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Found 23 results

  1. Over the past several months, we have been hard at work completely re-engineering our PE Mechanical exam prep for the new 2020 CBT exams. For a limited time, if you order the new Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual (MERM) and Mechanical Engineering Practice Problems (MEPP) as the Essential Exam Set, you will Save $100 , PLUS receive 6 months of Learning Hub Access FREE ($399 value). Don't wait... Order yours today! Learn More
  2. Keep Your Summer Prep Going With Summer Savings! Save 15% on OnDemand Prep Courses with Code SUN19! Discount good through August 31. Shop now!
  3. Keep Your Summer Prep Going With Summer Savings! Save 15% on OnDemand Prep Courses with Code SUN19! Discount good through August 31. Shop now!
  4. I have the following items for sale. Thoroughly studied them and they all came quite handy in my preparation. All are unmarked and barely used: Civil Engineering Reference Manual 15th Edition: $160 PPI Civil PE Practice Exam (Lindeburg): $25 PPI Practice Problems for the Civil Engineering PE Exam 15th Edition: $35 Will sell all for $200.
  5. I have the following items for sale. Thoroughly studied and used all of them for studying. All are unmarked and barely used: EET Breadth Binder: $75 EET Water Resources Depth Binder: $75 Civil Engineering Reference Manual 15th Edition: $180 PPI Civil PE Practice Exam (Lindeburg): $30 PPI Practice Problems for the Civil Engineering PE Exam 15th Edition: $40 All in One Civil Engineering PE Practice Exams (Goswami) (Contains 2 Breadth and 1 of each depth exam): $30 All in One Civil Engineering PE Breadth and Depth (Goswami): $60 Will entertain best offers. Thanks
  6. It looks like PPI is no longer publishing their errata online and instead requiring you to buy an online subscription to their book for updates and corrections. Can anyone verify in the 9th edition, 2nd printing, page 9-6 when they find the stiffness parameter Kg they are using the area of the beam only. Since it's a composite T-beam, shouldn't the area used be the beam + slab?
  7. For the first time ever, save 20% on EVERYTHING at PPI and get FREE shipping on bundles. Hurry, offer ends July 31. Use code: HSS18 at checkout. Save Now
  8. Anyone here taking PPI SE course right now? I'm thinking about possibly taking it after April, in preparation for the October Exam, but I had a bad experience with the PE exam course (civil/structural). For the SE its an entirely different professor ( or professors) teaching it so I was hoping maybe someone was taking this exam. Thanks for any comments.
  9. Ladies and Gents, Was working out this practice problem in PPI Camara. Problem #98. I got 100degrees. Looking through the solution I see that they put: (cos(180))=0... well I got: cos(180)=-1 Thoughts? Please, see references. AND GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF THOSE TAKING THE EXAM THIS FRIDAY! Thanks, Brip
  10. Use promo code: PPI15 to save 15% on discountable products.
  11. Hello All! I am having trouble understanding the solution for # 8 and # 40 in PPI sample exam. Could someone please explain why the line current is being calculated differently (using the line-to-neutral voltage in #8) vs line-to-line voltage in #40)? Does the neutral ground in #8 matter?
  12. I am looking to take the PE (Power) Exam in October and am looking for online review course recommendations. I'm leaning toward doing a live online course since it would most effectively get me into a routine since I would want to be in attendance at a set time each week. But I know one drawback of this is you cannot skip through material if you know it won't be very useful to you (ex: instructor answers a question on a topic you already have mastered). So, I don't necessarily have to do live online. Also, I don't plan to fail the exam, but having a guarantee would be nice. I've already looked at the following: Test Masters School of PE PPI GA Tech The Test Masters and School of PE seem too condensed for the live online courses. One month just seems too short. The GA Tech course is cheaper than the others and seems like a lot of people have used it and like it, but how many hours of lectures is it? I didn't see that on the course site. The PPI live online course spans a little over two months which seems good, and comes with more materials than the others, but I'm not sure of the quality of the course itself. I took the PPI FE course and wasn't too impressed with it, but admittedly it was during the revamping of the FE exams themselves to the more discipline specific ones (still, I think it could have been much better), so I'm not sure what their typical courses are like under normal conditions. Which review course do you like and why? What are your experiences with Live Online vs watching lectures on demand? How much value did you get out of the course you took? Any other suggestions you would have for me and what I'm looking for? Thanks
  13. has everyone had time to review everything in their class? Has it been hard or easy going? Please state which class you are enrolled in
  14. Hello Everyone, I figured I should introduce myself since I have been lurking about these forms a bit for the last few months. I am a Structural Engineer working in Utah. My background does not set me up well for this, I graduated college with a Mathematics and Environmental Engineering degrees. I worked for a buckling restrained brace (BRB) manufacturer where I learned about steel connection design. When the company was purchased by a competitor (and eventually shut down) they were kind enough to pay for me to take the SE exam, and for the PPI course. I took both SE exams in April, failed them booth. I took the vertical part in October, and failed it also. So now that I can't take the PPI course again I figured it would be best to get a study group, or at least accountability partners as I study for taking the exam (again). I am a registered PE in five states. California and Alaska being the most note worthy. I also am in the Navy Reserves. I have been gainfully mostly (f)unemployed for the last year as my non-compete with my previous employer expires. I also have been working for a local small structural engineer doing wood design. So I am coming to the point where I need to start working more and find a more real job. My other interests is big data analytics (I wrote a Master's Thesis on it), biking, hiking, fishing, hunting, skiing (got out 60 times in the 15-16 winter, already at 6 times for this winter), backpacking, and studying for the SE exam (ugh). I also enjoy politics, in a more philosophical sort of way. I am also relatively active in a local Rotary club. I was active in the local Structural Engineers Association of Utah, but I am taking a year off from that group. Cheers,
