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Found 38 results

  1. As the Computer Based Testing (CBT) is implemented for all Engineering PE exams starting from April 2020, I would like to initiate a thread to share the experience on Mechanical engineering HVAC & R and Thermal Fluid Systems (TFS) - PE exam as soon as candidates take the exam and share their experience. Below are some areas of concern, 1. Overall difficulty level? 2. Morning session questions, what they include and how many? 3. Afternoon session questions, what they include and how many? 4. Question outside the NCEES reference manual? If yes difficulty level. 5. Best practice problem book to be used for CBT based on the difficulty level? For eg. PPI Mechanical engineering practice problem, 14th edition, NCEES practice exam etc. 6. When did you get the test results? Please, continue to share the experience as you take the exam that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks you in advance and GOOD LUCK to all exam takers.
  2. Hi Everyone, Something to watch out for in the upcoming exam! The NCEES says that, beginning in April 2020, the HVAC&R PE will be Computer Based and Closed Book. This means you can no longer bring in books and notes to the exam. Get the only allowable reference guide here: Do not buy any reference material to bring to the exam! Spend your prep time practicing! -------------------------------------------------- Get Practice with the 2020 Exam Standards and Question-Types, The Best and Most Up-to-Date PE HVAC&R Exam Prep Available, The Least Expensive Study Material of its Kind. Now get 50% off with code: EARLYBIRD80 Visit to learn more and purchase.
  3. I'm doing HVAC consulting design work in Northern California. What are the billing rates for clients? $/sq.ft.? What services provide to customers (load calcs, CAD design, title 24, etc) ?
  4. Hello everyone, I meant to call this topic "the PE - an epic journey" but thought again about the title to give it more reach. I passed the Mech HVAC PE exam last April 2019 and here is how. The strategy I have followed is the one that has always worked for me so far for many exams but you will surely have other means to get to your goal. Given the fact that it gets challenging to exactly know what you will be tested on, and that it impacts a lot your surroundings such as your family, I prepared to maximize my chances to only take it once. It was sort of a go or no-go and I had decided that failure wouldn't be an option. Should I fail, I wouldn't have had any regrets since I was pushing it at the forefront of everything not leaving me in the doubt that I could have done better and better. All of this is about the MINDSET and what you are ready to sacrifice to make it your first priority. "I don't have time" wasn't applicable anymore. "I need to find the time" was the right approach. Given all of this, I have started studying for the April 2019 session beginning of December 2018 after procrastinating the whole November month. I am 35 year old, dad of a (by then) 2-month-old daughter (she is now 7-month-old), have a full-time job (50h/week) and my wife works full time as well. No family local support. Time to study: 5 months (~300/ 400h). That may sound overkill but that's what I put to get there. Averaged studying schedule: 2h each day of weekday and 10h per weekend with some exception when my job took over. I wanted to keep myself motivated so the reason was to NOT lose momentum! Some prep game pieces of advice to get started: 1- Kill the impostor syndrome taking you away from what you truly want. 2- You only know what you are capable of so don't let other sidetracking you from your goals. 3- Get surrounded by positive energy (people you like who support you). Make them understand what your journey is about to be like. Collateral damage will exist so better to let others know about it. 4- Make sure you can focus by chunks of time that are effective. 2h was for me the minimum to get into it fully. 5- Secure a zone where you can leave your mess behind and big enough to be able to open several books on the table. From Day 0 I didn't know what to look up for and what resources to study. After googling a few keywords it came obvious to buy the MERM (13th edition). I tabbed the pages I needed and used the reference appendixes like crazy. I cruised through various chapters and have established a roadmap. Instead of studying the MERM, I instead took a bottom-up approach diving straight away into practice pbs. I was learning by doing. Among those below is what I followed in order over 4/5 months straight: 0- The MERM - get a sense of what is in there. Tab the chapters and pages you need overtime and appendixes you will get back often especially the steam tables. 1- Mechanical PE Exam Prep (Youtube and Udemy videos, and few 1 on 1 calls) extremely useful to go over the fundamentals and practice problems. Use the MERM to refer to the equations. Did them all 3 times or until I had them 90% right - Some overlap with the SMS and NCEES practice pbs. 2- 6 Minutes Solutions (SMS): Very useful to go over the answers in details. Know them on your fingertips. Did them all 3 times or until I had them 90% right. 3- EngineeringProGuide: bought the study guide, practices exams, and reference practice exams problems. Did them all 3 times or until I had them 90% right. Great to know how to use the 4 ASHRAE handbooks. 4- NCEES practice exams (2011 and 2016). Did back and forth all the problems 3 times or until I had them 90% right. 