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Found 35 results

  1. Hi all, Does one need to continue renewing their EIT/EI license after obtaining their PE? Thanks.
  2. How long does it take to hear back from Sacramento after sending EIT application?
  3. Post problems here and post recommendations for calculators. Thanks
  4. Hi all, I have passed the FE exam, and I am applying for the EIT certificate. I noticed that the minimum requirement to apply for EIT in CA is "Three or more years of postsecondary (college level) engineering education, OR Three or more years engineering-related work experience, OR A combination of the two that total three or more years." My background is: 1. Bachelor of Arts, Major: Environmental Science, Minor: Pre-Engineering, 4 years 2. Master of Science in Civl and Environmental Engineering, 1.5 years 3. No engineering work experience I was wondering if I am eligible to apply for the EIT certificate in CA? Thank you for your assistance!
  5. Hi all, I took the Civil FE for the first time last week and was pretty confident about it. I studied only for about 3 weeks (during my winter break) about 5-6 hours a day. I created a solid study plan and focused my time on my stronger subjects (Transpo, Hydraulics, Geotech, Env, Mathematics, Ethics and Construction). I mainly used the videos from Marshall University and my FE prep book (FE Civil Review - Michael Lindeburg) to brush up on old subjects. I was also pretty familiar with the cheat sheet thats given on the test, I used it during my studying and knew where everything was during the test. Since I'm a pretty fast test taker, I finished my exam about an hour early and only guessed on about a total of 10-15 questions for the entire exam. I was very shocked and disappointed when I got my results back this morning and unfortunately did not pass. Attached is my diagnostic and as you can see, I did poorly in majority of the subjects. I think my failure could be due to the fact that I didn't do enough practice problems? Although I felt confident about my knowledge. I want to take the test ASAP since the semester will start to pick up again and you all know how difficult it is to manage engineering classes, work and studying for a huge exam like the FE. But I'm not sure if there is a time constraint between my first exam and my retake, I've looked everywhere online and can't seem to find a solid answer. I am in the state of California so if any of you have any idea that would be really helpful! I know you can only take 3 exams during a 12 month period but not sure for the time between each tests. Also if any of you have any study tips/advice I would really appreciate it. Thank you!
  6. Would you be able to give any of your advice or share some of the materials you have used for the exam? Now I failed the exam 3 times, and I am bit nervous about the AIT format.. I have been out of the school for a while and working at the retail store through out the college, and it seems to me it is hard to find the relative jobs.. Please give any of your suggestions or advice I will wait for your replies....
  7. To anyone who passed recently or in the past after failing the first or multiple times, what did you do differently that you felt helped you pass the next time around? Any other advice you can give us for those who plan to re-take the exam? Shout to the warriors who passed after failing before! Warriors, come out to play...
  8. Brothers and Sisters, We may have tasted the bitter essence of defeat this round, but we will dust ourselves off and fight for the next round! When the fail icon came up on my screen, I was heartbroken over the 9 months of preparation, but that turned into a fire of overcoming the obstacle. I haven't been this stoked to study and prepare for any test in my life more so than now, and I hope you will find that fire in the pit of your belly to struggle through the defeat and turn weakness into strength! Let's find that reason to pass (your job, family, legacy, fighting against the odds, whatever it may be). If you have some inspiration or videos/gifs to motivate you and others add them here, lets do this thing! Fall Forward (Denzel Washington) - Motivational Video Fall down 5 times, get back up 6.
  9. Got my EIT, and somehow a job in software. I don't think there are any PE's even at my company, maybe in another department but probably not. Is there anything I can do to get my PE like join a part time club or something to get sign-offs? Or did I just waste a bunch of money and time?