  15. Pass the Civil PE Exam by studying with these materials. All items are like-new. This bundle includes: - Practice Problems for the Civil Engineering PE Exam: A Companion to the Civil Engineering Reference Manual, 14th Edition - Civil PE Practice Examination, 5th Edition - Civil Engineering Solved Problems, 7th Edition - Engineering Unit Conversions, 4th Edition - PE Civil: Water Resources and Environmental Sample Questions and Solutions, 2011 - PE Exam Civil Engineering Video Review DVD - Civil Engineering PPI Flash Cards
  16. I'm new to this board so forgive me if I post something if I shouldn't... I'm taking the WRE exam in October, it's my third time taking the exam and first time taking WRE. I took structural engineering the first two times even though I work in a sewer field. I'm taking PPI but after skimming these boards it appears that I should have taken EET based on what people here are saying. I've read there is a binder out there that people have found very helpful. Can anyone tell me what's in that binder or how I can get a hold of that binder. I'm not looking to get anything for free and would gladly pay for something. Really I just want to give myself the best chance to pass. Thanks, Chas
  17. I am taking the SE exam in October of this year in Illinois. I wanted to get some feedback on some SE exam review courses. I took PPI's PE exam review course last year and glad I did because it was definitely worth while and plan on taking their SE exam review course. Has anyone taken the PPI SE exam review course? If so, what were your thoughts in preparation for the exam? Mention of any other review courses would be appreciated as well. Happy studying...
  18. Put your thorough knowledge of engineering or architecture to use. PPI is an independent publisher of engineering and architectural instructional material for the FE, PE, ARE®, SE, FS/PS, and NCIDQ® exams. If you are a licensed engineer, subject matter expert, graduate student, or engineer-in-training, we would like you to develop original exam-like problems for us. For a limited time only, we are accepting problems in all categories. Simply visit to register and start submitting problems. If you are interested in forging an ongoing author, contributor, or technical reviewer relationship with PPI, this is a great way to start. We look forward to your problem submissions!
  19. Hey Future Licensed Engineers of the World! I've put together some resources I wanted to share with the community, to help everyone with their studying! I passed the exam and am hoping that I can help everyone else do so as well! Wondering what the computer based test will be like? Click Here FE Exam Specifications by Discipline: Chemical | Civil | Electrical & Computer | Environmental | Industrial | Mechanical | Other Disciplines NCEES Reference Manual AKA You're Best Friend: Download the Manual Here NCEES Approved Calculators: NCEES Calculator Policy I highly recommend the TI-36X Pro: TI-36X Pro Amazon Link Casio FX-115 for those Casio Fans: Casion FX-115 Amazon Link [ Study Resources: Free Exam Reviews Texas A&M | Purdue | Colorado School of Mines | Georgia Tech Youtube Channels: (Thanks Justin!) | Thanks Joseph! | Thanks Issac! Exam Prep Programs: Company | Site | Price PPI 2 Pass | Link | $1,635 School of PE | Link | $1,290 w/ $300 Early Registration Discount Prepineer | Link | $249
  20. I've seen a lot on here about GA Tech's course but not much about PPI power to pass live online course. I know PPI has some good reference material, but I am curious about the live online review course. It seems pretty expensive in comparison to others. Anybody have an opinion about which is better or what your experience was with either of them? Thanks.
  21. Thought you'd be interested in an old post... ...good times. I was a blabbering idiot on the old forums.
  22. Dear all, I recently purchased the following books and I have not even used the once. Due to a personal emergency, I will not be able to take the SE exam in the near future as I had anticipated and thus I do not have a need for these books at the moment. They are BRAND NEW. I have taken photos of them if you wish to see their condition and I can e-mail them to you. I will negotiate on the shipping charges and we can share those costs. 1. Structural Engineering Reference Manual - 5th Edition [PPI] - $95.00 2. Structural Engineering Solved Problems - 4th Edition [PPI] - $75.00 Again I want to stress that these books are brand new. Please e-mail me at if interested. Thank you.
  23. I'm taking the Civil: Transportation Depth Exam in less than two weeks and I'm stumped on one of the PPI: Exam Cafe AM Transpo questions. The solution said it was found in the Green Book but, I was only able to find the cross slope recommendation (1.5%-2%). I realize I can eliminate two using the cross slope and logically eliminate the gravel shoulders. But, is that what I'm suppose to do or is the ANSWER actually in the Green Book? Here is the question: Problem 1: Transportation A rural divided highway has an average daily traffic of 40,000 veh, with a design hour volume of 4,000 vehicles and a peak directional volume of 2500 vehicles. The commercial traffic is 5%. For a design speed of 70 mph, which of the following designs would be most appropriate? a. four 12ft wide, paved lanes, with 8ft gravel shoulders and a cross slope of 1.5% b. four 12ft wide, paved lanes, with 8ft paved shoulders and a cross slope of 4% c. six 12ft wide, paved lanes, with 10ft paved shoulders and a cross slope of 2% d. six 12ft wide, paved lanes, with 10ft gravel shoulders and a cross slope of 1% SOLUTION: Using the AASHTO Green Book, for high traffic volumes, six lanes, and 10ft shoulders are desirable. The median should be at least 40 feet wide, and the cross slope of the pavement should be at least 1.5%. The answer is C. Thank you!
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