5- MERM practice pbs (selected ones). Focus on those that require more attention such as fundamentals. 6- ASHRAE Handbooks (Fundamentals, HVAC and Systems and Equipment, Refrigeration, Applications). Very useful to know where the chapters and empirical equations are located. You will be tested on those! 7- ASHRAE 90.1 55.1 62.1 Standards. Know what the requirements are for each. 8- NFPA 90 A and 90B codes. Good to cruise over to figure what type of information is inside. 9- Your PERSONAL cheat sheet!: The most important of it all. Write down all the equations you need and store for the quick lookup. 10- Psychrometric Charts and MISC materials. Anything not listed up above that important enough to include. Important to have the Sea Level, 5000ft, low and high temp ones. I saved the last month to actually go over all the material up above in no specific order and prepare for the exam. Did some 8h sessions with a 1h break in between to put me in the real situation, under a TIME PRESSURE. Good to figure out how much your brain can absorb before you get sidetracked and miss focus. Went to the site a week prior to the exam, got to know where the room would be. Before test day, packed in a suitcase of the reference materials, some snacks, water bottles, wrist clock and most importantly: earplugs. Looked again at all the notes the last time and made sure the cheat sheet materials were in a three-ring binder. Rested for the rest of the day. On exam day, the AM session went fine but the PM one was a killer. The NCEES practice exam books are representative enough of what to expect but figured that they were a lot of problems requiring some lookup from the ASHRAE handbooks. Left the exam room in the unknown given the fact that I didn't know was the cutting score would be. I had read online one needs to score 70%. Overall I was confident enough to get close to this score but did some educated guess here and there. The hardest part was the wait before the release 39/40 days after! The major takeaway is that you should go there confident and under cold-blood. The more you can prepare for it, the better for your future. This is a short term pain for a long term gain. Had down times driven by emotions, lack of sleep and stress stacking up but was an indicator that I meant to make it happen. No one wants to live this twice or more with a family and busy schedule. Celebrate hard after you pass to release all the commitment you went through! You can do it! Best to you all and good luck with the exam! Olivier PS: - Pic 1, my 4months daughter checking that the maths are right - Pic 2, a souvenir. Glad I didn't start a collection.
  5. I am selling my MERM and Practice exams. I have tons of other free materials I can give away. I took HVAC but I have material for both thermo and HVAC. I'm in NYC/Long Island area. Please reach out to me at Thanks.
  6. I am selling ncees practice exam 2016 brand new and MERM. In addition I'll give away 2011 and 2001 practice exam, and other reference material that I bought as a free gift. Please email me if interested I also have thermo material.
  7. hello I'm selling my PE exam books I used for the Oct 2017 exam, mechanical / HVAC - Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual (Michael R. Lindeburg, 13th edition) - $190 - 6 minute solutions for mechanical PE exam HVAC and refrigeration problems (Keith E. Elder, 2nd edition) - $50 - NCEES PE mechanical engineering practice exam, HVAC and Refrigeration (purchased from NCEES for Oct 2017 exam) - $35 all in excellent condition (no notes, I might have one or two sticky note left in the manual, you can just take those off) shipping included US48 if buy all 3.
  8. Congratulations on making it through the PE exam! How did the exam go? What was your experience like? I know all the future exam test-takers would love to hear your thoughts on the forum and/or on the survey below. HVAC & Refrigeration Survey: Thermal & Fluids Survey: Machine Design & Materials Survey: Just a friendly reminder, you cannot share the actual exam problems or solutions.
  9. I've got ten books for all disciplines of the mechanical engineering PE exam that I no longer need. HVAC and Refrigeration: Practice Problems for the Mechanical Engineering PE Exam, 13th Ed., Lindeburg - $45 Six Minute Solutions for Mechanical PE Exam, HVAC and Refrigeration Problems, 2nd Ed, Elder - $40 Practice Problems for the Mechanical Engineering PE Exam, A Companion to the Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual, 12th Ed, Lindeburg - $15 NCEES HVAC and Refrigeration Practice Exams - $25 NCEES Mechanical Sample Questions & Solutions, 2008 - $25 Buy all six - $100 Mechanical Systems and Materials: Six Minute Solutions - Mechanical Systems and Materials, 2nd Ed, Cook - $40 NCEES Mechanical Systems and Materials Practice Exam - $25 PE Exam Review for Mechanical Systems and Materials, Kennedy, 2014 - $10 Buy all three - $50 Thermal and Fluid Systems: NCEES Thermal and Fluids Systems Practice Exam - $25 Six Minute Solutions - Thermal and Fluids Systems Problems, 2nd Ed, Deckler - $40 Buy both - $50 They are all in used condition, I did not use all of them as I took the HVAC and Refrigeration exam so to the best of my knowledge all books do not have answers written in them. I do have photos of them upon request (upload size <0.5 MB) Let me know if you have any questions or offers. Thanks, Blair
  10. Hi, I'm wondering how you felt about the exam. For me, AM was challenging and PM was moderate. It would be great if you can share your opinion. Thank you.