  10. Hi All: I plan to take FE exam in CT but want to get EIT in MA. I wonder if anyone tries this before and could share some experience. BTW, how long to receive EIT in MA after pass the FE exam? Many thanks
  11. I passed.......!! : ))) Here is my background. Long story short, I graduated 5 years ago and didn't put effort to pass EIT when I was in school. Now I need to pass this EIT for my career and I decided to take review class. If you scroll down in this forum, I asked about review class back in January/February. I was on fence between School of PE and EET, and I decided to go with EET. I can't speak of School of PE, but I highly recommend EET FE CIVIL review class. (They have demo sample video if you want to see how it's like, but you need to ask them). I enrolled in Sameh's on demand online class. (Link is here because I can't commit class's schedule due to my baby and family. Here are the reasons why I gave EET's FE review class 4.5 starts out of 5. 1. The class format is very easy to follow and well structured. Sameh goes over a little bit of equations and concepts and he shows you where you can find that equation in NCEES's reference manual. Then follow by examples and quizzes. The class is heavily based on practicing problems than a lot of theories. Keep in mind that we are not trying to get Engineering Degree here, but we are trying to pass FE exam which you need to do a tons of practice problems. 2. There are a lot of problems available for you to practice. The level of difficulty of the problems is a little bit below Michael R. Lindeburg but harder than actual NCEES’s problems which i found it very well prepared for actual test. It’s mixed with easy, medium and hard questions. 3. There will be HW assignments for all subjects. Then timed section exams to test your speed and knowledge of subjects. Finally, you can have timed 110 NCEES’s alike final test. 4. I can’t conclude without talking about Sameh. He’s a very caring and positive person. I told him that I had to stop studying for 3 months due to my family circumstance and he’s very understanding. His responses are very prompt and you can ask him questions any time any day. The reason I am giving 4.5 is that there are a few things they can be improved on. The lectures are based on NCEES’s reference 9.0 version, not 9.4. Changes from 9.0 to 9.4 are very minor. NCEES just added a few transportation (2 pages) in 9.4 from 9.3, and a few deflection formulas changed in Mechanic of Materials. Their review is great for someone who got civil engineering background and needed review to recall what you have studied before. It's not designed for someone who needs to understand fundamental of civil engineering from the scratch. Here are the study materials that I have used to pass my 1st attempt (with real study): 1. EET FE Civil Review (Approximately 1000 problems with both examples, quizzes, HW, section exams, final exam) 2. NCEES practice problems 2014 (50 questions) 3. NCEES practice problems 2009 (60 morning / 30 afternoon questions) 4. Utlimate Civil FE practice problems by Isaac Oakeson (110 questions) (Do only after you completed your review to practice your speed) 5. Michael R. Lindeburg’s FE Civil Practice Problems (I did around 200 problems out of 466 in the book in Math, Hydraulic, Environmental, Geotech, Materials, Transportation, Construction, Computer) (I glanced through Statics, Mechanics of Materials, and Structural and skipped problems that required more than 4 steps which won’t be on test). My Strategies on Exam Day 1. Light review or no study at all on a day before exam. 2. Make sure you have enough 8 hours sleep on a night before exam. 3. Don’t build up your stress and go into exam room. Just relax and have a little bit of worry to maintain your energy throughout 6 hours. 4. During the exam, if you don’t know how to tackle problems within 15 seconds, flag and skip to next. Save your brain juice for problems that you know how to do. 5. Educated guesses are very critical in the exam. You will find yourself with 10-20 questions that you have no idea or you are not sure how to do. Try to eliminate 1-2 impossible answers and make a choice of the remaining 2-3 possible answers. You will gain this skill once you did a tons of practice problems. I put in around 200ish hours for the exam. I'm glad handwork pay off finally, and i don't have to do FE again. Now on to the PE and I'm heavily leaning toward EET's review class for my 8 hours and seismic exams. Finally, I thank and awesome fellow engineers here for making this happen. Without you, i can't imagine what i'll be studying for FE or how many more times i need to attempt. I'm so glad this forum exists. If any of you have any questions about anything, just ask me here.
  12. HI, Electrical Engineer new to this board. I'm a Michigan EIT (Passed the FE) currently studying for the PE exam (potentially taking the test in April 2017). I came across this board while looking for study tips to pass the PE Exam. It seems most of the advice out there is for the Mechanical, Civil, or Electrical Power PE Exam. I'm planning on taking the Electrical and Electronics PE Exam as that applies to my work and interests more. I've also noticed there aren't many websites devoted to PE study tips; so I've decided to create a website where I can combine all of the best information I find into one place ( This is also my first attempt at creating a website (always been curious) so I'd appreciate both you're best PE test taking/preparation tips as well as constructive criticism for my site.
