! Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam, 13th edition by Lindeburg ($250) Practice Problems for the Mechanical Engineering PE Exam, 13th edition by Lindeburg ($85) PE Mechanical Engineering: HVAC and Refrigeration Practice Exam by NCEES ($30) Six-Minute Solutions for Mechanical PE Exam HVAC and Refrigeration Problems, 2nd edition by Elder ($65) I bought these materials new and did not write in any of them - so they are in "like new" condition. I have photos ready to send, if interested. I will sell individually for prices listed (add $10 for shipping each) - or will sell as a set for $400, including shipping. Prices are firm and I prefer to use PayPal. I almost don't want to sell these because they remind me of my triumph over the behemoth that is the PE exam :-) but I know they could be helping someone else. Thanks, Ryan
  10. Recently passed the Civil PE Exam for Water Resources & Environmental (WRE). Tim's books were essential to studying and passing the PE Exam on the first try. Both these books are in great condition and provide 151 study questions to help you prepare and pass the Civil PE on the first try too! Check out Tim's website for other books and videos too.
  11. I decided to take PE exam back in May 2016 , so went ahead and registered for it. Took the Chemical PE exam in October 2016; passed it and now want to sell some of the material I used for PE preparation: 1. NCEES PE Chemical Engineering Practice Exam This book is a must-read for all who want to take PE exam in Chemical Engineering. It contains 80 questions with comprehensive solutions. I personally read it twice; once skimmed through it when just started studying for PE, and the second time was a week before the actual PE exam when I tried to simulate the exam in a timely manner. I didn’t make any note or highlight in it except a few small notes to show where each section ends. For instance, the questions start with Thermodynamics Q101 to Q118, then Heat Transfer, Kinetics and so on; I wrote a two word note saying “Heat Transfer” on the margin next to Q119. Other than this, the book is clean and ready for a second person to read and go through the adventure of PE Chemical exam! 2. Practice Problems for the Chemical Engineering PE Exam, 7th Edition (By Michael Lindeburg) This book is the companion of "Chemical Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam". It has great problems and is a must-read! I studied most of it; tried to answer all the questions in Thermodynamics, Mass Transfer, Heat Transfer, Kinetics and Fluid Mechanics. There are two more chapters for subjects of "Plant Design" and "Environmental" which I didn't get the time to go over them unfortunately. This book is clean, no highlight or note in it. 3. TI-36X Pro Calculator (This calculator is allowed in PE exam. I have another programmable calculator and don't use this anymore.) In addition to above items, I bought "Chemical Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam", but I would like to keep it, as it contains a lot of good info and is good to have it in my office for future! If you are interested to buy these books, please contact me at "". The price is negotiable. If you have any other question regarding the exam, I would be glad to bring some light!
  12. Pass the Civil PE Exam by studying with these materials. All items are like-new. This bundle includes: - Practice Problems for the Civil Engineering PE Exam: A Companion to the Civil Engineering Reference Manual, 14th Edition - Civil PE Practice Examination, 5th Edition - Civil Engineering Solved Problems, 7th Edition - Engineering Unit Conversions, 4th Edition - PE Civil: Water Resources and Environmental Sample Questions and Solutions, 2011 - PE Exam Civil Engineering Video Review DVD - Civil Engineering PPI Flash Cards
  13. Just completed the PE Oct 25, 2013, Water Resources and Enviro. I've read some great suggestions on here, and I didn't want to simply take from this Board without providing something in return. I've yet to find a comprehensive post like this one, where it simply answers many questions future-PE takers have. I'll try to be as succinct as I can, while providing enough detail. Suggested References AM 100% CERM (best civil engineering reference out there) PM 75% CERM 15% Wasterwater Engineering (Metcalf and Eddy) 10% Environmental Engineering (Davis Cornwell) Do Nots Bought Hydrology and Hydraulics by Gupta, big waste of money. Horrible index, and very similar to CERM. Could may have used it for one question, but was also answered in CERM I also bought the Water Resources and Environmental Depth Reference manual (CEWE) by Brant and Kauffman, another huge waste of money. Very very similar to CERM, no value add. Left at home I can only comment on these two since I own them. I do not think it is imperative to own any other reference material Practice Problems Though 3 of the 4 suggested practice problem books are more in depth than the actual PE, I highly suggest still practicing with each one. There are many mutually exclusive practice problems that may not be covered by the other 3 and is covered in one of them. Its all about exposure to as wide a variety of practice problems as possible. Six Minute Solutions - Great study material, but is much more in depth