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  1. EnvEngineer

    Experience Verification Form

    I think the most important think is to make sure you state your experience in terms that address the PE Requirments. I took their experince requirments as to what is considered engineering work and wrote about my experience using their terms. You can say you oversaw field operations but that may not be clear if you were insuring that engineering design and specification were being met.
  2. EnvEngineer

    AutoCAD template.... Title block & layers

    I paid a guy to set mine up, for me it was well worth the money, most of the CADD guys are so quick they dont charge much. The big issue I always had was setting up the plotter, he set up for at 8 x 11 and 11 x 17 PDF which works great.
  3. The quick answer to your questions is no, you do not need to be a PE or have a college degree to get a A license, they do give you time off the experience requirement. The test is really easy, the study guides pretty much give it away.
  4. EnvEngineer

    Formwork for Concrete Reference Book

    I found a few references on the internet that covered most of the important material. Do some searching and you can find the strength formulas, basic formwork design, and methods for installing and takedown. Like said its good for 2-3 pretty easy answeres if you have the reference
  5. EnvEngineer

    Too much studying?

    Now is a good time to think about where you will look to find specific information. each reference has its strong and weak points so pick a problem at random and then go the the reference you think will be best, no need to work the problems just know where to look. You will also notice that some of the references are pretty strong on tables (Rigging Guide, Timber) can you take information from the test and find the right table?? Very important, make sure you know how the tables are organized and what information is given.
  6. The tables are 8' and you share with one other person, there is plenty of room. I suggest you get there early, traffic can back up pretty good (they only open 1 lane to get in) so being late will add to the panic. It is a 10 min walk to the test room through the fairgrounds so add a little more time. They usually have a couple of food trucks at lunch which are pretty good so you dont need to bring a lunch if you dont want to.
  7. EnvEngineer

    Be Careful When Traveling For Interview...

    I started my life and career overseas and it is interesting to see how things have changed. We traveled the world bring our engineering knowledge and many times had to import hardware, software and equipment to get the job done. It is hard for me to see how other countries have moved forward and we had slipped. I still remember most of the world as far behind us, now it seems they have passed us and moving faster into the future. As an american, it really is rather shameful. We are the world's charity case. A broke, third world state filled with billionaires and hamburger flippers. Sorry but after 30 years in engineering I have to agree.
  8. EnvEngineer

    New engineer in need of advise

    The environmental engineering field has been really tight the last couple of years so it is no suprize that you were not able to find a job. A two year gap with non-industry experience is pretty bad, you need to take some steps to make it less bad. I am not sure where you are located but here in California we have a large number of volunteer positions that can really help keep you in the loop and provide you with current references within the industry. My son was in the same boat and he has worked on two wetland restoration projects and a ocean sampling. You can also do a free internship at some firms, they need temp field help and sometimes some research assistance, I would also check with the environmental labor fims, they are always looking for temp worker. Here is my suggestion, redo your resume and make it more of a capability statement rather than a time line of where you have worked. What have you done, how will that help them in the position you are seeking, and what additional capabilities do you bring (store management, ability to work with staff in a constructive and undersanding manner to meet client needs. And get some current experience to bolster up your qualifications.
  9. EnvEngineer


    No a RCE cannot establish the elevation of a benchmark, ("locate, relocate, establish, reestablish, or retrace the alignment or elevation for any of the fixed works embraced within the practice of civil engineering") this is within the site boundries such as building corners, elevations and such.. If you were referencing from a BM and it was damaged you would need to be a land surveyer to reestablish that BM.
  10. EnvEngineer

    Any Engineering Supervisors?

    I have been supervising for quite a while now and if BS is on the floor everyone must walk through it. As a supervisor you get to make some change and make life easier for you and everyone who works on your projects. I agree with the aspect of working on several projects, makes for a more exciting life. The people aspect is tough, all the technical staff who was working here before me has left, some not happy. But I have done my own hiring and have a great crew that is very pleasant and easy to work with. Some of the previous I was not sad to see go, but they did their job and were acceptable.
  11. EnvEngineer

    How long have you gone without a raise?

    I got 2% after 3 years, last year we had a 5% cut which lasted about 9 months. My group posted more revenue (most in history of the firm, not just a fluke year) with fewer people and they still want to put off salery increase discussion until next year. They said there will be bonus but still not a word on how much. I think this is not going to be pleasant. This is everyone where I work not just me, but its time to start looking... the 6 mile commute has been one thing that kept me from looking..... .... I had a job offer but asked for them to cover my commute expence, that ended that discussion, My current commute is 10 m door to door. I need alot more money if I am going to spend 2hr+ in the car for another job.
  12. EnvEngineer

    Survey Books for Sale

    all books still available. make offer for all three
  13. EnvEngineer

    Survey Books for Sale

    Here are some important referance books to help pass the survey exam. Reza provides and in depth look at all aspects of survey. It covers all types of calculations with examples and also sample problems. Price $40.00 which includes shipping Cicil Survey Sample Exams is a must to get a good look at what to expect on the exam, Price $30.00 which includes shipping. First to order will get Cuomo included at not cost, This is a good reference and covers many of the calcuations in detail. I take paypal or you can make other arrangements for payment, thanks
  14. EnvEngineer

    Ruwan Book

    Ruwan is not a very good reference for the PM, it does have a couple of sections that are helpful but overall pretty poor. You need a book that will give you an indepth view of project management, check the pinned References at the top of the forum, the sample questions from NCEES will give you a good Idea of what to expect, also, they provide the references from which the problems were developed. I got these and they were extremely helpful.
  15. I am always dissapointed to see how doctors and lawyers have increased their pay dramatically over the last 25 years but Engineers have only beat inflation by a bit. I am trying to be more aggressive in getting pay raises and bonuses but it is a long and hard endevor. One thing I have learned is no matter what they say always approach them for a pay raise and bonus every year. If you dont you will never catch up unless you leave your current position.