  13. Hello all, I am currently a new graduate from University of California, San Diego with a degree in BS Structural Engineering. I have been interning at a mid-size structural design firm for about 2 months now in the Bay Area. Palo Alto to be exact. My starting hourly wage was only 15 dollars an hr. And now that I have interned for two months, the principal is offering me a full time position with a wage of 18 an hr. Now...I know am inexperienced with the exception of my intern experience here. However, from my ask around from my friends and colleagues, I know i should be aiming for around 55k-60k. This offer is no where near that. 15 an hr was fine for interning cause I just want experience. Is my salary expectation skewed? Should I take this offer (it is at will)? Maybe I should take the offer, get some experience and then leave in like a couple of months? With the exception of the salary, I love this job. I get to work on a variety of projects, i like my coworkers and the hours are reasonable. Please advise...I am so green haha. Thanks everybody
  14. Hello, Clearing out some books. I have a sample FE/EIT exam for sale. Purchased this off of NCEES site to prepare for the FE exam. In pretty good condition. Some pencil marks but will erase them if requested. It was helpful during my PE exam as well. Selling for $35 or OBO. Thanks! I have other books for sale (mainly PE prep books) as well I just need to go through them and take photos. Will list them soon!
  15. Hi Everyone, I am thinking to take FE electrical review course, and I still deciding between School of PE and Prepineer. Anyone who took FE review with them, please tell me the difference ? Please, kind of want to decide ASAP. if there has better options, please let me know as well. Thank you !!!!
  16. Does anyone know how long CA takes to give an EIT certificate. I passed the FE. Then all the paperwork, (fingerprinting now), and check was sent in. The check was cashed almost three months ago and still nothing. My last correspondance with the state was on September 2 (over 4 weeks ago) and they said i should be getting it soon. Should i keep waiting? Thanks (sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere)
  17. Ondemand classes are available now! If you want to have the flexibility of attending classes at your own pace and time, we have an Ondemand option for you! You may watch our sample Ondemand recordings for free BEFORE you make the decision to sign up for the Ondemand course. We are offering ondemand classes for the following FE and PE exams: FE Civil FE Electrical FE Mechanical FE Other Disciplines (General) PE Civil PE Electrical PE Environmental PE Mechanical PE Chemical SE Vertical Forces SE Lateral Forces CA Seismic CA Surveying Pricing and additional details are available at School of PE. Be social, follow us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to get the most up to date information. Your Success is Our Sucess! - School of PE 614.873.7475
  18. School of PE is offering ondemand FE and PE review classes for the upcoming exams. It's not too late to register! Ondemand classes enable you to study at your own pace. School of PE offers a free demonstration. To access the free deme please visit our website and click on the register now button. You will gain access to the 15 minute sample recordings immediately upon registration. For further information please visit our website at
  19. Our PE Online weekday review course startsTODAY! We are ready with the new April 2015 format. It's not to late to register. To complete your registration CLICK HERE. Can't attend all of the live sessions? No problem! Each class is recorded and available for viewing after the class is completed. You may review the course at anytime from any location. What's included in School of PE's Review Course? 80 hours of comprehensive review multiple instructors with industry experience ability to send questions to your iinstructors handouts and notes practice problems and solutions student discussion forum free repeat Onsite, Online Weekend and Ondemand options are also available.
  20. Our FE Online weekday review course startsTODAY! It's not to late to register. To complete your registration please visit Can't attend all of the live sessions? No problem! Each class is recorded and available for viewing after the class is completed. You may review the course at anytime from any location. What's included in School of PE's Review Course? 72 hours of comprehensive review multiple instructors with industry experience ability to send questions to your iinstructors handouts and notes practice problems and solutions student discussion forum free repeat Online Weekend and Ondemand options are also available. Contact us today at 614.873.7475 or register online at @schoolofpe[/twitter]
  21. I can not express how happy I am. I have no freaking idea how I passed! I thought I did worse than other times!! Oh man I woke up 7:00AM Pacific Time to check my score, the entire week I knew I failed, but some how some way I freaking passed this muthafuca!!! Alright, I wanna to tell everyone do not give up. I was thinking if i don't pass this time, I really don't want to study all those crap that I learned all the way from community college.. But it's worthed! Now I'm just 1 more step away from having the PE in my initials!! Ok these are the books and materials that I purchased: FE Review Manual 2nd ed. - This book really helped me out in the morning session. I would definitely recommend this book and I'd give it 7/10. The problems in this book was for sure harder than the actual exam. Well worth the price. For the ethics part, make sure to read the FE reference manual that is given by the NCEES Civil Discipline-Specific Review for the FE/EIT Exam - I got this book for a whooping price of $75 while a go. I remember when I got it in the mail, I felt cheated because it's only a hair thin and costs $75. I saw a few problems that were in this book on the actual exam. FE Civil Online Practice Exam 1 This is a must buy!!! Only $50+tax, but I saw many very similar problems in this practice exam on the actual exam. FE Reference Handbook, 9.2 edition get the latest reference if you can. It's a bit easier to get used to when you sit for the test FE Civil Quiz Bank Last but not least, I felt the $50 price tag for a 7 day usage was well worth it. I was very unsure about my structural design, environmental, geotechnical, transportation and Hydrology/Hydraulics skills. I mean I took the classes, did my hw and I know the stuff, but I wasn't that confident. This quiz gave me a HUGE boost of self-esteem for the exam. My strategy was to only take questions from one section at a time, give my best shot and compare my answers with their answers. I must say there were a few errors in those problems, but they weren't many. My strategy for the actual exam: . I've read a few posts on this site that people said they usually get 80%-85% on each exam or they finished the exam 40 mins earlier. I'm not one of those. If I recall correctly, I got 51 problems for the first part and 59 for the second part. My goal was to finish the first part in less than 2 hours.... I finished the first part in about 110 mins, a little more than 2 min per problem. The second part I knew I could afford to spend a little more time on each problem than I did on the first part which was a good thing. There are some give away problems in here.. Some are just plain dum.. You don't need to be an engineer to answer them. sometimes it's good to take a step back and just look at the whole problem as a whole..