than the actual PE. Though these questions may not show up in whole on the exam, parts of a problem may. Important to have a pretty good understanding of the problems overall. Few of the problems in here are ridiculous, but good to at least be aware of different questions Practice Problems, CERM Companion - Another great study material. Stick to the subjects that are covered on the PE. CERM has many additional topics that will not be tested on in PE. These practice problems are more in depth than the actual PE, but again could show up in part on the Exam Civil PE Sample Examination (CESX4) - For some reason really enjoyed this study material. More in depth than the Exam NCEES PE Civil (NCPECW) - This is the one that is an absolute must have. Identical depth to PE! I strongly believe that these are previous Exam questions. I wish I could've found the older version as well to study with Study Strategy Having gone through some very intense studying (read CERM cover to cover, skipping very little. Read Wasterwater cover to cover. Read 80% Environmental. Read 70% of Hydrology book. Completed about 350 hours of study in 2.25 months) this is what I would suggest: Don't be an expert at every problem and every subject. I would highly suggest focusing intensly on 100% of AM and only 75% of PM, with mild focus on the remaining 25% of PM. This way when you're taking the exam, you'll immediately know how to approach majority of the problems, and sometimes not even need to open a book for reference. You'll get those problems out of the way very quickly, and have plenty of time to reference materials for the remaining 25% that you'll put a mild focus on. Tab your references, but don't over tab. Perhaps get a larger tab with a good amount of space on it, and write down the top 3 - 5 important things from that section. Referencing is absolutely key! I can't emphasize this enough. When doing the practice problems, struggle as much as your patience can handle with each problem before looking at the solution in the back! This is very important. I laughed when I saw some of the Hydraulic PE civils coming in with suitcases of books. I came in with only the 3 above and they were plenty. You don't have time to look and look through references. Its stressful enough taking the PE, why stress yourself even more by struggling through piles of books. I completed the AM in 2 hours, and the PM in 2.5 hours. The last half hour of the PM was spent solving 4 problems (my mild focus) which gave me plenty of time to review. Other If there is anything I left out that someone would like to know more about, respond and I'll do my best to give a good response. I found this forum very helpful to my studies, and it is important we help guide each other on this journey...without violating ethics of course.
  14. $30 BOB'S RIGGING & CRANE HANDBOOK THE HOISTING TRIANGLE SEVENTH EDITION- Like new $15 2010 PE Civil : Construction Sample Questions and Solutions by NCEES Staff - fair condition used with answers circles. AM and PM questions $25 Project Management for Engineering and Construction by Garold D. Oberlender (2000, Hardcover) ISBN: 9780070393608 - good condition. $90 Construction Depth Reference Manual for the Civil PE Exam by Thomas Korman (2011, Paperback) ISBN:9781591263487- like new a few highlights. $75 Civil PE Construction Module 4th [Paperback] [2010] (Author) Ruwan Rajapakse PE CCM CCE AVS, Ruwan Rajapakse - like new has highlights. $75 Civil PE Construction Module Practice Problems [Paperback] [2010] (Author) Ruwan Rajapakse PE CCM CCE AVS, Ruwan Rajapakse - like new has highlights. $75 Six-Minute Solutions for Civil PE Exam Construction Problems by Elaine Huang (2012, Paperback) ISBN: 9781591263708 good condition problems worked. Has AM and PM. $130 318-08: Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary - new. $20 Design Loads on Structures During Construction : SEI/ASCE Standard No. 37-02. ISBN: 9780784406182 -new. $50 National Design Specification (NDS) for Wood Construction-ASD/LRFD 2005 : With Commentary and Supplement: Design Values for Wood Construction by Natfo and Adams. ISBN: 9780962598593 ALL BOOKS AS LISTED OR BEST OFFER. SHIPPING: ITEMS USUALLY SHIP WITHIN 6 - 10 BUSINESS DAYS.
  15. Did you know? NCEES has already updated exam specifications and design standards for many April 2015 exams. School of PE is ready to help you tackle the new exam requirements with our PE exam review courses. Our registration is open for our 2015 Spring review classes. Early registration discounts up to $300 are now available. You may register online, by phone or mail. If you have any questions about our review course please call us at (614) 873-7475 or you may email your questions to To find more information on our review courses please visit To find the new NCEES exam specifications and design standards CLICK HERE. Your Success is Our Sucess! - School of PE
  16. Hi! Can anyone suggest publications of practice problems that would be benefical before taking the exam ??? I already have the NCEES sample exam (2010) and the practice problems for the MERM by Lindeburg. I noticed that the practice problems for the MERM are kind of long and can take way more than 6 minutes to solve. Is the sample exam by Lindeburg worth looking into? Thanks!
