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Found 15 results

  1. I have the following items for sale. Thoroughly studied them and they all came quite handy in my preparation. All are unmarked and barely used: Civil Engineering Reference Manual 15th Edition: $160 PPI Civil PE Practice Exam (Lindeburg): $25 PPI Practice Problems for the Civil Engineering PE Exam 15th Edition: $35 Will sell all for $200.
  2. I have the following items for sale. Thoroughly studied and used all of them for studying. All are unmarked and barely used: EET Breadth Binder: $75 EET Water Resources Depth Binder: $75 Civil Engineering Reference Manual 15th Edition: $180 PPI Civil PE Practice Exam (Lindeburg): $30 PPI Practice Problems for the Civil Engineering PE Exam 15th Edition: $40 All in One Civil Engineering PE Practice Exams (Goswami) (Contains 2 Breadth and 1 of each depth exam): $30 All in One Civil Engineering PE Breadth and Depth (Goswami): $60 Will entertain best offers. Thanks
  3. Hello Everyone! New here, but giving back to this forum just as it gave something to me. Resources and hope! I recently moved to the from Canada with a few years of experience in my hands after graduating as an Electrical Engineering candidate in the summer of 2013. While I hadn't been out of school for long, I still lost all hope of being in a school/study environment again and was worried about this FE Electrical and Computer CBT based exam. After looking at resources and forums I decided to start my studying. I moved here in April and with wanting to take my PE Power exam in the April of 2017, I decided to dedicate some time this year (2016) to study and try and pass the FE. So I bought the FE Electrical and Computer textbook by Lindeburg on Amazon for 50-ish $ and started studying by the end of July. I followed the schedule it says and tried to do one chapter a day, and sometimes three-four on weekends. Lindeburg suggests that you could start the course 45 days ahead of the exam and complete all 45 chapters without rest days and pass the exam the next day. I think this is pretty accurate since the exam is not very tough. Along with the textbook, I tried to learn where all the units and equations are in the FE Reference book which is the exact same book given to you on the computer in the exam. I also watched Raiya Energy Academy's Youtube videos online and used it for different questions and examples. I also found some online assessments that started a timer and told you how you did. And finally I made sure to really practice with my calculator and use the special functions like complex conversion, matrices, vectors, equation solving, computer numbering formats, and boolean logic. This last part is really important because doing all these in your calculator, saves you time, which gives you more minutes in the end for harder problems or for reviewing. After I was done going through the book, I decided to book the exam three weeks from finishing the book, and spend these weeks looking at the book and the reference manual again, but this time just doing the problems. I am so glad I did the steps above, because after I did the exam on a Friday, I found out I passed online the next Wednesday. Hope this helps you!
  4. Hello guys: I passed my PE exam October 2015 (2nd try, highly recommend having all references for Transportation PM), I am selling my reference books (that my employer won't buy): 1. Highway Capacity Manual 2010 - Like new, only used for exam. , $190 2. Lindeburg Civil Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam 14th edition, used but very good condition, $150 3. Lindeburg quick reference for the Civil Engineering PE Exam, $30 4. Lindeburg Practice problems for the civil Engineering PE Exam, $100 5. AASHTO, Guide for the development of bicycle facilities, 2012 4th Edition, $100 6. AASHTO, Guide for the Planning, Design and Operation of Pedestrian Facilities, $100 7. AASHTO, Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide, $100 8. NCEES PE Civil Engineering 2014 Transportation practice exam, no markings, $10 if you buy another book. Contact me if you are interested. (, will provide pictures if requested, and will give you a discount if you buy all. Selling through Paypal, Ebay, or Amazon.