  22. Hello fellow engineers, I have graduated with a foreign, non-accredited engineering degree from the university of Jordan (in Jordan). It took me sometime to collect the information needed about accreditation and the process involved in obtaining an EIT certificate. I have already done an evaluation with NCEES and passed the FE exam. I first thought that the evaluation is required for the "FE Exam", but later found out that it is only required for the application of the "EIT certificate". This is in Texas, by the way. After passing the FE exam (which was surprisingly very easy), I mailed an EIT application to the Texas Board. Now to my question. My degree program was comprised of 160 credit hours. The required minimum of "Engineering Sciences and Design" credit hours is set to 48 by NCEES. I exceed this requirement by 24 credit hours, making for a total of 72 credit hours, which is a good thing, of course. BUT my program degree did not include a general chemistry course (which is more or less studied throughout the curriculum i.e. thermodynamics, fluid, MEMS and others) and frankly, it did not make sense to include it in the program because my degree is in Mechatronics (Electrical, Mechanical, and embedded systems courses). Also, the material included in my 12th grade chemistry course included all the material of a general chemistry course, in addition to an extensive exposure to organic chemistry. So here goes my question: Is it possible that the board will deny my request for an EIT just because the evaluation showed that my degree lacks a general chemistry course? could the additional 24 credit hours (all are major-specific, engineering courses) make up for this lacking? Any input about this is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  23. Hi guys, Does anyone know taking a PE prep course would prepare me to take the EIT/FE exam? There isn't any FE prep course for chemE so I was wondering if taking a PE course would help me pass the exam... Thank you!
  24. Nearly 500 practice problems from all 18 subject areas of the FE –CIVIL examination Now available on Amazon ISBN-13: 978-1495214288 437 pages List Price $79.95 Effective January 2014, the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exams are drastically different. The new format, to be delivered via CBT (computer based testing), will become the norm in 2014. The exam can be taken throughout the year, unlike the twice a year schedule. The syllabus for the new FE CIVIL exam is very different from the one you would have taken if you took the paper test (last one October 2013). The test will now have approximately 5 hours and 20 minutes available for approximately 110 questions. In the past, AM questions were of the 2 minute variety and PM questions were of the 4 minute variety. Now, you have about 3 minutes per question. So, the average pace of the exam is about the same. This book has a mix of approximately 500 questions as recommended in the official syllabus ( The only reference that should be used is the FE Reference Handbook, 9th edition, preferably the electronic (PDF) version, since the CBT exam will be supported by a PDF version of the handbook rather than a hardcopy. This book contains questions from Mathematics, Probability & Statistics, Computational Methods, Ethics, Engineering Economics, Statics, Dynamics, Mechanics of Materials, Materials, Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulics & Hydrology, Environmental Engineering, Construction, Geotechnical Engineering, Surveying, Structural Analysis, Structural Design & Transportation.
  25. Capstone Learning Associates has produced The Capstone Difference, a six-minute video that describes the benefits of using web-based (eLearning) to prepare for the FE CBT exam. In addition to highlighting the Capstone courseware, the video compares Capstone’s application of rich learning principles; unlimited course access; expert tutor support; professional graphics and studio quality audio narration against other online providers. Visit to view the video, learn more about Capstone courses, and enroll in the free Engineering Economics FE CBT course to see why the Capstone FE CBT curriculum is the most effective method for FE CBT exam prep. We wish you success on the FE exam! The Capstone Learning Associates team | 650.504.0301
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