  11. Having gotten the great news that I passed the PE Thermal Fluids exam this April, I am selling my books. I found that having studied HVAC even though I was taking Thermal saved me during the exam and consider all these books vital in my success. All the exam problems were worked out on separate engineering papers and all the books are mostly clear of any markings. I will cover the shipping via USPS. I am willing to sell the entire lot for $120.00. PE Mechanical - Thermal and Fluids Systems Practice Exam ISBN:978-1-59126-542-9 Condition: New Price: $50.00 PE Mechanical - HVAC and Refrigeration Practice Exam ISBN:978-1-59126-540-5 Condition: New Price: $50.00 Six-Minute Solutions for Mechanical PE Exam Thermal and Fluids System Problems Second Edition ISBN:978-1-59126-147-6 Condition: New Price: $50.00 PE Mechanical Thermal and Fluids Systems Practice Exam ISBN:978-1-59126-415-6 Condition: Like New Price: $60.00 2011 NCEES PE Thermal and Fluids System Questions and Solutions ISBN: 978-1-932613-61-2 Condition: Like New Price: $20.00 2001 NCEES PE Mechanical Sample Questions and Solutions ISBN: 1-932613-13-7 Condition: Like New Price: $50.00 - Very Useful and Rare to Find 2016 NCEES PE Thermal and Fluids System Questions and Solutions ISBN: 9781932613780 Condition: Like New Price: $10.00 (I have 2 on Hand) Thermal and Fluids System Reference Manual for the Mechanical PE Exam ISBN: 9781591265221 Condition: New Price: $80.00
  12. Im taking the HVAC exam on Friday the 13th. And Ive started having literal nightmares about it. Ive been studying hard. Ive bought the proengineer sample exam and study guide and the NCEES sample exam. But I pretty much have them memorized now. The proengineer study guide seems awesome. I printed it out, read through it twice now and took 6 pages of good notes (front and back) of equations. One thing I wish is that there was an index to make it quicker to find certain sections. To me, the proengineer sample exam seems easier than the NCEES sample exam, but both cover most of the same questions. For people whove taken it before, do the questions follow the NCEES sample exam pretty fairly? Or are there alot of questions out of left field. What Im mostly worried about. I feel like im starting to run out of fresh material to study. Which is letting my desire to study fade out. Anyone have any suggestions or comments to help me study and calm my nerves?
  13. I have decided to place my cheat sheets (word document) on the below link as a free download. Please feel free to download the word documents and customize the documents to suit your needs. You can also upload your own version of your cheat sheet to the google drive in order to share with others. Good luck on the studying and please feel free to email if you have any questions on any other product or if you see an error on the cheat sheets. Link:
  14. I have three PPI Mechanical PE books for sale. I used these and the MERM to study and passed the PE on my first try. Prices include shipping to lower 48. Quick Reference for the Mechanical Engineering PE Exam - 2nd edition, release 10. I purchased this new, it is in mint condition. - SOLD Six-Minute Solutions for Mechanical PE Exam (HVAC and Refrigeration Problems) - 5th edition, release 4. I purchased this new, it is in mint condition. - SOLD Practice Problems for the Mechanical Engineering PE Exam - 13th edition, release 3. I purchased this used. It's in great condition, no torn pages or spills, etc. Only thing is there's some writing (in pencil) on the first couple of pages of Ch. 1. - SOLD ALL BOOKS ARE SOLD. Any questions or if you would like to see additional photos, just let me know. PayPal only, please. Thanks for looking.
  15. I almost passed the Oct. 2017 HVAC exam but my diagnostic report shows I did horrible in the Heating and Cooling Loads knowledge area. Did anyone study material that did a good job covering this topic?