  5. Hello Everyone! After posting my FE exam prep from October 2016 found here: I decided to go strong and work towards my PE Power. Like I mentioned before, I already had the required 4 years of work experience between both Canada and the US, so I decided to apply for the PE Exam and write it in the coming April 2017. I would say, from talking with coworkers, peers, and just overall looking at all the material available it was really intimidating and overwhelming at first. I was very nervous about this exam from the get-go even after studying for the FE and passing it. Having done the FE just recently should help, is what I kept hearing from everyone, but of course I was finding it hard to connect the dots between the FE and the PE exams. Primarily, because the FE really is very basic level understanding of electrical engineering (First and Second year course material from University) whereas the PE is more like the third and fourth year materials + codebooks. In any case, I didn't have a great plan of studying for this like I did for the FE. With the FE I just took the reference material and followed their plans. With the PE, I asked around at work for what was available, and luckily there were a couple folks that had 5-6 different NCEES PE Power Practice Exam and Camara's booklets that combined had over a 1000 problems. I also printed out the NEC 2017, the NESC 2012, the NFPA 70 2017, the ANSI Device Numbers, and had a copy of the EPRM by John Camara. This last book was what I used to start my prep. Similar to the FE prep, I first went through the EPRM entirely and thoroughly. Then I went through a whole bunch of videos on youtube related to Power problems, notable mention Raiya Energy Academy. Again, while I don't always agree with Raiya's solutions, her problems and walk throughs are worth looking into. She gets the steps right 99 percent of the time, but the answer might be wrong in some cases. She corrects herself in most cases. After I finished the EPRM book, I went through the entire NEC 2017 code book and sticky tabbed most of the important and often used artices, (See Raiya's video on Must Know NEC Articles). I have to admit, you are not going to remember where each article is. So heavily rely on the index pages of these code books in the end of the books. After the NEC, I went through the NESC codebook and the NFPA codebooks fairly quickly in order to get the gist of the materials. The last four weeks before the exam, all I did was problems problems problems. I have to admit, after I did the exam, I had a sense of relief, it was either from finishing a long 9.5 hours day (including breaks) or I was fairly confident in what I had answered were correct. For anyone thinking that there isn't enough time in the exam, if you prepared as much as I did, and I think you should, then you should have enough time to write the exam and still have 45 minutes in the end to check everything. I had finished checking and still left a half an hour earlier. Total time taken to study: Once I passed the FE, and got my approval that I had been registered for the PE exam in February, I started studying Mid February. From Mid-Feb to April 19th, I spent 8 weeks studying. Weekends were the busiest (6-8 hours each day) and then 3-4 weeknights of one hour each. Prep Prep Prep, is all I can say. I can usually gauge whether or not one would need to study as much or not for a certain exam, however, both before and even after writing the PE exam, I have to say you must put in your hours to study. It is not that hard, but it is not trivial. So I passed, and the results came out exactly 1 Month and 5 days later. Good luck to Oct 2017s and future PEs.
  6. Pass the Civil PE Exam by studying with these materials. All items are like-new. This bundle includes: - Practice Problems for the Civil Engineering PE Exam: A Companion to the Civil Engineering Reference Manual, 14th Edition - Civil PE Practice Examination, 5th Edition - Civil Engineering Solved Problems, 7th Edition - Engineering Unit Conversions, 4th Edition - PE Civil: Water Resources and Environmental Sample Questions and Solutions, 2011 - PE Exam Civil Engineering Video Review DVD - Civil Engineering PPI Flash Cards
  7. For the solution for question 138 in the Lindeburg PE sample exam: why is the equation for the stiffness 12EI/L^3 for each column? The problem asks you to idealize the structure as a cantilever, so shouldn't the stiffness be 3EI/L^3 for each column (like a cantilevered beam)? They account for the fact that there are 4 columns later on in the solution, so I must be missing something with the original stiffness equation. There's nothing in the errata for this problem. Could someone help me out? Thanks a bunch!
  8. I am looking to purchase the lindeburg reference manual and any civil Structural depth study material for the civil-structural PE exam. Please private message me.
  9. Prepare to Pass the Civil PE Exam in 2016! Save 20% until 11/20/2015 when you pre-order the latest editions for the Civil PE exam by Michael R. Lindeburg, PE. Civil Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam, 15th Edition The best-selling Civil Engineering Reference Manual is the most comprehensive reference for the NCEES Civil PE exam. Take advantage of a limited time upgrade offer and save 50%! Practice Problems for the Civil Engineering PE Exam, 15th Edition Practice Problems for the Civil Engineering PE Exam, 15th Edition contains over 900 problems designed to reinforce your knowledge of the topics presented in the Civil Engineering Reference Manual. Civil Engineering Solved Problems, 8th Edition Connect relevant engineering theories to challenging problems with Civil Engineering Solved Problems, 8th Edition. These problems are instructionally designed so that you learn how to identify and apply related concepts and equations accurately and efficiently. Civil PE Practice Examination, 6th Edition The most realistic practice for the Civil PE Exam, the Civil PE Practice Examination, 6th Edition enhances your time management skills and helps you assess your exam readiness. Quick Reference for the Civil Engineering PE Exam, 9th Edition\ The Quick Reference for the Civil Engineering PE Exam, 9th Edition consolidates the most valuable and commonly used equations, figures, and tables from the Civil Engineering Reference Manual. Maximize your problem-solving efficiency and save time during the exam by having the most useful equations and data at your fingertips. Visit to learn more.