  17. Nearly 500 practice problems from all 18 subject areas of the FE –CIVIL examination Now available on Amazon ISBN-13: 978-1495214288 437 pages List Price $79.95 Effective January 2014, the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exams are drastically different. The new format, to be delivered via CBT (computer based testing), will become the norm in 2014. The exam can be taken throughout the year, unlike the twice a year schedule. The syllabus for the new FE CIVIL exam is very different from the one you would have taken if you took the paper test (last one October 2013). The test will now have approximately 5 hours and 20 minutes available for approximately 110 questions. In the past, AM questions were of the 2 minute variety and PM questions were of the 4 minute variety. Now, you have about 3 minutes per question. So, the average pace of the exam is about the same. This book has a mix of approximately 500 questions as recommended in the official syllabus ( The only reference that should be used is the FE Reference Handbook, 9th edition, preferably the electronic (PDF) version, since the CBT exam will be supported by a PDF version of the handbook rather than a hardcopy. This book contains questions from Mathematics, Probability & Statistics, Computational Methods, Ethics, Engineering Economics, Statics, Dynamics, Mechanics of Materials, Materials, Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulics & Hydrology, Environmental Engineering, Construction, Geotechnical Engineering, Surveying, Structural Analysis, Structural Design & Transportation.
  18. I am appearing for the April '14 exams and just heard about the complex imaginary pratice sets #1 - #4 and their NEC drillbook. I was thinking of getting the drill book and maybe 2 of the 4 books. The people who own all 4, which ones should I get? Maybe one set has better "coverage" than the others..I know all 4 would be better, but I just cannot afford it. I have the spin up already. Any reviews on the drill book? Also, does anyone have old ones to sell ( probably not this late in the harm asking)?
  19. Hello, I'm planning on taking the PE exam in October, and was wondering if anyone would be willing to sell some of their study material. I'm doing the Fluids/Thermo section in the afternoon. Thanks in advance! -Chris A-10 Mechanical Systems Engineer
  20. Hi, We were wondering, how many people seek practice questions/problems? If you did, how much do you feel the example questions helped you to pass your exam/exams? Additionally, we would like to know what other unique help or recourses people look for when preparing for the FE Exam for example? What about a "ask the professor" type situation where you can ask an instructor for help with preparing for the exam? We are working on improving our FE Exam Questions of the Week as well as the PE exams example problems. Right now, as of (04/19/2013) it’s very limited to one question where the solution is sent via Email for marketing purposes. To review, the links provided above will take you there. We are always striving to improve our program and provide our students with as much relevant recourses that help assist them in passing the exams. We appreciate any feedback and welcome any questions or suggestions. Thank you!
  21. Hi everyone, I just finished the book "Water Resources Practice Problems." Cost: $20. Recommended for all civil engineers; strongly recommended for those focusing on water/environmental. There are 111 multiple choice questions covering various water resource topics. Thanks again, and good luck in your exam studies. - Tim Book Website: Amazon Page: Cover:
  22. I just passed the PE in October (HVAC focus) and I have a few study materials for sale: 1. Lindeburg Sample Exam - $50 2. Lindeburg Sample Problems - $50 3. NCEES HVAC Sample Exam 2011- $40 4. James Kamm, refresher CD for the Afternoon topics - $140 5. James Kamm, Flach cards - $10 I bought these all new last June 2011, so they are all the most recent versions. They are all in great condition. Willing to sell all as a package for $250.. Good luck!
  23. MORNING Preparation Books/ reference books/ sample questions: 7. Civil Engineering Reference Manual (11th ed.) This edition already covers Construction and I would say is PLENTY to pass (unless you want to spend the extra cash for 12th ed): Amazon sells for $81 shipped. I will sell for the same and throw in for free the Civil Engineering Practice Problems (companion): 8. Kaplan practice problems- Sells for $20 amazon (shipped). Will sell for $15 shipped. 9. Dictionary of Civil Engineering 4th ed. Has the best user reviews I found as far as usefulness for the PE. Sells for $45 shipped from Amazon. I will sell for $30 shipped. Extra insurance and peace of mind during the test you won't miss a question because a term is called something different. 10. NCEES sample questions and solutions 2007/8 Sells for $54 shipped from Amazon. I will sell for $45 shipped. 11. NCEES sample questions and solutions 2011 Sells for $48.43 from the NCEES website (once you add shipping and handling) Please do NOT buy from Amazon which sells for $59. Either buy from NCEES for $48.43 or I will sell my copy for $30 shipped because it has lots of notes in it. I also have ALL the Construction Afternoon references for sale (under a separate post). Respond here or email me if interested: Best of luck!!
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