  16. After you receive your results, can you please take a few minutes to fill out a survey? This will help the future PE test takers get an idea on the references used, number of hours spent studying and which topics are difficult/easy. HVAC & Refrigeration October 2017 PE Survey Link: Thermal & Fluids October 2017 PE Survey Link: Machine Design & Materials October 2017 PE Survey Link:
  17. Hello folks, Congrads to those that passed.. Unfortunately I will need to take this exam yet again. I understand SMS and the practice exam like the back of my hand. Studied and didn't slack off, this is WHY I am feeling low and a bit concerned. I found that I spent way too much time looking through ALL 4 ASHRAE handbooks, and that was time consuming. There was lot's of field application problems regarding reference that I just don't know by heart. Can anyone please share some of your experiences? :-(
  18. Hello fellow engineers: I’m seeking some Mechanical PE materials (HVAC Depth) - books, videos, practice exams, etc. If you have any materials that you would like to sell, please drop me a line. Thanks!
  19. I'm new to this forum. I work for a Multifamily development startup. I read recently about a group of open source engineers who helped complete a complicated project, and thought I may try my hand at contacting some forums for anyone interested in a light pro-bono project. The short-hand goal is to discuss the best ways to fitout our modular designs. We have fitouts we have built already for a few Multifamily developments, but want to make sure we understand all possible solutions to make the most energy efficient designs possible. I do not know if that is forum appropriate, so please excuse my request if not. If this is an o.k. thing to do, I will edit this O.P. to be the project mission and hope for some help. Thank you, Samuel.
  20. After you receive your results, can you please take a few minutes to fill out a survey? This will help the future PE test takers get an idea on the references used, number of hours spent studying, cut score and which topics are difficult/easy. HVAC & Refrigeration October 2017 PE Survey Link: Thermal & Fluids October 2017 PE Survey Link: Machine Design & Materials October 2017 PE Survey Link: Power October 2017 PE Survey Link:
  21. Well I got my results, albeit not what I wanted to hear.
  22. A recent exchange here on the boards inspired me to create a cool problem. Here goes: An old copy of a pump curve from a manufacturer shows the curve corresponding to an impeller diameter of 12 inches (shown here in blue). Another curve is shown in the graph (shown here in green), but a coffee stain on the graph covered the impeller diameter corresponding to this curve. The impeller diameter (inches) corresponding to the green curve is most nearly: (A) 10.5 (B) 11.0 (C) 11.5 (D) 12.5 Post your solution and explain your reasoning.
  23. I am not sure how to best attack psychrometric equations on exam day. Q=1.08 * CFM * deltaT -or- Q= 1/spVol * 60 * 0.24 * CFM* delta T Q=4.5 * CFM * deltaH -or- Q = 1/spVol * 60 * CFM* deltaH My go to method is the more detailed approach and taking the extra 3 seconds to get the specific volume. I've found that some practice problems, most actually, have solutions based off of the quick equations. Its not always the case though. Any advice for a best strategy on test day? Thank you, Ryan
  24. Hi Folks, I am 13 weeks, 0 days, 18 hours, and 21 minutes (who is counting anyways?) away from my PE exam. Yikes! I don't feel that I have a solid study plan and hope that you can help. I have: 13th edition MERM MERM Practice Problem Book 6 Min Solutions for HVAC 6 min Solutions for Thermal and Fluids Lindeburg Unit Conversion Most recent NCEES Practice Exam All the ASHRAE Books + more Would it be better to read the MERM, highlight it up, take notes, and THEN dive into working the, practice problems book, practice test, and 6 minute solutions books (that is what im doing right now and am not sure its the way to go) - OR - should I stop reading the MERM and just dive straight into practice problems and mark up the MERM and take notes as I go? What book of practice problems would you start with? Thank you! Ryan
  25. Long-time lurker, first-time poster. I am selling my PE exam prep materials for the Mechanical HVAC exam. These are the only materials I studied with and the only references I brought with me to the exam. Using only these, I passed the October 2016 exam on my first try! Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam, 13th edition by Lindeburg ($250) Practice Problems for the Mechanical Engineering PE Exam, 13th edition by Lindeburg ($85) PE Mechanical Engineering: HVAC and Refrigeration Practice Exam by NCEES ($30) Six-Minute Solutions for Mechanical PE Exam HVAC and Refrigeration Problems, 2nd edition by Elder ($65) I bought these materials new and did not write in any of them - so they are in "like new" condition. I have photos ready to send, if interested. I will sell individually for prices listed (add $10 for shipping each) - or will sell as a set for $400, including shipping. Prices are firm and I prefer to use PayPal. I almost don't want to sell these because they remind me of my triumph over the behemoth that is the PE exam :-) but I know they could be helping someone else. Thanks, Ryan
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