  10. Greetings! Are you preparing to take the NCEES exam in April? Do you teach a class in engineering? Does your company require its employees to become licensed? If so, we've got you covered. PPI's exam preparation materials provide a comprehensive study and review system to help you prepare to pass. Fill out this brief web form before February 28, 2014 for an instant 20% off Promo Code and a chance to win a free engineering reference manual--a value of up to $265. You can also copy and paste the web form URL directly into your browser: Make sure to enter by February 28th! A winner will be randomly chosen on February 28, 2014. The winner will receive an email notification with further instructions on collecting the prize. Make sure to whitelist info@ppi2pass through your email carrier so the email reaches your inbox. This giveaway is only open to residents of the United States--international submissions will be discarded. Your Promo Code will automatically appear when the web form is submitted.
  11. Hello, I'm planning on taking the PE exam in October, and was wondering if anyone would be willing to sell some of their study material. I'm doing the Fluids/Thermo section in the afternoon. Thanks in advance! -Chris A-10 Mechanical Systems Engineer
  12. I have Engineers in training reference manual 8 th edition by Lindeburg with solutions manual for sale. This is a comprehensive book for FE/EIT preparation and has few things highlighted by marker. Both these books look very new and if you are interested, email me at Thanks.
  13. - Practice problems for the mechanical engineering PE exam, twelfth edition $45 - Dictionary of Mechanical Engineering by GHF Nayler (was useful during the exam) $10 - six minute solutions for thermal and fluids systems problems second edition $35 - Mechanical PE sample examination second edition by Lindeburg $40 - NCEES Mechanical PE sample questions and solutions 2001 $70 Will sell as a package for 180.
  14. This is the package you need for the morning session, nothing else. If you want all the books I will sell it as a package for $260 shipped. Whats different than this package and the one PPI offers? They are selling the 12th edition, and lack the NCEES sample questions and solutions book I have listed at the bottom and are charging $70 more for less material. I have gone through the 11th and 12th edition and there are only minor changes in the newer edition. The reason I also have the 12th edition is because I took a review course. Civil Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam, 11th Edition by Michael R. Lindeburg, P.E. This is THE book to use for the morning Civil PE Exam. Do not waste your money getting the 12th edition, this is practically the same thing. Excellent condition, sections are highlighted in yellow which you can go over in another color Brand new $200, $135 shipped Civil Engineering Practice Problems for the Civil Engineering PE Exam, 11th Edition by Michael R. Lindeburg, P.E. Practice problems are challenging, if you can get through these you will be very well prepared in the morning section. Excellent condition, no permanent marks in the book Brand new $65, $40 shipped Quick Reference for the Civil Engineering PE Exam, 5th Edition by Michael R. Lindeburg, P.E. Notes penciled in, can be erased, This is an equation reference manual Brand new $55, $30 shipped Civil PE Sample Examination, 2nd Edition by Michael R. Lindeburg, P.E. Higher level of difficulty than the test but great for practice Excellent condition, no permanent marks in the book 40 Civil Morning Sample Questions 40 Construction Afternoon Sample Questions 40 Structural Afternoon Sample Questions 40 Transportation Afternoon Sample Questions 40 Geotechnical Afternoon Sample Questions 40 Water Resources and Environmental Afternoon Sample Questions Brand new $60, $35 shipped NCEES Civil Engineering Principle and Practice of Engineering PE, Sample Questions and Solutions NCEES is the author, excellent practice problems. 20 Civil Morning Sample Questions 20 Construction Afternoon Sample Questions 20 Structural Afternoon Sample Questions 20 Transportation Afternoon Sample Questions 20 Geotechnical Afternoon Sample Questions 20 Water Resources and Environmental Afternoon Sample Questions Brand new $55, $38 shipped
  15. I just passed the PE in October (HVAC focus) and I have a few study materials for sale: 1. Lindeburg Sample Exam - $50 2. Lindeburg Sample Problems - $50 3. NCEES HVAC Sample Exam 2011- $40 4. James Kamm, refresher CD for the Afternoon topics - $140 5. James Kamm, Flach cards - $10 I bought these all new last June 2011, so they are all the most recent versions. They are all in great condition. Willing to sell all as a package for $250.. Good luck!
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