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  1. WSPGW is a computer software to calculate hydraulic grade line for storm drain systems. I have put together an illustration book to share my knowledge on how to use it. Attached is the table of contents of the book. I am trying to sell it to cover some expense. If interested, please visit my web page at www.terrahydra.com and email me. WSPGW_TOC.pdf
  2. CivilD is a popular hydrology program in Southern California. I have a lot of experience using it. Recently, I just finished a book on how to use it. I have attached a TOC of that book. I am trying to sell it to cover my expense. If interested, send me email or visit my company web page at http://www.terrahydra.com. CivilD_TOC.pdf
  3. LXZ


    Congratulations to all new California PEs! I have been through this before. Enjoy your success!
  4. LXZ


    Congratulations to all new CA PEs! Enjoy your feeling.
  5. LXZ


    Just one more day before the board meeting. I totally understand the feeling of CA exam takers since I have been through last year. Good luck to you all.
  6. LXZ


    I have been through this and I totally understand the mode. Good luck to you all!
  7. Good Luck to you all! I still can remember the stress that I have gone through last year. Lucky I got it but the waiting period was really long. Good luck again to all CA PE takers!!!
  8. Board website has a pretty good specs about the seismic exam. Make sure to read it before taking the exam. Good luck to you all!
  9. LXZ


    Congratulations! Do you have any tips to share with us?
  10. You are absolutely right!
  11. LXZ

    Got Ink?

    I don't have it. Neither do I like it.
  12. That is exactly what those two cards are for.
  13. LXZ

    EB.com CONTEST

    Shall we stop posting under this thread?
  14. I think so. CERM is pretty much I used for WR PM exam.
  15. LXZ


    You can look up your name at the board website to see if you are in the database. If luckily you passed and your name has been added, you can start to celebrate. But don't feel discouraged if you don't see your name since the updating of database is not done yet.
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