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  1. Do we (in Florida) get actual grades? Thanks. RC
  2. I passed, second timer, PE Electrical-Power, Miami FL Thanks (to all in this excellent forum). RC.
  3. I pass (second timer, Power)... I got my results last Monday, but since I am out of Miami (Puerto Rico), I did not have time until now to let you know the good news... Thanks to you all, and to those who failed, never give up!!! Thanks. RC.
  4. I wonder if the e-mail’s subject will be the same either pass or fail. Thanks. RC.
  5. blue: Then we (Florida) should expect results by next week via e-mail? Thanks. RC.
  6. Via e-mail (with the e-mail that they have on file)? Thanks. RC.
  7. I do not want to imagine how much "time" then would take next year, where all the exam specs (starting with Electrical/Computer April 2009) are going to be drastically modified. Thanks. RC.
  8. My reasoning was as follows: Last Year the Test was around April 20th, and we received the results around June 15th. This Year the Test was around April 11th, and (based on last year’s time frame) we should be receiving the results by tomorrow. Anyway, the “moment” is getting closer. Thanks. RC.
  9. Apparently Florida will not be receiving the results this week. We are going to be a week behind compared with last year (since we tested almost 10 days earlier this time than last year). Thanks. RC.
  10. Would be this Friday the “day”? Thanks. RC.
  11. I hope that most of the people in this forum receive a positive notice, since it is though to get a negative one (like I did last year), and start again. Good Luck Floridians!!! Thanks. RC
  12. Coño…That would be a good one (by this Friday). Thanks. RC
  13. I agree. At least in Florida. Thanks. RC
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